Title: Second Chances

Author: SpecialReader02


Rating: PG 13

Spoilers: Up to the point in the Season 3 finale ("Risk") where Andy and Les kind of make up.

Category: Drama/Romance

Summary: What would have happened if the end of Season 3 Finale were different.

Disclaimers: Do you really think I would be sitting here, writing simple stories on TV shows if I owned the show??? Hmm......lemme think about that one. ...........................Uh, no.

Dedication: This is to all my fans, especially Megan who sees my point of view a lot.

Author Notes: Ok, here's the thing. In the season 3 finale, I saw how much Les and Andy missed each other and stuff and it got me to thinking about what would have happened if Les didn't get that job in California and he didn't leave. What would have happened if Mickey hadn't died. This story is basically a 'right off the mind' kind of thing that I just came up with. I hope you all like it. Les is not the bad guy in this story! He went to counseling and everything and he's getting help and stuff so he's not the bad guy, ok?!

Feedback: Anything, good or bad. I love reviews!!!

Jessie was out of surgery and settled in the hospital room when Andy and Les headed back to the house. Lizzy was already asleep in her room when Andy unlocked and opened the front door. Les followed her in as she flipped on the foyer light, set her briefcase down on the hall tree, and took off her coat.

Les took off his coat as well. "When do you think she'll be able to move on her own?"

Andy headed for the stairs. Her expression expressed exhaustion. "Two to three days. We should have her back in a week." She responded and took the first few steps.

"We." He said, while standing at the bottom of the stairs. "That sounds nice."

Andy turned back towards him while still on the stairs and took a deep breath. "Les...I, uh...let's not risk getting ahead of ourselves here."

"Wishful thinking."

Andy looked at him with a mixture of sympathy and hurt.

Les sighed and ran his hands through his hair. After a few seconds he looked at her again. "I'm just so glad the surgery went well. I........I was.....scared.....as hell Andy." He admitted, opening up to her.

She looked into his eyes, on the verge of tears. "Me to."

They kept staring into each others eyes until each gave in and embraced in a hug. Andy took in his scent that was once so sweet and familiar to her. Her breaths increased as they pulled their faces apart to see each other. His lips brushed the side of hers and then moved to kiss her forehead. Andy closed her eyes as he did this and then she opened them again when he was done.

Her right fingers traced a crease in his neck as their eyes met again. Les's arms held her and he had missed the feeling so much. His eyes ran from hers to the luscious lips on her beautiful face. Urges overcame them and he started kissing her passionately. Ecstasy shot through her body as he continued to hold her. She could hear his manly moans as he could hear her soft, sweet ones.

Their arms and lips held each other for several more minutes and they were breathing rapidly when they broke. Andy slowly pulled her body away from his and then grabbed his hand with hers. Their eyes kept meeting until she turned and headed up the stairs, pulling him with her. Les squeezed her hand and then put his other arm around her. Andy laid her head on his shoulder when he did this. As they entered the bedroom, he put both arms around her waist and slightly lifted her off the ground. Their lips met again while he closed the door with his foot.

Andy stood in the kitchen in her work clothes pouring herself some coffee. She had finished getting Lizzy off to school and was waiting until she had to head out herself. Les slowly walked down the stairs and into the kitchen wearing his clothes from the previous night.

When he saw Andy standing with her back to him, he paused before making himself noticeable. "Good morning."

Andy jumped slightly and then turned around to see him. "Good morning." She responded. He walked more towards her to get some coffee. The awkwardness got to her so she decided to make conversation. "Lizzy wants you to pick her up after school so she can visit Jessie."

"I can't do that." He said, while pulling coffee creamer out of the fridge.

"Why not?"

"I have a meeting." He answered while stirring the coffee and then putting the creamer back in it's designated spot in the fridge. "For the intervention program." He added reminding her.

A semi-smile formed on her face. "Ok, I'll get her then."

"Can you do that?" He asked.

"I'll find a way." She said and headed into the foyer to get her coat and briefcase. Les followed her. "I have to get going."

"Ok." He said. "I'll be up there later to see Jessie."

"Well, if anything happens, you know where to find me." Andy headed towards the front door.


"Yeah." She said, stopping with the door half open.

Les approached her and his hand caressed her arm. He leaned in and pecked her lips. "Have a good day at work."

Andy paused while looking at his face. "Thank you." She said and headed out the door slowly.

Lu walked into the clinic with the same clothing on from the day before. The cops had arrested her for not handing over her patients files. Lana saw her walk in and started to meet her halfway.

"Hey, they just let you leave? No bail or nothing?" She wrapped one arm around Lu and Peter followed close behind them. "Don't they know you're a flight risk?"

"Ha....funny. No, they found the guy they were looking for, so they didn't have to hold me any longer." Lu responded, heading into her office.

"In our files?" Lana asked, following her.

"No, not in mine or Andy's. He wasn't even a patient here. Some nutball who drove out from Stanton just so he could throw his baby in a dumpster on account that he thought his wife was cheating on him with the cable man." Lu answered while looking through things on her desk.

"You had to go to jail for that?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, I guess justice is dumb as well as blind so, what can I tell ya?" Lu grabbed her coat and changed the subject. "Uh...has anybody heard from Aneshia?"

"Yeah, she was here awhile ago."


"Yeah, here in the clinic. She said she'd catch you another time." Lana said as Lu turned around and headed out the door of her office. "Hey! Lu! Lu!" Lana called as she headed out the other door to catch her in the hall. "Uh-uh. You leave Aneshia be a bit. What you need is a shower, some clean scrubs, and a nap. Locker room, go!" She ordered and pushed Lu in the direction of the locker rooms.

Lu obeyed her and started walking.

Andy caught up with her while walking. She joined along side her colleague with a vase full of flowers in her arm. "Delgado. Are you all right?"

"Eh....been to jail before, more than once." She responded plainly.

"Mmm...well, Detective Wright called. Seems she found her man." Andy noted.

"You shouldn't have helped her."

"Well, I couldn't not." Andy said as they headed around a corner. "A child died."

Lu sort of rolled her eyes and changed the subject. "Is Jessie ok?"

"A hundred percent." Andy answered, now smiling. "I'm on my way up to see her again."

"I had a good feeling." Lu responded, also smiling.

They reached the elevators and Andy pushed the button and turned back to Lu. "Me to. About my husband." She said this and Lu's smiled faded some but then reformed.

"Are you glowing?" She asked, with a giggle.

Andy smiled even more. "I'm just encouraged. Les is in a batters intervention program. He's getting a much better handle on his feelings."

"That's good. No, that's really good."

"Yeah, yeah it is." Andy turned around and pushed the elevator button again. "You want to come up and see my daughter?" She asked.

"You know what? I'm going to grab a shower and then I'll be up." Lu answered.

Andy stepped into the elevator. "All right." She said and Lu disappeared down the hallway as the elevator doors closed.

Andy walked into the hospital room to find Jessie still sleeping and also, Les napping in one of the chairs. She smiled at the sight as he placed the vase of flowers down on the table. Les stirred in his sleep as Andy sat down in the chair next to him. After five minutes of sitting and thinking. She stood up and walked to Jessie. Her oldest daughter lay on the bed sound asleep.

Les slowly opened his eyes and yawned. "Andy?" He said quietly when he saw a figure standing across the room.

Her head turned in his direction. "Yes." She said back quietly.

"Hi." Les blinked hard, waking himself up and then looked at his watch.

"Hey." She responded.

Les stood up and walked to her. Now by her side, he leaned over and gently kissed her cheek. Andy turned to look at him. She felt his hand touch the small of her back. After a few seconds, he got closer to her. A small lump formed in her throat as her heart raced. Ever since she threw a protective order in his face that made him leave her house, she had gotten used to not having him so close to her body. Les finally leaned in further and started kissing her. Andy reacted by kissing him back. It had been a very passionate encounter the previous night and now, he didn't want it to stop.

Andy broke from his lips and they rested their foreheads together. "What happened to not getting ahead of ourselves?" She asked.

Les paused at first. "I guess my wish came true." He said and tried to kiss her again.

Andy stopped him. "Don't." She said and he drew back in surprise. "It's difficult to resist you right now."

"Then don't." He stated and tried to kiss her again.

Andy pulled away from him. "Les."

"Andy, what's going on? You're screwing with my head here." He reacted. "I mean.....last night......we-"

"Made love like when we were kids, I know. And it was wonderful." She said, interrupting him. "But, this is going way to fast."

"What's the problem? I'm getting help, you know that. I thought last night was your way of saying that you forgive me."

"Les, last night was an urge. An impulse. Something to comfort both of us after what we've been through with Jessie." Andy responded. "I can't forgive you until I am completely ready to."

He paused and looked around. "When will that be? Cause, I don't know how much longer I can take staying in a hotel room night after night, and not being able to tuck my own daughters into bed or kiss my own wife good night."

"I know you miss being home and I know you miss the girls, but this is a very big deal for me and it's not something that I want to rush into." She said slowly.

They paused again. "Ok." He said. Andy looked at him surprised. "I don't know what's beyond the next step, Andy. But I do know that I want you and the girls in my future. Whatever it takes to get you to trust me again, I'll do it. I made a huge mistake and I'm sorry for it."

Andy was on the verge of tears. Her emotions seemed to be taking over more lately. "I know you are." She said quietly.

"I love Jessie and Lizzy. They're our children. We produced them. They are the result of our......love Andy."

"I know Les. Please, just give me a few more weeks to think about this. It's just a little more time apart, that's all."

Les nodded and grabbed his coat from the chair while looking at his watch. "I guess I can handle a few more weeks. Right now, I have to go." He said while sliding his coat on. "Your picking up Lizzy?"

Andy nodded. "Yeah. Delgado is going to come visit a minute and then I'll run and get her."

Les bent over Jessie's sleeping body and kissed his daughters forehead. He paused to look at her a moment and then turned to leave.

"Les." Andy said, stopping him. "Thank you." She said. He semi-smiled at her and then headed out of the hospital room.

Lu and Mickey walked out of the elevator and headed to her apartment. She pulled out her keys and started unlocking all the locks. She also made note that Marc wasn't home and that he could stay all weekend. As they entered the apartment, noise from the washer and dryer filled their ears.

Lu decided to finally tell him what she had wanted to tell him ever since Marc suggested it. "Mickey, I love you. I want you to come in and never leave."

Mickey could hardly hear what she had said so he grabbed her arm to turn her around to face him. "What did you just say?" He asked.

Lu went to repeat herself but then heard someone walk out through the bead curtains that hung in the doorway to her bedroom. "Aneshia?" Lu asked when she recognized who it was.

Aneshia had a depressing look upon her face as she started raising the gun that was in her right hand. Lu and Mickey noticed the weapon and he wrapped his arms around her for a shield. Lu's screams were drowned out by the sound of the gun shot.

Mickey's back arched and he fell to the ground in pain. Lu noticed him fall and her heart stopped. "Mickey!" She yelled.

Aneshia's expression changed from depressing to surprise. She looked at Lu bending over Mickey, trying to stop all the bleeding and then ran out the door. Lu watched her go and then went back to Mickey.

Lu ran along side the stretcher that held her bleeding boyfriend. Tears streaked down her cheeks and blood covered her clothing. When they entered the Rittenhouse Emergency Room, Andy grabbed Lu and let Nick Biancavilla do his job. Lu completely broke down in Andy's arms, smearing Mickey's blood on her white labcoat.

Nick ordered nurses around quickly. "Flip him over." He said. Four different people flipped Mickey's body over so Nick could see where the bullet entered. "It went straight through. This is the entrance." He stated and pointed to Mickey's shoulder.

Lu and Andy's heads jolted in the direction of Nick as they all heard the EKG machine go to a solid tune. Andy could feel the pain Lu was going through and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Nick grabbed the paddles as the nurse juiced them. "Charge to 100." He ordered.


"Clear." He said and laid the paddles on Mickey's bare chest in effort to zap him back to life. No luck. "Charge to 150." He said.


"Clear." Nick let the paddles do their job once again and this time he had better luck than before. Mickey's heart started beating again and Andy could now feel the relief in Lu. "He's going to need immediate surgery. Call the OR, tell them we're coming." He said and quickly jogged over to Andy and Lu. "Dr. Campbell, we need you up there."

"I'm coming." Andy said and tried to let go of Lu, but she held on to her partner and gave Andy a deep stare. "I'm going to do anything I can Lu." She reassured her and pulled away.

Lu sank to the ground, still in tears as Andy and Nick, with a team of nurses headed to the operating room.

Lu, Lana and Peter sat outside the operating room for hours. Lana held one arm around Lu in comfort as she sat there with her face in her hands. A lady in a black trench coat with two men behind her stepped out of the elevator and started walking towards them.

"Dr. Delgado?" The women called. Lu looked up and frowned even more than she already was. The women was the same lady who had arrested her the day before and kept her in jail.

"Detective Wright." Lu said, not happy.

"We got the call, and found a few suspects. They're down town, so we need you to pick the out out that did this."

"I'm not going anywhere, even if you have a friggin warrant." Lu said, running her fingers through her hair.

"I know you don't want to but we can't hold them more than a few more hours." Detective Wright said. The two men still stood silently behind her.

Lu stood up and her expression was evil. "You can't hold them more than a few hours?! A FEW HOURS!!!" She started yelling. "You're telling me that you can't hold suspected criminals, but you can hold me, an innocent doctor who was only doing what was right, for twenty four hours!! Are you cruel or just stupid?!"

"Dr. Delgado, how about you lower your voice?" Wright ordered.

"Lower my voice?!! How about you get a better judicial system?! How about I just had to witness my boyfriend take a bullet for me?! How about he's in there right now having surgery and I'm out here waiting to see if he's going to live long enough for me to repeat what he didn't hear me say as that mentally ill Aneshia was shooting a loaded friggin gun?!!!!" Lu screamed. Peter grabbed her arms and tried to restrain her.

"Lu." He said calmly.

"What?!" She yelled and then lowered her voice.

Lana turned to Detective Wright. "Listen, right now." She pointed her fingers around. "Isn't a good time!" Lana said, emphasizing her point in her tone. "She is no state to go anywhere. I'm not even a doctor and I can tell you that."

"Fine. I'll send for snap shots and have them brought here so she doesn't have to go down town......again." Wright said and motioned for the two men to get on it right away. Then she turned to walk away but stopped. "Dr. Delgado?"

Lu looked at her from the side evilly. "What?" She said in a dark voice.

"Thank you for your time. And.....I'm sorry about your boyfriend. I hope everything works out ok." She said. Lu just shook her head in amazement at the detective and then buried her head in Peter's arms.

For thirty more minutes, they sat outside the operating room wondering what was happening with Mickey. Andy opened the door and came out in her scrubs. Lu gave her a look of hope and helplessness.

Andy smiled. "He's going to be ok." She said reassuringly.

Lu jumped up and embraced Andy in a tight hug. "Thank you." She said with a sigh of relief. Andy could hear sobs coming from the women in her arms. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome Delgado." Andy whispered in her ear.

I hope you guys liked that! It was a right off the mind type thing like I said and I think it was a good idea. I don't think anybody else has done it before so why not?! Review please!