Title: Second Chances

Author: Me, duh!

Date: June 14, 2004

Rating: PG 13

Spoilers: Same as the first chapter.

Category: Drama/Romance

Summary: Same as the first chapter.

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A week later, Lu sat next to Mickey on his hospital bed. He had his bags packed and was sitting up, ready to leave.

"Ok." He said. "I'm ready for my weeks of recovery."

"I'm glad you decided to stay with me." Lu replied.

"It was your idea."

"What?" Lu questioned, now looking straight into his eyes.

"Before Aneshia shot me, remember?" He asked. Lu winced at the sound of the woman's name but then turned her attention back to her boyfriend.

"You heard me?"

"It was a bit difficult with those crappy washer and dryer making so much noise in the background but I heard you." He said. Lu smiled, still staring at him. "I love you to Lu."

Her face formed onto the verge of tears. "You do?"

"Yeah and I want to live with you...if your offer still stands of course." Mickey said while cupping her cheek with his hand.

She nodded. "It still stands. Come on, let's go." She responded and started helping him out of the bed and grabbing his bags for him on the way out the door.


Andy poured her coffee thinking about what the day might bring. Lizzy was sitting at the breakfast table, eating, while Jessie was still upstairs asleep. It had been a week since her surgery and she was just beginning to move around the house more.

The doorbell rang and Lizzy ran to answer it. Andy followed her to see who it was. As she was entering the foyer, she could hear her youngest daughter's voice.


Andy saw them hugging and smiled. "Les." She acknowledged.

"Good morning Andy." He responded.

They kept smiling at each other until Lizzy interrupted it. "Dad?"


"Will you wait with me in the drive way for Anna's mom to pick us up?" She pleaded and gave him a puppy face.

"Carpool again?" He asked and looked at Andy. She nodded. "Alright. Come on, get your coat."

Lizzy did as her father said and then turned to her mother. "Bye." She quickly said.

"Bye. Have a good day at school sweetie." Andy replied and watched them walk out the front door. She figured Les would be back eventually so she decided to go back into the kitchen to clear Lizzy's breakfast dishes.

It wasn't until a few minutes later, while she was loading the dishwasher, that she heard a faint cry from upstairs. Then, she realized it was Jessie calling her name. Andy bolted up the stairs and to Jessie's door.

"What's wrong?" She said as she entered the teenager's bedchamber.

Jessie was standing there half-dressed. The cast around her entire stomach and back was enabling her to put her shirt on properly. "Help!" She muffled out from underneath the black embroidered tank top.

Andy laughed quietly at the sight and then pulled the shirt down Jessie's body. "There." She said.

Jessie's look was scolding her mother. "Thanks." She said and carefully sat down on her bed.

"How are you doing?" Andy asked, taking a seat next to her.

"It's hard to move around and function right."

"That's a good sign. Bodies heal on their own time, Jess. You can't rush it."

"I'm not. I just wanted to put on something other than my pjs." She replied. "And get out of my room for awhile." She added while standing back up.

Andy stood up and helped her. "Ok. The couch downstairs then."

"It's better than up here." Jessie said as they headed out of the room.

Andy and Jessie got halfway down the stairs when Les came back in the front door. He quickly ran to them and helped them out some. After getting Jessie settled on the couch, they went into the kitchen.

"So, you're staying here till I come back for lunch." Andy stated and questioned.

"Yep. And then while you're here, I'll run my errands and then back here so you can go back to work." Les stated, finishing the plans.

"I'll get here as soon as I can tonight." Andy said.


They were quiet for a few seconds as Andy finished clearing dishes.


"Yes." She answered turning around to see him.

"I was wondering.......maybe one night after Jessie's well enough to stay here by herself......maybe we could go to dinner or something?" He asked slowly.

"Les? Are you.....asking me out?" She asked playfully with a grin.

"Yeah, I think so."

Her grin grew. "Sure........." She responded after a few seconds. "Once Jessie's well enough."

Les's expression turned from a slight of nervousness to happiness. "Then it's a date."

"Yeah, a date." She responded still looking at him. "Well, I have to get going."

"Right." He said.

Andy walked over to him and pecked his cheek with her lips. "Bye. Call me if you need me."


Two weeks later, Lu, Marc and Mickey were moving the rest of his things into her apartment. It was mostly Lu and Marc doing the moving though, considering Mickey was still in a bit of pain from the gun wound. Once they were done, Marc left for the movies with his friends, leaving Lu and Mickey alone. She got them two drinks and they sat down on the edge of her bed looking at his stuff now combined with hers.

"Did I ever say thank you?" She asked.

"For what?"

"Taking that bullet for me." She responded quietly.

Mickey looked at her deeply. "You don't need to thank me Lu. I'd do anything for you."

Lu looked from his eyes to her feet and smiled. "Well I want to thank you. If you won't let me do it in words, let me do it some other way." She said and took his drink from him.

Mickey smiled. "Oh." He said as she put the drinks on top of the dresser drawers and turned back to him smiling.

"Do you think you'll be able to do this with your shoulder and all?" She asked before getting closer to him.

He nodded. "I think I can manage."

"Good." She said and approached him. Her hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt and she pulled it off of her body.

Mickey's eyes looked up and down her and then into her eyes. Lu smiled shyly at him as he stood up and took his arm sling off along with his shirt. Her hands slowly caressed the bandage on his shoulder, while his slowly slid up and down her sides. She leaned in for a hug and he wrapped his arms around her as much as he could.

"I'll be careful if you be careful." She said, staring at the bandage.

"Don't worry about it Lu...let's just have fun." He said and laid her on the bed for a night that would start their life together, acting like one big happy family.


"Jessie!" Andy called from the kitchen the next morning. "Jessie!!" She called again. Lizzy was standing across from her and pluging her ears because of her mother's loudness. Jessie came walking down the stairs. From under her clothing, you could still see the big cast wrapped around her waist.

"I'm coming Colonel!" She yelled sarcastically from the middle of the stairs.

When Jessie came into the kitchen Andy saw the bandage and realized how thick it really was. "I don't mean to rush you but you're father had a intervention meeting, so I'm driving you to school."

"It's my first day back since my surgery. How do I look?" Jessie asked nervously.

Andy hesitated. "Brand new." She said with a smile.

"I look fat don't I? This cast is making me look fat! Mom!"

"You don't look fat!" Andy said back quickly as Jessie peering in the mirror next to her.

"Yes I do...I can't go to school like this."

"It's better than the brace isn't it?" Andy said, reminding Jessie of what the evil girls at her private school had done to embarrass her.

"Thanks for reminding me Colonel. You're so comforting!" She said and stormed into the foyer to grab her coat.

Andy sighed. "I try." She said and pushed Lizzy along to get her coat as well.

"God, I wish Dad was home!" Jessie mumbled under her breath but loud enough for Andy to hear.

"Yeah." She responded, pretending she hadn't heard anything.


Andy arrived a little late to Rittenhouse that morning and received a look from Lana. She just stared back at her and reached for her phone messages. One of them was from Les, saying that he would be coming by after his meeting. Andy quickly pulled on her white lab coat and headed to see her first patient. After a few more check ups and appointments, she took a break, sipping her coffee while checking out a new type of drug on her computer.

Les walked into the clinic, while Lu was going through papers in the file cabinets and Lana was typing on her computer. She looked up and noticed him standing there. Lu did the same. Les nodded to Lu.

"Dr. Delgado." He said and Lu nodded back in hesitant greeting. He turned back to Lana. "Ms. Hawkins." He said.

"Mr. Campbell." She responded. "Can I help you?"

"Is Andy around?"

"She's in her office." Lana responded and pointed in the right direction.

Les nodded once again and walked to the office door. He gently knocked and opened the door. "Hi." He said.

Andy looked up from her computer and was now aware of his presence. "Hi." She said back.

"How are you?" He asked politely.

"Good." She responded. "How was the meeting?"

"Good." He said. They both looked somewhere else beside at each other and paused. "Is the awkwardness ever going to end Andy?" He asked slowly.

"I hope so." She responded quietly. They paused again.

"So, have you thought about our date yet?"

"Have I thought about it? You mean like when?" She asked. Les nodded. "Well, I'm not sure. I have to be here late all this week. Saturday I promised Jess I would take her shopping for some clothes that actually fit around her cast."

"So I guess within the week is out."

"Yeah." She said quietly.

"What about next week?"

Andy looked at her hands folded neatly in her lap and then back at him hesitantly.

"Let me guess, working?" He said and she nodded slowly in response. "Maybe we should just wait until there's a better time for this." He said and stood back up.

Andy nodded again and stood up with him. "Sorry." She said apologetically.

"It's ok. I'll see you later." He said and headed out of the office. He paused though right before he was out of sight and turned back around and went back into her office. "Is it the none forgiving thing Andy?" He asked.

"What?" She asked in surprise. She didn't expect him to ask that nor did she expect him to barge back into her office.

"You don't forgive me yet, do you?" He asked.

Andy sighed. "You know...there's a new medicine out now a days." She said.

"What?" He asked confused, wondering what that had to do with anything.

"Its called Time."

Les sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Right." He said remembering that he had promised to give her time and space. He turned around and headed out of the clinic for real this time.


For the next two weeks, Les was around the girls instead of Andy most of the time. If she needed time, that's what he would give her. While she kept herself busy with work and the girls were at school, Les was still going to the batters intervention meetings. He was getting help, like Andy had wanted and he was realizing what he did for what it really was: abuse. He really wanted to talk to Andy about everything that had been going on in the past month but he felt he would be pressuring her or not giving her enough space.

Andy felt that he was giving her enough space though. Their anniversary was coming up just in a few days and she had been wondering what Les was going to do or if he even remembered. It made her somewhat nervous so she kept an eye out for anything out of the ordinary as much as she could. He was known to do crazy things from time to time for special occasions but with what had been going on in the past few months, she wondered if he would do anything like he used to. She remembered one time when they were visiting Paris and he ran to the top of the Eiffel Tower with a megaphone and screamed into it at the top of his lungs, "I love Andy Campbell!" Birds had scattered by the sound of his voice echoing throughout the Paris streets and Andy had been blushing more than ever. To others, it seemed like a childish and annoying thing to do, but to her, it was sweet and really showed how much he loved her. There were many more things that Les did throughout their years of marriage and it got her thinking about forgiving and forgetting. About Jessie and Lizzy and what it would be like for them to not have their father around. About what it would be like for her not her have her husband around.

At work, Andy concentrated on her patients and tried to keep her mind off of Les. With their anniversary now that day, she couldn't help but daydream about the good old times. Patients wondered what was wrong with her and she used the excuse of not getting enough sleep the previous night. Lu and Lana noticed it as well and wondered what was going on with her. They had tried asking her but she ignored them and changed the subject.

While Lu and Lana were chatting at the receptionist desk during a break, Andy came out of her office to get another patients file. Dr. Bob Jackson came on the intercom.

"Attention everybody, may I have your attention." He said.

All ears and eyes turned to the intercoms around the clinic and everybody wondered what new bulletins he had this week.

"A gentlemen I know has asked me for an extremely huge favor. Normally, I wouldn't be doing this but I felt like being generous and nice for once. This gentlemen has asked me to play a song for a special women in the RWHC."

Andy, Lu, and Lana all looked at each other in confusion and then continued listening to Bob.

"A song that symbolizes his feelings for this women and supposively to this women and him, this will make a lot of sense even though it makes no sense to me."

Lu looked around and then back to the intercom. Something was going on and she wished that Bob would just hurry up.

"Anyway, I'll remind you again and again that this is a one time only thing and I'm just doing it out of the kindness of my heart because there's just something about the gentlemen, and the women in the RWHC, and the song that makes it all seem right. So...without further ado here's "The Reason" by Hoobastank...odd sounding band....dedicated to Dr. Andy Campbell. By the way, Andy, Happy Anniversary." He said.

Andy's mouth dropped at the sound of her name. The music started playing and Andy started listening.

"I'm not a perfect person / There's many things I wish I didn't do / But I continue learning / I never meant to do those things to you / And so I have to say before I go / That I just want you to know / I've found a reason for me / To change who I used to be / A reason to start over new / And the reason is you. I'm sorry that I hurt you / It's something I must live with everyday / And all the pain I put you through / I wish that I could take it all away / And be the one who catches all your tears / That's why I need you to hear/ I found a reason for me / To change who I used to be / A reason to start over new / And the reason is you / And the reason is you / And the reason is you / And the reason is you."

Andy took in the lyrics and the feeling that she had when Les had run to the top of the Eiffel Tower and screamed that he loved her came back to her then. It was their anniversary and he was doing one of the crazy things he'd come up with. A smile formed on her face as she looked over at Lu and Lana who were staring at her in amazement. She saw Lu mutter to Lana a few words that probably went along the lines of "I wish Mickey would do something like this for me."

"I'm not a perfect person / I never meant to do those things to you / And so I have to say before I go / That I just want you to know."

As the music kept on playing and Andy listened to the lyrics, Les came out from around the corner. After a few seconds, she realized that he was there.

"I found a reason for me / To change who I used to be / A reason to start over new / And the reason is you / I've found a reason to show / A side of me you didn't know / A reason for all that I do / And the reason is you."

As the song ended, Andy ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders. He joined in on the hug and took in her scent. Everybody around them was staring and smiling at the sight, but neither Andy nor Les noticed. She pulled apart from him and stared into his eyes as tears dropped down her own.

They hesitated for a second before Andy spoke up, whispering into his ear. "I forgive you Les."

He looked at her wide eyed and smiled. The people all around them started clapping and someone yelled 'kiss her' to Les. They noticed their audience and decided to make them happy. Andy and Les both leaned in for a kiss that lasted a few seconds. It felt good to them, finally being in each other's arms with all the confusion and fighting behind them.

After a few more seconds, Les pulled Andy into her office and she started laughing.

"I can't believe you did that! I still can't believe over half the stunts you've pulled over the years."

"I have done some pretty crazy things for you haven't I." He responded.

Andy nodded.

"The lyrics, Andy. Were you listening carefully?" He asked.

She nodded again. "I heard them loud and clear, which is why I'm ready to forgive and forget."

He smiled at her and slipped his hand into hers while pulling her closer to him. "I love you." He said.

"I love you to Les." She said and they connected again for a passionate kiss. After a few minutes Andy pulled him down on the couch in her office and pressed her body against his. "I've missed you so much." She said in between short breaths from kissing him.

"Same here." He responded and kissed her again.

"And you know what? I'm taking the rest of the day off. And tomorrow to." She added and kissed him again.

"What?" He asked and pulled away from her in confusion.

"I want to be with you Les. It's our anniversary and we should celebrate." She answered.

"But you never take days off unless you're seriously ill or injured." He stated.

"Things change.....you did...I did....."

"Yeah, I guess so." He said and they smiled at each other. "This brings on a whole new journey Andy."

"Yes, it does. But...we're going to experience it together. Starting with you moving back home because I don't think I can stand you not being there anymore. I've just missed you so much. And I know the girls have even more." She responded and leaned in to kiss him again.

He kissed her back with pleasure and continued to do it for a few minutes. After a while, Andy took off her lab coat and grabbed her briefcase and they walked out of her office hand in hand. Lu and Lana smiled at them and Andy noticed it.

"I'll meet you in your car ok?" She said and kissed his cheek.

As Les walked out, Andy approached Lana and Lu knowing that they would want the dish on what had happened.

"What's going on?!" They asked at the same time.

Andy laughed. "Everything. It's all going to be ok. We're back together....we're a family again." She said with a smile on her face. "It sounds cheesy but it just makes me so happy."

"Awww." They said together again like they were twins.

"I'm taking the rest of the day off and tomorrow as well so will you inform Bob for me? And tell him I said thank about the whole song thing." Andy said.

Lana nodded. "Will do."

"And when I get back, I'll tell you more about everything. Right now, I think I have some over due making up to do. See ya." Andy said and waved as she walked out of the clinic to head to Les's car.

They headed back to their house to find themselves remembering that Jessie and Lizzy were at school. They both smiled at this and decided to do their 'making up' then as well as that night. Also, that day they moved Les's belongings back into the house and when Jessie and Lizzy came home from school, they all sat down at the dinner table as a family, eating a meal that both Les and Andy made together.


Soooooo sappy!! Don't ya think?! I love cheesy love stories! They're sooooo good! Anyway....this was an interesting fic to write...I'm a bit disappointed I only got 4 reviews for it but oh well...not every thing is a success in life. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, those of you who read it, and you'll be seeing future Strong Medicine fiction from me! I love this show!! Review please!!!!! PLEASE!!!! STRONG MEDICINE ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!