Rebuilding Your Life in Ten Easy Steps


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            Dear Mother and Father,

Don't get any ideas…this doesn't mean I have forgiven, forgotten, or in any way gotten less mad.  I still hate you for ruining my life and betraying me.  But I bet Caesar would have still sent that Brita guy a holiday card. If he had been not so much with dead and…never mind.  Happy Holidays guys.



PS: I expect extra big X-mas presents this year if you ever want to be forgiven.

Buffy read over the letter once and, satisfied, tucked into the first envelope: Hank and Joyce Summers.  Then she pulled out another piece of her light floral stationary.

            Dear Dawnie,

How are you?  I'm not good at all, but I hope you are.  I hope you're treating Mom and Dad with the right grumpy-ness.  I wish so much I could be there with you for X-mas.  I'll be sending you your present soon. Don't peek! J Hopefully I'll be home soon…keep working the 'rents!

Kisses and Hugs,

Buffy xoxox

            Inserting it into the "Dawn Summers" envelope, Buffy sighed.  This was harsh.  Sending your own immediate family Christmas cards.  How could her parents do this to her?  She still remembered the very day they ruined her life.  She was driving home from the movies.  She and Riley Finn, her wonderful boyfriend, were triple dating with her two best friends, Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall, with their boyfriends, Mitch Jones and Hamilton Hart, respectively.

She had just been thinking about why her friends understood what her parents couldn't.  Some things just came first, before family functions, or friends.  Boyfriends were one of those things.  But her parents were all freaky, going on about how Riley was "controlling" and all sorts of stupid stuff.  She pulled into her driveway and thought about how happy she was to live in LA.  When she got inside her parents were sitting on the couch in the living room looking solemn.  She asked what was up and they told her this was as hard for them as it was for her.

Then the bomb dropped.  They were sending her away.  She had to go to boarding school.  She would leave everything and everybody she knew.  And the joke? They were doing it because they loved her.  Ha! If they loved her, they would understand that she could make her own decisions and she knew what she was doing! They wouldn't destroy her life.  She left early the next morning.

That was how Buffy Anne Summers had gone from queen of Hemery High in Los Angeles to no-name girl at Salus High School, Wisconsin. Wisconsin! Did they know what was in Wisconsin? Cows and German people!  That was it!  No, her parents didn't love her.  Not to send her here.  She would have no friends at all if she hadn't been flunking geometry.  If she hadn't been assigned Willow Rosenberg (Class A Farm Fresh Geek) as a tutor.  Her only friend.  Shy, nerdy and naïve maybe…but still her friend.

And she could only send mail to her family.  Couldn't even write Cordy or Harmony or Riley and tell them where she was.  They must think she was such a total loser, ditching them like that.  Actually, they had probably forgotten her already.  "Buffy who?" they would say if someone managed to smuggle a letter to them.  Then they would laugh.  She would never get to laugh with them again.  Buffy began to rethink sending her parents a Christmas card.

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