"The best advise I can tell you is to buy toliet paper. Cause then when the world ends you'll have plenty of toliet paper to wipe your ass clean with..." Eri leaned over to Kagome as Mr.Takanada spoke words of wisdom.

"I can't believe they still let him teach here after all the shit he says at the...Oh look Mrs.Magumi is trying to get him off the stage." Ayumi, Yuka, and Eri giggled.

"Come on go easy on him," Kagome said with sincerity in her voice,"He's just pushing 100." she burst off in surpressed laughter which only makes laughing worse. They tried to surpress their laughs but for Kagome it became a tantrum of laughter the whole dark auditorium stared at her.

"You think something's funny do you? When you don't have the skills to survive the end of the world you'll know at least you had a good laugh." Mr.Takanada looked extremely angered but came with Mrs.Magumi off the auditorium stage.

"Gee I didn't mean to make him so upset." Kagome sighed on the walk out of the auditorium.

"It doesn't matter his 'sermons' are extremely boring. Every year on the last week of school we have to sit there and listen to useless junk!" Yuka complained."What was it last year again?"

"Removing the lint tray on the washer and dryer after every load." Eri sighed.

"How anyone can talk for an hour about that is beyond me." Ayumi opened her locker with a quick ease and plopped everything in speededly.

"That was the only useful information he ever gave us." Kagome said as she to plopped her stuff down,"I doubt the old fart even knows what he's talking about." A hand reached out and startled Kagome.

"I want to see you in my office!" the principal said in a deep voice. Some people in the hallway ohhed one even started singing that Kagome game.

Kagome Kagome

Kago no naka no tori wa,

Itsu itsu deyaru.

Yoake to ban ni.

Tsuru to kame ga subetta,

Ushiro no shoumen dare.

Which translates to: Kagome, Kagome, When does the bird inside the cage come out?At dawn and evenings.Who is in front of the back where a crane and turtle slipped and fell?

"Shut up." Yuka yelled in Kagomes defense. 'Here I go on the long walk' the movie Lady and the Tramp appeared in Kagome's mind. She started imagineing that she was the dog on his long walk. (when the dog in the pound was walking he was about to be put asleep) The door to the principals office was closed but she could see the silouwet of a figure and the principal.

"So if you really want ta be a pal just ignore this minor of so very minor offense." Kagome recongnized the voice of Inuyasha.

"I really wish I could but last time..." the principal started.

"Let by gones be by gones."

"I can't do that."

"Fine!" Inuyasha whipped open the door and practically shoved Kagome down to the ground. He slammed the door real hard as he stormed off. 'I wonder what he did.' Kagome opened the door reluctantly.

"Come in Higurashi." Kagome walked in fully. The principal Mr.Kunikida was looking at a file on his desk,"Have a seat." Kagome gulped hard but soft enough so no one could hear. She delicately sat on the plastic covered chair. It was very uncomfortable so she constantly shifted that and she was nervous."Ms.Higurashi I have noticed a change in your behavior lately." he lowered his glasses as he looked at her.

"Oh." Kagome said as if she didn't know a thing he was talking about.

"You've missed school your grades are slipping and you used crude words. I guess I'll just have to give you detension."

"But Mr.Kunikida Mr.Takanada swore in front of the whole student body!"

"Oh and thats another reason I'm giving you detension Mr.Takanada heard what you said about him in the hallway and was extremely hurt by it! I'm giving you a detension with him. Also you are to write him a formal appaulagy." Kagome moaned."For the rest of the week."

"Even on the last day?"

"Even on the last." Kagome walked out of the principal's office with her head hung low to the ground.

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