'I lost all my bearings…' There was no other way to explain what was taking place. I crossed out another line. 'Dear Mr. Old….Dear Mr. T." This was by far the worst torture to have to apologize to an old man that nobody even took seriously. Even if I wrote an apology to Mr. Takanada I doubted that I would be able to smooth over the principal enough to allow me to go to the dance. It would be difficult task but one I desperately wanted now more than ever.

I never had a guy that was worth going to a dance for. At least I never felt that Hojo ever counted as my boyfriend he was more of an annoying lovesick puppy that would never really leave me alone. If I wasn't careful I might have caught him humping my leg. After rubbing my eyes I looked upon the empty page and wondered what Inuyasha was doing at that very moment. 'I don't know why all these people keep getting thrust into my life. I was normal until this last week.' Or at least I hoped that I was. 'What a Monday…' Which of course meant that the dance was on Saturday night!

"Alright everyone make sure you finish the reading for next class." Mr. Chiba dragged me out of my own little world. I had ignored him for the entire class period. I didn't even know what the reading was that would be due next time. Everyone shuffled out of the classroom and yet I remained in my seat. "Ms. Higurashi do you have something that you want to say to me?"

"I do actually." I mustered, "I was wondering if you could help me write an apology."

"What exactly warranted this apology?"

"I upset and embarrassed him at the assembly." My voice sounded sheepish even to me. Mr. Chiba sighed, I was sure he knew what had happened.

"I think that this apology must come from you Ms. Higurashi. I don't really understand your behavior as of late. Over this past week your attitude, dress, and utter lack of respect seem to be uncharacteristic of you. I am quite disappointed in you…what do you think will happen next year? Do you think that college's will want to accept someone with your behavior?" I shook my head. "Just do your best as far as the apology Mr. Takanada is a valued colleague and a reasonable man. Also I expect you to read Chapter 17 for tomorrow."

His tone sounded dismissive so I packed up my backpack. I knew that I haven't been myself entirely lately but I didn't want to admit to myself that maybe Inuyasha had a lot to do with that. My mood had gone from great to depressed in only a few sort hours. I went to my locker and started shuffling through my things I needed for Social Studies. When I was roughly pushed against the lockers.

"Who the…?" I found myself fist raised against a girl I had never seen before. She wore flowers in her hair.