Samurai Deeper Kyo

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Chapter 1-

Kyo, Onime no Kyo (Demon eyes Kyo). A cold and merciless man. His eyes a crimson red that could bring terror to anyone. He killed with out thinking twice, man, woman, child, he didn't care. The sight of blood and the feeling of killing were so satisfying to him. Why? Why is he the thousand- man slayer with such a high bounty upon his head? Why?

Yuya sat in her room in the Inn. She tied her obi and styled her hair in the same way as always. When she was done she placed her hands on her lap and she looked at the ground, Why cant he just leave my thoughts!? Why is he doing this to me!?" She thought.

A cold voice came from behind her, "Slave girl, lets go. Stop being so slow." She looked up at him and scowled, "Don't speak to me that way, Kyo!" She stood up and put her hands on her hips. She was on her tiptoes so she was closer to Kyo's height. Kyo put a hand on her head and she went back down, "You don't have a right to speak to your master like that." He turned and walked away from her.

Yuya was furious, "you jackass!" Kyo just stopped. He smirked then kept walking. Benitora ran in "Yuya, my darling! You're awake!" He hugged her. She pushed him off of her, "Hello, Benitora." She glared at him slightly then followed Kyo. Benitora whimpered and followed behind her.

Kyo walked through the forest for hours with Yuya and Benitora following. Benitora was being his same old self, hitting on Yuya and telling jokes; Kyo was being himself as well. He stayed quiet, cold, and emotionless. Yuya, Yuya was the only one not acting like herself. She sighed and looked at the ground sadly. Every once in awhile she glanced at Kyo in a wanting way.

"Is everything ok, YuyaSan?" Benitora asked. Kyo kept walking with his eyes closed and his arms folded in his sleeves. Yuya looked startled like she just woke up from a daydream, "yes, I'm fine...I was just daydreaming." Benitora grinned, "Were you daydreaming about me by any chance?" "No." Yuya said flatly. Kyo kept walking as it began getting dark.

"Kyo?" Yuya said kind of timidly, "Shouldn't we find an Inn or something? It's getting dark..." Kyo smirked, "What? Afraid of the dark?" "No!" Yuya said defensively, "I'm scared of the wolves that might eat me and you alive! You're not worth as much if you're dead you know!" Kyo kept walking, "what ever." Benitora looked hurt, "what about me, YuyaSan!?"

Yuya smiled, "what about you?" Benitora looked hurt. Kyo Stopped in the darkest part of the forest, "We'll stay here." Yuya looked scared, "Why here?" Kyo sat down leaning his back against a tree, "why not?" Yuya growled a bit and sat down as well. She muttered some things about Kyo under her breath. Benitora had secretly been sipping sake on the long walk. He had passed out on the floor. Kyo closed his eyes. Yuya looked at him, it was kind of hard to see because of how dark it was.

Kyo didn't even open his eyes, "Why are you looking at me?" He asked coldly. Yuya looked away blushing, "I'm not!" Kyo opened his eyes. He lit a lantern, "yes you were." She blushed even deeper and stayed quiet. Kyo noticed the blush and smirked very slightly then it faded. Yuya was grabbed from behind, "Benitora, get off me NOW!" She noticed claws on the hands that grabbed her.

She screamed. It obviously wasn't Benitora who was passed out of the floor not only from the sake, but also from poison. Kyo got up, "Get off of her now..." A kenyou picked her up, "now why would I do that when I could eat her?" it answered. Yuya's eyes widened and she screamed again but louder.

Kyo sighed and took out his muramasa, "don't scream so loud, woman..." He muttered under his breath and swiftly swept at the kenyou. It laughed, "what a weak, dull sword! Pathetic!" Kyo turned around and put his sword away. The Kenyou went to grab him as well, but then it split in half. Yuya fell onto the ground with the kenyou's blood all over her.

"Kyo, you...saved me..." She said while looking up at him by the light of the lantern. Kyo looked away, "don't think so highly of it. You are my slave and I still need you to work for me." Yuya growled, "fine, what ever." She got up and started walking. "Where do you think you're going?" Kyo asked pretending not to care (he was very convincing). "To take a bath, there is some hot springs around her." She sniffed the air, "you can use one too..." she snickered.

He glared at her coldly and followed. Yuya blushed Why is he coming...oh my he going to...bathe with me!? She blushed. They got to the hot springs. Kyo put down his Muramasa by the hot springs and Yuya let down her hair.

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