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Benitora sat by himself in the dark drinking sake. He leaned his back against the wall. How could I let this slide? he thought. He had always been nice to Yuya, but Yuya had always been so mean to him. Why couldn't she like him the way he liked her? And why did she like a pompous ass like Kyo?

Yuya walked in, "Benitora? Oh there you are, Kyo and I have been looking all over for you." She walked over to him, "Benitora?"

Benitora was looking up at the ceiling angrily. He then snapped out of his trance and looked at her, "oh, Hi Yuyahan…" He got up, "are we leaving now?"

Yuya looked confused, "um, yeah. Are you okay?"

Benitora turned his back to her coldly as he walked out, "of course I am, there's no reason for me not to be okay, right?"

Kyo was walking with Benitora.

Yuya walked up to Kyo and hugged his arm.

Kyo quickly pushed her away and hissed, "What in the hell do you think you're doing?"

Yuya looked confused, "I…I just-"

Kyo let out a crude chuckle, "oh, you thought what we had was real? How could someone like me love someone as ugly, annoying, and bitchy as you?"

Yuya's eyes widened with disbelief, what was he saying? He was just using her?

Kyo looked forward and continued walking, "you were just a way to relieve some tension I worked up from not being with any beautiful women lately."

Benitora looked at Kyo. In a way he thought that Yuya deserved this, she deserved to be hurt for hurting him.

Yuya stood there speechless. Her eyes turned a slight shade of pink as they slowly started to water and tear. She looked at the ground, "how…how could he?" she said to herself, "I…I thought he changed, I thought he loved me…"

Benitora walked over to Yuya, "YuyaHan, it's okay, Kyo is just like that. You should have known-" he put out a friendly hand to Yuya.

Yuya slapped it away, "Leave me alone! You're right! Maybe I should have known, you don't have to rub it in my face!" she stormed ahead of them.

Benitora sounded hurt, "I…"

Kyo looked at him, "Just let her go, she'll eventually calm down and come crying back."

Benitora looked at him in disbelief, "Kyo, how can you do that to her? She really loves you…you should be happy that such a nice girl like you like that…"

Kyo let out a gagging sound, "Happy? That she likes me? Why would I be, I don't have time for her."

Benitora and Kyo continued walking in complete since. When they caught up with Yuya, Yuya followed then sending angry glares at Kyo every-once-in-awhile.

Kyo glared back at her, "will you stop that?"

Yuya looked away, "Stop what?"

Kyo rolled his eyes and walked forward.

Yuya sighed and walked behind Benitora and Kyo.

Benitora felt sorry for Yuya despite how mean she was being to him.

From somewhere close by a familiar giggle was heard. Out came Yukimura with a young woman about in her 20's with shoulder-blade length brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a white kimono with pink flower patterns on it. "Well…" he said. "This group looks just so depressing, you should all be happy, Yukimura Sanada is here!" The woman giggles.

Benitora looked up and saw Yukimura, "Hey, Yukimura…"

Kyo just grunted. Yuya looked at the woman and Yukimura then at Kyo. She looks to the ground sadly.

Yukimura looked at Yuya, "hum? Yuya, why so sad?"

Benitora whispered to him and explained the whole story.

Yukimura didn't seem surprised, "hum…sounds like something Kyo would do."

Benitora nodded. Kyo scowled, "don't talk about me."

Yuya continued looking at the ground. Everyone seemed to expect Kyo to do this except for me… she sighed.

Yukimura held onto the woman and smiled. She woman giggles. She looked at Kyo, "oh, is this Onimeno Kyo?"

Yukimura nodded, "the one and only. Be careful Saori…he may do to you what he did to Yuya."

The woman known as Saori giggled again.

Yuya looked at Yukimura and Saori. They looked so happy together. Yukimura is kind of a player she thought him as, but he could be a faithful guy. She just wished that she had that kind of relationship with Kyo…

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