Title: Pedantic Restraint

Sam/Jack, fluff, pg

Summary: "Our first kiss," Jack whispered, his lips a millimetre from hers. "Actually, it's not," Sam began.


They'd been waiting for this for so long; their first kiss.

"Our first kiss," Jack whispered, his lips a millimetre from hers.

Or was it?

"Actually, it's not," Sam began. The millimetre turned into a centimetre as Jack looked at her, confused.

She continued, hastily, so as to not give him the wrong impression. "Well, there was the time with the alien influence, and the other time with the other alien influence…"

"Very descriptive," Jack grinned at her.

She blushed. "You know what I mean."

"Ok," he said, once again moving closer. "Our first kiss as us, in our right minds."

She smiled at him, satisfied, until he pulled back slightly, a guilty look on his face.

The centimetre had returned.

"What?" she asked, curious.

"Well, I remember a kiss when we were in our right minds."

"You do? I don't."

"I know."

"And how could you remember a kiss between us that I don't?"

He mumbled something at her.

"What was that?"

"Time loop," he mumbled.

She gasped. "You didn't."

"I did."

She grinned. "Did anyone see?"

"Does it matter? They don't remember now anyway."

The look on her face told him he should answer. "General Hammond."

"General Hammond found out?"

"It would've been a little hard for him not to have found out."

"Why?" she asked, suspicious.

He shuffled his feet slightly. More space appeared between them.

"I kissed you in front of him."

She swatted him on the arm. "That's not fair. You remember one more kiss between us than I do."

"We can make up for that," he grinned, moving closer. A millimetre apart.

"Just us," she whispered, "our first kiss, as us, in our right minds, with no rules hanging over us."

"Well actually," Jack started, pulling back.

Sam groaned, pulling him back towards her. Less than a millimetre this time, and she intended to keep it that way. "Jack?"


"Just kiss me."

So he did.