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Hello. Your probably wondering who the heck I am. Well, maybe I should tell you. Then again, you'll find out sooner or later in the story. Nah, I'll tell you now.

My name is Sora Cloude. I live in America. Not Japan, in case your wondering. I know, my first name is Japanese. That's because my parents like Japanese names. Go figure. But I guess you don't need to know that about my parents now do you?

I have black hair that reaches to mid-back, it has red streaks in it. Not everywhere mind you, just in the front. My eyes, now they are creepy. They are a dark navy blue with a ring of red around them. Isn't that creepy? Not the point.

I'm not tall, I guess you could call me short. I'm about 5'1. Yes, short see? But I'm not overly skinny, or fat. In fact, I'm the perfect weight, by my standards. My friends say I'm too skinny. But that's just them not me. Many may think I'm perfect. But I'm not. I'm far from it.

You've never heard of my family life before. It's terrible. But on the outside, to the whole world, its also perfect. Only one knows of my troubles. And that's my very best friend. Dezzi Layto. She is very pretty. And lucky too. Well, at least lucky to other girls. Why? Because she is popular.

But she never sees it, even though she has gazillion of friends. I've always wondered why she hung out with me, and when I have asked her, she would reply with the same thing. "You're my very best friend Sora, That'll never change, no matter what happens. "She always says that, but she never says why.

I guess your wondering what she looks like huh? Well, she has short chin- length brown hair with brilliant blue eyes. She is tall, around 5'9. And filled out in all the right places. Not like I'm not, but I'm just saying. But she is younger than me. By two years. I'm seventeen, almost eighteen. She is fifteen.

She is also obsessed with this one Anime called Yu Yu Hakusho. I've watched it a couple of times, but not many. I know it by heart almost because of her, well, at least the characters. But that's enough of that show. What about me? I'm sure your just DYING to know about me huh? Hehe, don't mind me.

But about my family life. I've told you its perfect on the outside and terrible on the inside right? Well, how is it bad? My parents constantly fight. And my father is a drunk, not to mention abusive when he is. But every time he hits me, afterwards, when he is sober, he cries about it and tells me sorry continuously. I could fight him back when he hits me. But I never have the heart.

My mother is a witch, literally. She does practice witchcraft, but she is also a witch in the 'mean' sense. She is terrible to me. Have I mentioned I'm an only child? I often have to use tons of makeup to cover up the bruises on my face. And I just wear long sleeved shirts and pants for the bruises elsewhere. But Dezzi, Dezzi is always there to help me out when it happens. And I'm grateful for that. I'd be an emotional wreck without her.

I don't need to say anymore about that do I? Well, the story I'm about to tell you is a story unlike any other. About escape, love, and betrayal. It may be like a story you've heard elsewhere. But this really happened. To me. And in most parts, it hurt like hell. Other times, it was the best time of my life.

It begins now...

I stared up at my ceiling with a bored look on my face. My mother had just gotten done concocting some weird potion and she had just tried it out. It made her pass out. Thank goodness, I didn't have to listen to her any longer. I sighed and turned my head to the side, looking out the window.

It was dark, the stars were shining bright. I smiled, I loved the stars. They were so peaceful. I sat up and walked over to the window. Leaning on it I look out and smile softly to myself. Just escaping my world momentarily. Then I see something that will change my life forever, even if I don't know it.

I frowned when I see my father walked through the bushes drunkenly. My frown deepens as he looks up at my window and waves at me. 'He's coming(. ' I thought. I shook my head and continued to watch him. He entered the house. I could hear glasses breaking and chairs being overthrown downstairs.

'Clumsy ass( ' I thought. I didn't even turn to look at my door as I heard it open, then he spoke in a husky voice. "Hehe, your mine little girl(.. I'll kill you this time( "He said. I turned my head to look at him and my eyes widened. He had a broken beer bottle in one hand. He hurried over to me and I quickly backed myself against the wall.

He reached me and immediately his hand came in contact with my face. SMACK! I winced my head getting thrown to the side. I closed my eyes tightly as he hit me over and over again, finally he bellowed out, "SCREAM GIRL!! CRY!! DO SOMETHING!! "I winced as the broken beer bottle scraped my arm.

I didn't dare scream or cry. One, I never cried. Two, I wouldn't give him that satisfaction. Finally his hands started to pull up my shirt. My eyes widened, ' Oh hell no( ' I thought. I quickly squirmed to get away, he had never tried this before.

"LET ME GO!! "I screamed out, he hit me. I cringed and quickly squirmed to the window, my shirt and jeans having rips in them I quickly jump out the window. Landing on my arm with a sickening crack. I winced and looked up at the window where he was at, he was bellowing for me to come back.

I shook my head and started to run, holding my broken arm with one hand. I ran as far as I could when finally I collapsed outside of Dezzi's house. I groaned and rolled over onto my back. Staring up at the stars I blinked back tears, ' Why? ' I questioned myself for the first time ever in my life.

Suddenly I heard the door open and a gasp. I couldn't hold on though, I passed out. With a broken arm, bruises ribs, arms, and neck, and what else? Ah yes, a terrible scrape on my arm. It was very deep and I had a feeling I'd be loosing a lot of blood.

I woke up the next morning to some muttering of a voice. "Dez? "I asked groggily. There was a gasp then footsteps. I opened my eyes to see Dezzi's face above me.

She looked genuinely worried. "What happened? "She asked me. I just sat up with a wince. "He came home( but he tried to(. to( "I just shook my head. Her eyes had widened, "We have got to tell someone about this Sora! You've been scared to do it before but we just have too! "I growled at her, "NO! "I snapped. She frowned, "Why don't you ever fight back? You know you can! I mean god! You're a black belt! "I scowled at her, " Because(. Its(.none of your business( "She frowned, taking the hint I didn't want to talk about it.

She sighed and shook her head, she walked over to her closet and got out a pack, my pack. I had left it here weeks ago and never got it back. Having a feeling I would need it here later, I was right. I looked down at myself and sighed. I was a mess. I had cuts and bruises all over me. I looked up at Dezzi, " I look like crap( "

She smiled, "I wont lie to you, you do. But you'll be better in a couple weeks. "I sighed and looked out the window. Then down at my broken arm and my eyes widened in shock, "You set it? " She just nodded pulling out my training clothes from my pack, she threw them at me. "Go get dressed. " She motioned to her bathroom door.

I took the clothes and went into the bathroom, not daring to look into the mirror. I quickly changed into my black loose pants tied with a white sash and my sleeveless black shirt. I sighed and brushed my hair leaving it down. I finally got the courage and looked in the mirror. I cringed. I was bruised terribly on my cheek and I had a gash on my forehead.

I sighed, at least It wasn't swollen. I sighed and walked out into the bathroom, glad it was Saturday for a change. I sat down on Dezzi's bed and looked at all the posters she had. I shook my head, she was obsessed with that anime.

Dezzi finally came back into the room smiling, with a bowl of chicken soup. I blinked, "Why do you always fix me that when I come over beaten up? "I asked her. She grinned, "Because its good for you! "She said cheerfully. I swear, if I didn't know any better I'd say she adopted that cheerful personality of hers.

I ate quickly then Dezzi said, "Lets get you back home( "I just stared out the window then grabbed my pack, "Not going back home Dez( "She blinked, "What? "I looked at her, "I'm not going back home(. I'm leaving( "Dezzi shook her head and cried, "You cant! "I frowned, "I HAVE TO DEZ!! Look at me!(. I cant live like this any longer! I'll be eighteen in two weeks! I'm just leaving early! "

Dezzi frowned, "But!(What about me? "I stared at her a minute then sighed, "I'll come visit(. "I saw Dezzi grab a pack and start stuffing clothes in it. I blinked, "What are you doing? "She didn't answer until she was done. "I'm going with you. "She stated. My eyes widened, "Dez you cant! "

She stared at me with a serious expression, "Yes(. I can. "I looked at her a bit longer before finally giving in. I put my pack on and turned and jumped out the window of her room, thank goodness it was on the bottom floor. She followed me after writing a note to her parents.

I turned and started walking down the street, Dezzi following me. People stared at me while I walked, I didn't blame them. I would stare at me too, after all, I'm black and blue. We passed my house when suddenly I heard something. I turned to look. Their was my father pointing a gun at Dezzi.

Dezzi had frozen with her eyes wide. My eyes widened as well. I stared at my father in shock. Looking around, I noted no one was around. My eyes widened even more if that was possible and I quickly ran in front of Dezzi just as the trigger was pulled.

My blood froze. I stood their gripping my stomach. Dezzi screamed and caught me as I fell. I stared up at her. My blood felt like it was frozen, I felt frozen. I turned my eyes to look at my father. He was staring in shock when finally he dropped the gun and fell to his knees.

I looked back at Dezzi, "De...zz...i...t..a..k.e...c...are... "I started but she shushed me, "Don't die Sor! Please! You're my best friend! I love you girl! Don't die...don't talk either! "I just stared up at her, I cracked a smile. ' This sounds like a movie... ' I thought.

"I'" I said. I didn't know how, but I did know I'd be fine. The pain was numb now, I could barely feel it. I choked for a minute then closed my eyes. Dezzi shouted at me and I heard commotion all around me. The last I heard was the sound of an ambulance before I drifted off into oblivion.

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