Waging Battles at Home

Relieved that he was finally home again, Terran slung the sword at his side before entering the Celedon's boundaries. On the way in, the first house he passed was Xeth's house and saw that his grandmother was staring into space, literally, with a worried expression on her face. When She snapped out of it she greeted Terran.

"Oh, hello, Terran. My grandson and Saffron were worried about you and they went to go and see if you were at the Elders..."

"Is something the matter?" Terran asked in concern, also looking toward the sky to try and see what she was looking at.

"...By...any chance, did you see that Terran?"

"See what?"

"Well, a few minutes ago something lit up the sky near the falls. Normally, I would see it shine for a few seconds the same time everyday. It was on time today, but shortly after there was another, only this time, it lit up the whole sky for a few seconds. I...just have a bad feeling about this."

Terran had a sinking feeling inside of him after hearing that. The village was clear above the cave on a hill and from the position he was standing, Terran could clearly see the blue lagoon and cave that all the 'flashes' and 'shines' originate from down in the distance. His stomach churned uneasily as he continuted to stare down at the blue blot the size of two hand spans and the ominous shadows casted upon it by the surrounding rocks. Terran was finally able to pry his eyes from the valley and noded his farewell to his friends matriarch.

"Maybe...that's all that happened...A giant flash, that's all." He told himself, unsure of the situation that may about from it.

While walking to the elders, he stumbled upon one of the boys of the village.

"There's a strange man in there." He said and opened the door and pointed to an armored man sitting at a table, in the restaurant.

Terran went to greet the new comer as was a village tradition, but one look at armored man told him that he wasn't in much of a talking mood so he left him alone.

"Hey, Terran!" A voice called from behind the counter and said, "I think that guy's from the army because of the emblem that was on his chest plate. Most likely a high ranking officer from another country. He's the silent type and even I couldn't get him to break his silence. Oh, by the way, Xeth was here a while ago and looked kind of pale and looked as if he would faint. What happened? Did you boys do something wrong again?"

"It's a long story. We'll see what happens." Terran replied plainly.

Terran exited the restaurant, finding himself in front of a house where he felt safe and didn't have to worry about the events that occurred today ever again...or so he thought. As he approached the front of his home, he noticed that Xeth and Saffron were talking to his grandfather. As Terran got closer to the group of people standing in front of his house, the Elder began to realize that it was Terran (though it took a while with his bad eyes and old age, that is). He ran to Terran as fast as he could (which wasn't that fast at all, mind you he has brittle bones and yet, again, old age) to his Grandson.

"Terran! You're not hurt! They told me what happened to you." The Elder said happily noting that not a single strand of hair on his head was harmed

"For a second, I thought you were a goner!" Cried Xeth as he was on his knees and groveling at Terran's feet.

"See!! What did I tell you?! It was a stupid idea to bring someone HIM along with us!!" Saffron substantiated towards the kneeling Xeth and whacked him with the back of his hand as an emphasis.

"You IDIOTS!!" The Elder outbursts." Weren't you told not to go there? Now, when I was your age..."

The three boys hung their head in shame and expected the "When-I-Was-Your-Age" lecture coming up again. Terran moved slightly to the side (getting comfortable for the long winded speech) and caused shimmering light came from his side as a ray from the sun reflected off of the sword and cut the Elder in the middle of his speech.

"Huh?" The Elder asked as hi looked closer at the object that hung around Terran's belt.

"Terran! What's that you have?...Oh,no! It can't be!

"Cool! Did you find treasure?!" Xeth questioned his NEW best friend as he got off his knees.

"Wow!" Saffron exclaimed. "Way to go!"

These comments only made the Elder even more furious and he outbursts,

"What have you done?! How could you of all people in the whole would have pulled out the Mana Sword?! It's just impossible!"

"What?! The Mana Sword?! But how? Legend has it that our village would be finish..." Saffron recited.

"...If the sword is removed and here is now...in front of us!" The Elder said continuing Saffron's sentence. "It is said that 'the Mana Sword has been protecting this Village from disaster! Three Ancient beings: the Tigress Byakko, the Dragon Ryu, and the Phoenix Ruhka, on the sword are what create the balance that keeps Cirrus from Catastrophe. If it is shattered, darkness, havoc, and tyranny shall be run rampant upon the Pure Lands of Cirrus.' "

The Elder now takes the blade from Terran and holds it up showing the hilt were instead of Three Ancient Beings, there is only the One Ancient Being of the Dragon.

"Ah! Here it is the one Ancient Being, so there is nothing to fear! All Terran has to do is find a way to return the sword to the resting place he found it and all will be well...Wait a minute..." The Elder took a closer look at the hilt and his eyes just about poped out of his socket

"ONE?!" The Elder yelled as he grabbed Terran by the collar of his shirt and shook him rapidly yelling,

"What did you do to this Sword Boy!?!

"Gya-a-a..." Terran responded only by saying that until his grandfather got control over himself. "Jeez! I don't know what you're talking about, Gramps! I didn't do anything but pull out the sword. After the light started to flash, I, then and only then, noticed that it was missing the Tigress and Crane!"

"Phoenix!" The Elder corrected his grandson irately.

"Well, whatever!" He continued, "And that was after I found a path to the Village and stumbled upon some 'Rabbyths'."

"So, that's it!" Xeth finally joined the conversation after a long period of silence. "That's why all those monsters appeared out of nowhere and started to attack us. How could an outsider like you go and yank the Mana Sword; creating discord upon our quiet Village and lead all of Cirrus in to peril, all in one day, huh?!"

Xeth started to push around Terran roughly and caused him to stumble after each shove.

"Hey! Quit it!" Terran exclaimed loosing his patience.

"You started this whole mess! It's all your fault that we are getting attacked by monsters." Xeth yelled forcefully still shoving Terran until they were in the very vacant center of the Village.

The vacant lot of the Village designated for the villagers to meet and have occasional conferences was, amougst the younger generation, furtively desinated for the sole purpose of "Settling disagreements" in a physical manner; As is the case with these two teenagers.

Xeth continued to push Terran to the vacant lot and was eager to take Terran on. Terran took up a fighting stance, which is all to familiar to him, having experienced Xeth anger. As Xeth was about to punch him, Terran was ready to dodge his jab, a rapid earthquake shook the village and startled all within the vicinity of the epicenter.

"Ahh!! Earthquake!!" Xeth screamed and he dropped to the ground with his hands behind his neck like what they taught you in school.

"Duh! Head for cover moron! This is no time to be testing out the "Drop and Cover" technique when there is nothing to cover you!!" Terran scolded Xeth sarcastically.

Terran then tried to help his friend up but refused to be helped by a "traitor" of the Village. As Xeth got up to go in the opposite direction of Terran, he felt the ground beneath him tremor rapidly. Terran ran back to get his stubborn friend, when suddenly, a whole appeared beneath his feet and he just fell through the ground, only hearing his yell echo.

Terran noticed that Xeth fell in a huge hole in the ground, and it grew bigger by the moment. He ran as fast as he could when the ground behind him collapsed and realized that he wasn't going to get away fast enough. Soon the ground around him started to collapse and he soon joined Xeth underground. Terran looked around for him when he heard Xeth holler,

"Heeelp! A m-monster! Heeeeelp!!"

With that Terran ran the direction of the yell as fast as he could to try and aid his friend. When he appeared before Xeth and the monster, it looked like a fat, giant Praying Mantis with extra large claws.

"Terran, do something!!" Xeth yelled

"What can I do?!"

"Y-you have a sword don't you?!"

"Yeah so?!"

"Well?! Use it!!"

"Hey I may have a sword but, I have never used a sword in my entire life...Well, if you don't count me slaughtering the Rabbyths "

"Well, there's a first time for anything!!" Terran stated with a grim finality and firmly gripped his sword with a new found courage towards the upcoming battle.

Author's Note

As you can all see, I'm relying heavily on beginning storyline of SoM to get he foundation of this story done. Bear with me as I sluggishly try and branch out the story and develope the the plot more.

Okay, this is the last time I'm going to apologize (yeah...right), but I'm sorry that it took so long for the updating. I'll try and be on top of things and get out one chapter at least once a month or every other month. If I start to slack, you can bombard my mail box will flames or whatever as a reminder.

Thanks for reading so far (why you would do so is beyond me).


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