Ok, so you have to wonder, is that his REAL hair? I mean, it's SO blonde and really freakishly long, you just HAVE to wonder.
If you think about it, if it is his real hair, how long did it take to grow? A year? Longer? If it took less than six months, what'd they do? Slip him Rogaine? Yeah he popped those pills with his daily vitamin supplement (to keep the hair shiny and split end free of course!). Then we have the typical "Elf gets addicted to pills" headline only, the pills are vitamins and Rogaine, not pain killers or other drugs. Doesn't it seem like he'd be perfect for a Loreal Commercial?

We fade in on a forest. There's a waterfall in the background. Legolas (whom I like to refer to as 'The Blonde Guy' because it's funner to say and has a VERY nice ring to it) rides up on a horse. He Dismounts.

"You know, after a long, hard day of killing orcs, my hair is the one that wants to die. By the end of a trip, my hair is very brittle and has spilt ends." (Shows Legolas in black and white looking at the end of his hair) "So to moisturize it at the end of the day, I use Loreal moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner. It revitalizes and nourishes your hair." Cuts to Legolas with his bow and arrows "So I use Loreal, because I'm worth it too!" shoots arrow through bottle or Loreal and girlishly flips hair over right shoulder with a gay smile.