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Chapter 17: Epilogue

Raven sat in a white bed in a hospital, glowing with such uncharacteristic happiness that it was hard to recognize her. Upon closer inspection, one could see what made her so joyful. Nestled in her arms was a tiny baby girl.

A single silky lock of curly black hair coiled on top of her tiny head, the tip of it falling in front of her brilliant amethyst eyes. She blinked, black lashes swatting the air, and reached her light brown hand up, twisting her tiny fingers around her mother's thumb.

Cyborg was sitting near her, his own expression one of giddy pride and happiness. He sobered for a second, and looked at Raven.

"Um, Rae?" He said, somewhat nervously. She looked at him, eyes full of laughter, like the day they'd fixed the T-car together. Cyborg got down on one knee, withdrawing a black velvet box from a compartment in his arm. He flicked open the top of the box and revealed a beautiful gemstone the same color as Raven's (and now her daughter's) eyes. It was fixed on a silver ring that shone as bright as the jewel, and engraved on the ring was the initials RS. Raven's eyes widened and she drew in a breath.

"Will you marry me?" He blurted, holding out the ring.

Raven's mouth opened in shock and she blinked rapidly.

"What?" She said stupidly, stunned, bewildered, and not quite getting it.

Cyborg almost laughed, but looked sincerely at her, and slid the ring onto her left ring finger.

"Will you be my wife? Mrs. Victor Stone?"

Raven's shocked expression broke into a grin big enough to cover her whole face. She pulled him to her and kissed him soundly, and he returned the kiss.

"Is that a yes?" He asked when they parted.

"No," Raven said sarcastically. "I'm playing with your emotions and kissing you for no reason."

Cyborg smiled.

The baby gurgled happily between them, and they both looked at their new daughter. Suddenly, the door slid open and a new figure appeared in the room.

"Hey, hey, hey, Beast Boy's here to bring the cheer!" Beast Boy practically shouted. The baby in Raven's arms giggled, which caused Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy's jaws to drop.

"Sh-she thinks I'm funny?" Beast Boy asked incredulously, dumbfounded. The baby pointed and giggled again.

"Ah-ha!" Beast Boy cried triumphantly. He turned to Raven, waggling his eyebrows. "See? Toldja you think I'm funny."

"That's not me, Beast Boy." Raven said in her monotone, staring at Beast Boy like he was the dumbest person in the world.

"Yeah, well, she's got part of you, doesn't she?" Beast Boy insisted, to which Raven rolled her eyes. Cyborg watched the familiar bickering fondly. 'Some things never change.' He thought. They were all hurting, deep and scarred from the death of the leader of the Teen Titans, but slowly, incredibly slowly, it seemed, the wounds were healing.

"Speaking of that, when are you going to decide a name for her? You can't wait too long or I'll have to start calling her 'it'."

"It takes time to decide a name, Beast Boy." Raven said, somewhat cuttingly. "The title has to fit her."

"Friends!" Starfire burst through the door, carrying a huge armful of child's toys. She dumped them on the bed at Raven's feet. "Let us play with the baby!"

Raven gave a quiet laugh.

"Star, she's only about a week or so old. They won't let me out of this place!" She added to Cyborg with a twinge of irritation.

Starfire's face fell.

"So… these will not work?" She asked, disappointed. But she smiled again when she saw the baby. "May I?"

Raven nodded a yes, and Starfire picked up the baby happily. She was glad to see that her child made Starfire forget the loss of Robin, which was hitting her hard. She was rarely her cheerful self any more, and if this helped, then Raven was going to let Starfire hold the baby as much as she liked. The baby made a little noise of happiness as Starfire rocked her gently.

"Whoa, Raven, where'd you get that rock?" Beast Boy suddenly interrupted, goggling at the gemstone on her hand. Raven smiled and looked at Cyborg, who grinned modestly.

"Ohhh, I get it. Cy popped the question, didn't he?" Beast Boy winked at Cyborg, who ignored his green friend. Unfazed, Beast Boy continued. "Can you believe all this started just because me and Star and Robin went on that vacation?"

Starfire stiffened at Robin's name, and silently handed the bundle in her arms back to Cyborg. But when the small child left the Tameranian's arms, she plucked from Starfire's pocket a piece of fabric. Starfire gasped.

The little girl held the mask in her tiny brown hands, turning it over and over. The four Teen Titans froze, watching as the Stone's daughter lifted Robin's trademark piece of clothing to her face, holding it in place with her hands. It looked oddly right on her face, as if she was meant for it. The Titans watched her as she took the mask off and put it back on, holding it gently as if it was something she really cared for.

"Cyborg?" Raven said slowly, still watching her daughter.


"I think I have a name for her."

Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire looked at her interestedly.

"What might this name be, friend Raven?" Starfire asked, surprising herself when she found she didn't mind the little girl playing with the eyeshade.


The Boy Wonder's namesake smiled, putting his mask back on her face.


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