I don't know what I'm thinking writing this,But what the hell,here goes.

The beginning.

(Crappy engrish included!)

Sawn ran down the walkway,his ZIG fighter in sight. The captain's voice boomed across the intercoms:Take off every ZIG!!

He stopped at his fighter and jumped in,the cockpit shutting after such.

He took a look at the other ZIGs readying for takeoff,and snapped on his helmet.

The screen in his cockpit blinked to life,and displayed his order. Survive.

The captain began speaking agian:You know what you doing! MOVE ZIG!

The shields on the ZIGs began charging as a great explosion rocked the ship.

Klaxon alarms blared and the comuterized voice howled across the ship:Core imminent breach inner,evacuate!!!!

He,unlike the 9 other pilots,manualy killed the shield charger,and zoomed out of the bay,knowing that he may not survive.

Back on the bridge...

Mechanic:Zig bay destroyed! Captian:NO!! Officer:One ZIG survived have they!!

Captain:Be they luck...ZIG! GO! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!

The blast soon engulfed the bridge,the last images on the screenswere those of the lone ZIG pilot,

zooming away from the firey fate that was it's mother ship...