Two Blonde Friends

Chapter 1: Whisper to Remember

"I thought we were more than friends. I thought you liked me as much as I liked you. But I guess I was wrong. That day I saw you, with her...kissing, a lip heart was shattered. My world crushed. How could you betray me? I wanted to die."


It was early summer and Tidus was going to get married in less than three days. Of course everyone was excited. All but one...Rikku.

"Rikku, can you believe it? I'm getting married on Saturday! I'm so giddy! I can't control my happiness! What should I do?" Yuna exclaimed. "Why don't you hang yourself in the bathroom." Rikku said to herself, "Yuna can I be by myself for a while? I'm feeling kinda sick." Rikku slowly walked into her room, listening to her clunking noise as she stomped on the cold metal floor of the Celcius. "Tidus, why did you, how could you? I guess I should have told you my feelings for you years ago. But I was too afraid...afraid of rejection. Tidus, I lo-lo-love. Whatever. Why am I even talking to myself?" Rikku's eyes suddenly became puffy and red. Tears rolled down her pale cheeks. Drip, drip. The tears fell to the floor, slowly, leaving a trail. Rikku paused and stood in front of her bedroom door. "Oh...Tidus..." she walked into her room slowly. Landing on her pillow gently and gracefully. Rikku held herself in a fetal position and cried herself to sleep.
A few minutes later, Tidus walked up to her bedroom door and lightly tapped it. Knock, knock. "Ri-Rikku, are you okay? You've been very quiet lately, not yourself. Is anything wrong...Rikku?"
Rikku finally got up, five hours later. It was past midnight and mostly everyone was asleep. All except for Paine. "Hey, what's the matter. You've been quiet. Are you sick?" asked Paine insensibly. Rikku just ignored the question like she wasn't even there. "Fine. Whatever, I'm going to sleep. Don't do anything stupid, like you always do. I know it's hard to be normal but I know you can do it." Paine's voice faded in the corridors of the Celcius.
"RIKKU!" a voice snapped. Rikku was startled and shook her head. "Tidus? I-is that you?" Rikku asked as footsteps came closer and closer to her. She saw a big shadow enlarging with every step. Rikku was frightened and ran behind a chair. The footsteps got louder and louder then they stopped. "Rikku, you're such a baby! Hehe! Come over here. You've been asleep all day." chuckled Tidus. "Tidus! You big dope! Don't scare me like that!" laughed Rikku. "I'm glad to hear you in a better mood. So...wanna give me a hug?" Tidus asked with a smurk on his face. "Why?" Rikku asked confusedly. Tidus walked over to Rikku and grabbed her immediately. Tidus whispered something into her ears and left to his room. Rikku was frozen. "Tidus...I...never knew how much you...cared...for me. This just makes me more interested in him."

To be continued...