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Chapter 3: Lonely…

He waited outside the door. His head bowed down. Warm tears dropped from his face. He listened patiently for any signs of her. He could hear her slow breathing. It was very faint. What had possessed Rikku to do such zany antics? I mean, she has done weird and crazy things before, but this was just so strange. Why did she have to start acting so weird now? He's having a wedding soon, everything should be happy and stuff. He sighed deeply. He picked up his head and looked at his reflection. He hadn't realized he was crying. Sighing again, he turned and walked away.

While on the other side of the door, a small girl was sleeping. Her lips were in the form of a thin line. Slumped on the floor, her legs spread out wide, arms hanging to her sides. Still unconscious, she mouthed the words, 'I'm sorry'. She turned on her side and awoke. Slowly, her eyes opened themselves. Her green eyes scanned the room. What had just happened? Unwillingly, she sat up and rubbed her sore eyes. She stood up. Wobbly, her legs supported her. She turned around and stopped. She was staring at her reflection, red streaks on her face. "Tidus," she started, "are you still there?" Heavy footsteps greeted her. "Tidus? If that's you, I have something to tell you…" Silence. No movements were made. Rikku took in a great in take of breath.

How would she start this? Trying to confess this seemed much more happier in her dream than now. She looked to her side and saw something on the floor. Something she wished not to see again. Another sigh emitted from her mouth. She should really stop doing that. She looked away from it and remembered something.

"Rikku, if there's anything wrong, anything, I'll be there for you… Although I'm getting married to someone else, I'll never stop loving you."

Just then, her tears were renewed. Tidus. If only it were that easy. If only she had the chance to tell him years ago. But she was so young and naïve back then. Who knew a childish crush could grow into something this big in her heart. "Uh…" She was at a loss of words. Nothing would ring in her head. She couldn't think of anything to say. Damn. This was so frustrating! Inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. Clearing her throat she started once again. "Tidus, I… Um, this is kinda hard to say but, well, you keep asking me what's wrong. What's wrong is that… That, I love you, and I don't want you to marry her…" Feeling better a little, the blonde girl opened the door. What greeted her was something totally different, a brunette, bicolor eyes, and a blue braid at her right ear. "What…?" Yuna gasped and stared wide eyed.

"Rikku, if there's anything wrong, anything, I'll be there for you… Although I'm getting married to someone else, I'll never stop loving you."

The blonde girl dropped to the floor once again. No, she didn't just say that to the one person she tried to prevent in hurting. Yuna covered her mouth with her hand and backed away. "Yuna… I-I'm so—" But before the Al Bhed could finish her sentence, her cousin had run away. "Great…" Rikku said aloud depressingly. Alone, she was left alone… Again.