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Jennifer instantly started complaining to Jacob and Legolas about Sam's teasing but Legolas just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it."

"But they all think I'm some kind of prostitute!"

"Trust me, by this time tomorrow they will have forgotten about it and be gossiping about something else. It's what they accused Sam of being when she first got here. Look at how they treat her now."

Somehow that didn't comfort her.

Just as Legolas had told her the ladies of the court had forgotten all about the previous days conversation and were now gossiping about an elf in Lorien who was apparently pregnant out of wedlock and then a few days later they found out that she was in fact eloped and was married, but by then the gossip was that she had five children and as many lovers. Needless to say the elf-maid who started the rumour was extremely embarrassed and disappeared for a day or two before returning with a new rumour to spread. Sam also introduced Jennifer to Lohtë and they got on famously, although Lohtë couldn't stand the way Jennifer walked and taught her to walk properly as she had done with Sam, much to Jack's amusement.

Legolas and Teal'c also had a mock fight but they had to call it a draw after 3 hours of fighting without either one coming close to winning, and Thranduil demanded Legolas's presence in his study.

SG-1 stayed in Eryn Lasgalen for 3 weeks before having to start the return journey to Mordor to be back on Earth by their deadline. Jacob chose to stay for another 2 weeks to spend some more time with his daughter and grand children. But in the 6th week the Tok'ra arrived at Mirkwood asking for him to return. Giving the elves quiet a shock.

A month later Legolas had to go to Ithilien where he was trying to finish the process of preparing it for the elves that were going to live there for awhile before sailing west. Legolas had been periodically going there for the last 2 years and there were already a small group of elves there working to restore the plant life that had once grown there. Sam chose to wait a few more months until the twins were older and followed in a carriage rather then on horse back two months later, bringing with her a group of 50 elves who where planning on staying in Ithilien when the others in Eryn Lasgalen sailed to the undying lands.

As they arrived groups from Lothlorien and Rivendell also arrived and within the next few months they set up a comfortable community and they set up trade agreements with Gondor and Rohan.

Every second year SG-1 would come and visit Sam along with Jacob and on a few occasions they managed to convince General Hammond to allow Cassie to visit as well and it became even easier when Jack became General O'Neill but that limited Jack's ability to make visits. But on the years that SG-1 didn't visit Sam would travel to Earth to visit her brother and other family along with Janet and her friends from the SGC.

Whenever he visited Jack took great delight in teaching Lúthien, Túrelio and Amarië along with all the other elflings in Ithilien how to play many of the sports on earth and taught them a new one each time he came to visit, much to the children's delight and the parents dismay as it pulled them away from their education and the more useful tasks they could be learning.

When Lúthien and Eldarion were 12 their decided to exchange children for a while so that Luthein could find out more about her human heritage and Eldarion could in turn learn more about his elven heritage by spending more time with the elves, limited as the population was. Lúthien spent a year with Eldarion in Gondor before they both travelled to Ithilien and spent a year there.

They did the same with Túrelio and Amarië but Amarië decided instead to go to Rohan, which they were all happy about as they were able to renew their alliances with the country and they in return took Eomer's eldest son for the year.

Twenty years after her arrival on Middle Earth, SG-1, with Jennifer now leading it, arrived with the news that the system lords had been defeated and that the Jaffa were now free, all they needed to do was round up the minor Goa'uld who were trying to take over but were finding it almost impossible as nearly every Jaffa in the galaxy had renounced the 'gods' and were starting new lives.

Amarië surprised them all when she chose to be mortal and married Eomer's son while Lúthien decided to travel to the undying lands to be with her grandfather claiming that she couldn't cope with the thought of seeing her mother age and eventually dying while the rest of the family stayed eternally young. Túrelio left to travel Middle Earth and spent a lot of his time in Lorien and Rivendell which while almost empty still housed a few elves who had chosen to try and keep their homes alive.

As they got older, the members of SG-1 were able to visit more often, with nothing to do in the way of protecting Earth and very few people who wished to share their technology. Eventually they had all retired and the flag team was taken over by the younger members of the SGC. This gave them all more time to visit and they would spend anything from 2 months to half a year in Middle Earth with Sam.

Then Jack was declared too old for gate travel, then Daniel's heart started to fail and he had to stop as well. Sam travelled to Earth for the last time in the year 2046, Earth time, to attend Jack's funeral when she was 80 with Legolas supporting her as she stepped onto the ramp and through the service, which was held at the SGC because of all the alien friends that Jack had made over the years, including Thor and some other members of the Asgard High Council.

After that Daniel decided to return to Middle Earth so that they could spend their last few years together. Daniel passed away a year before his friend who died at the ripe old age of 102, 68 years after her arrival in Middle Earth.

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