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Emptiness. That was all Gabriel Van Helsing felt now. At first, after witnessing Anna reunite with her family, he thought that he could simply go on and be happy for her, but as the days went on, he found himself slipping deeper and deeper into a vortex of depression and despair. He hadn't realized that he needed her so much until after she was actually gone. Sure, she had been somewhat pig-headed and obstinate, but she was also passionate and courageous. And he loved her.

He LOVED her.

He never thought in all his days that he'd ever be able to love anyone as much as he now realized he had loved her. Not being with her was now killing him and it was all his fault.

Carl had noticed it soon after they had left Transylvania. The commanding presence that Van Helsing had once had seemed to have vanished. He hardly ate, he barely slept, and he certainly had no desire to hunt evil anymore. It was like he simply shut down.

Back in Rome, Gabriel spent most of his time alone in the church. He would sit in the pews and simply wonder why she had to die. What purpose had her death served? He still had found no answer and he was beginning to hate God because of it.

Days later, he finally lost it. He was sitting in the back of the church, trying to conjure up every detail of Anna that he could remember when he simply...lost it. He stood up, walked out into the aisle, raised his hands into the air, and called out in a loud voice.

"Why, Lord?! Why did You allow her to be taken from me?!" he asked God furiously. "I was merely doing Your will! I was fulfilling the commandment that You laid down before me. I WAS DESTROYING THE EVIL IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU SO ADAMANTLY DESPISE!" he yelled. "Well, no more, Lord! I WILL DO IT FOR YOU NO MORE!"

He dropped to his knees before the alter and began to weep. "Why, Lord?" he cried. "I am supposed to be Your left hand. How can You deny me this one thing when I have done so much good in Your name?!" He looked up toward the sky, tears streaming down his face. "Please Lord, I beg of You," he choked out sorrowfully. "Give her back to me. I know I have questioned You in the past, Lord, but I promise You, if You return her to me, I will never question You again. Please, Lord, please. Just give her back to me."

It was then that a bright light suddenly beamed down from above and enveloped Van Helsing within its sparkling rays. He closed his eyes, for the light that was all around him was too intense to look at. He didn't know what was happening, but at the same time everything felt so familiar and right. It was comforting.

Then, as if in a dream, a Voice spoke to him. "You have done well, My good and faithful servant," It said, "and as a reward for your uncompromising dedication to Me, I will grant you that which you so longingly desire."

As quickly as it happened, the light disappeared. Slowly, Gabriel opened his eyes, wondering what had just happened, but that's when he saw her. Anna! She was lying before him on the alter, naked and eyes closed, seemingly in a deep slumber.

Breath caught in Van Helsing's throat and his heart felt as if it had stopped beating. Was she real or was this some cruel trick being played on him? He reached forward very slowly until his shaking hand was hovering just over her shoulder. He released a shuddering breath, closed his eyes, and then let his hand drop.

What he felt was warm and soft.

His eyes sprung open again and he saw that he wasn't dreaming. His hand was resting on her shoulder. She didn't disappear! The Lord had heard his plea and had granted his desperate prayer. It was Anna and she was alive!

A short sob escaped his lips and he climbed to his feet and moved swiftly over to the woman. He leaned over her, afraid that if he touched her, she might disappear again. It wasn't until she let out a small cough that he realized that she really was alive. "Oh God, Anna!" he finally said as he grasped her shoulders and gave her a gentle shake to rouse her. "Open your eyes, Anna!"

There was a long pause and then her eyes suddenly fluttered open. She blinked several times to clear the blurriness and then suddenly, as her vision cleared, she saw Gabriel's concerned face hovering over hers. "Van Helsing?" she whispered questioningly, not knowing whether she should believe her eyes or not.

Tears filled Van Helsing's eyes. Never in all his years had he been so happy to hear someone's voice. He immediately pulled her into his arms and cradled her, holding on tight. "Oh Anna, I thought I had lost you forever," he said, his voice hoarse with emotion.

"What-what are you talking about?" the woman asked, her voice raspy and weak. "What happened?"

Gabriel pulled back to look at her, but still held her tight. "You don't remember?" Now he too was confused.

She slowly shook her head and looked around. "No, not at the moment. Where am I?" she questioned, her strength slowly returning. She looked down at herself. "And where are my clothes?"

Van Helsing followed her gaze and then blushed furiously. He had been too preoccupied with whether Anna was real or not that he didn't even really notice that she was sorely lacking in clothing. He quickly pulled off his trench coat and wrapped it around her. He looked up at the ceiling and shook his head at what he figured for God's sense of humor.

Slowly and carefully standing, Anna pulled Gabriel's coat all the way around her and made sure she was completely covered before she looked at him. "Would you care to tell me what exactly is going on?" she questioned, her Romanian accent full of her usual zest.

Van Helsing gazed down at her and smiled. He had almost forgotten how her accent sent shivers of excitement down his spine. "How about we get you out of here and into some warmer, more...suitable clothes, and then I will explain everything to you?"

Anna stared at him for a long moment before finally nodding. "All right, but you better have a good explanation."

With that, Van Helsing took her by the arm and led her out of the church. He had her back. He had his Anna.


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