Quick Notes: This fic takes place roughly during manga volume 12, sometime before the group splits up. To give those unfamilar with this particular volume since it's untranslated (and won't be translated until NEXT YEAR! sob) here's a really quick run down. Shinrei shows up, everyone fights, Yuya winds up getting attacked in a VERY interesting way. And that's pretty much all I can say without giving away spoilers or plot points. Not to mention the fact that I can't read the manga, but I can look at the pretty pictures and kind of get an idea what's going on. ;; Oh, and I'm a raging KyoxYuya fan, and I've been thrilled to find other fans, as well. Which was a very duh statement to make, really. I blame it on it being late. And if ANYONE could please shed some light on the subject of Sakuya and her relationship with Kyo and Kyoshiro in the manga, I would worship the ground you walked on if you emailed me about it. pleads On with the story!!!!!

When Teasing Doesn't Work

Yuya sat up on her futon, her blanket clutched to her chest as a harsh cry died, unvoiced, upon her lips. Her steady panting was the only sound that broke the silence of her room, and she dragged an unsteady hand through her sweat soaked hair. This was the third night she had awakened from nightmares spawned by Shinrei's attack.

She wrapped her arms around herself as her body began to shiver uncontrollably. If she concentrated hard enough, she thought she could feel Shinrei's water dragon shifting around her heart. She bit her lip, trying to control her shudders, but that only reminded her of just how Shinrei had managed to get his specialized attack inside her body.

She could still feel the steely strength of his arm wrapped around her waist as he hauled her against his body so fast she had not had time to react. Her wits had scattered like sakura petals in a high wind as his icy lips closed over her own. If only she had reacted faster, she might not have found herself in this situation at all, but for those few, critical seconds she had been so shocked by the feel of Shinrei's tongue forcing its way past her lips and teeth that he had been able to send his dragon attack down her throat easily.

With a frustrated grunt, Yuya tossed off her blanket and got to her feet. She needed a drink of water, her mouth felt like someone had stuffed his or her kimono into it, and she knew she wouldn't be able to return to sleep anytime soon.

She carefully made her way out of the Muramasa home, trying hard to not disturb the sleeping inhabitants as she moved as silently as possible towards the courtyard door. She breathed a sigh of relief as she stepped out into the gentle night air, and the full moon illuminated the landscape enough that she was able to find the well without any effort.

As she took a drink from the dipper full of water she had retrieved from the well, she reflected a bit on the now scattered group. It had been two days since Benitora, Sasuke, and Okuni had split off from the group in an effort to find more information on the Mibu Clan as well as do some training on their own, leaving her, Bontenmaru and Kyo with Muramasa, who intended to take Kyo up the mountain in order to teach him the final Mumiyo Jinpu Ryu techniques.

Yuya tilted her head back and let a few remaining drops of water splash onto her face as she gazed up at the stars. She would be lying to herself if she didn't acknowledge that she was worried, both for Kyo and for herself. She hated feeling like her time was limited, but she couldn't hide from the fact that it actually was unless Kyo defeated Shinrei in their next battle. And her worry for Kyo was brought on by the knowledge that he was going to be doing some intensive training with Muramasa, and she didn't know how that was going to affect him due to the ten minute time limit his borrowed body imprisoned him with. She had once seen what happened when Kubira pushed him past the time limit, and she didn't want to think about something similar happening during training. She just had to trust in Muramasa, and that was the end of it.

The sudden sensation that she was being watched caused her to suck in her breath and reach for her three-barreled pistol even as the fine hairs on the back of her neck rose to alertness. A split second later, she relaxed as she recognized the aura of the person who was watching her, and she turned with a scowl on her face and her pistol in hand to face the figure of Onime no Kyo as he moved away from the shadows towards her.

"Damnit, Kyo!" she cried as she returned her pistol to its place inside her yukata. "Don't sneak up on me like that, I could have shot you!"

The killer of a thousand men snorted his opinion of that statement, the moonlight giving his blood red eyes an almost unearthly gleam to them as he stepped fully out of the shadows and smirked at the bounty huntress.

"If I'd been so inclined, you would have been dead before you would have gotten the first shot off," he said, his widening smirk causing a deep dimple to slash across his left cheek. "You were so busy day dreaming you wouldn't have noticed I was here until it was too late."

"I noticed you were there just fine!" Yuya retorted, folding her arms across her chest and glaring.

"Only after several critical minutes had gone by. You need to work on your awareness, girl," Kyo answered, reaching her side and taking the dipper from her hand. She fumed silently as he filled it with water from the well bucket she had pulled up earlier, and drank deeply.

"What are you doing out here, anyway?" she demanded when he was finished, irritation at being interrupted during her silent contemplation evident in her voice, though she didn't really expect an answer.

Which was why she startled a little when he asked, "You really expect us to get any sleep when you're up stomping around the house at midnight?"

Kyo watched Yuya from the corner of his eye, fully expecting her brilliant temper to light up like a torch. What he got instead was a quick blush followed by her turning away and mumbling a quick, "Sorry." She moved off, but instead of heading back towards the house she walked out into the garden, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he watched her every move, confusion briefly chasing itself across his features. Barely acknowledged curiosity had him following her as she sat down on a stone bench that had been placed near a bank of sweet smelling flowers. Without invitation, he sat down next to her, making sure to prop his sword against the bench so it was within easy reaching distance should someone try to attack them by surprise.

Silence, fraught with tension and uncertainty on Yuya's part, and calm acceptance for Kyo, settled over the pair. Yuya fidgeted a bit, pleating folds into the material of her sleeping yukata, while occasionally stealing glances at Kyo from under her eyelashes. Kyo watched her from the corner of his eye, mentally counting the seconds that passed before she broke and began to babble. He hoped that she would be so flustered that she would let slip the reason she was having trouble sleeping. This was the third night he'd been awakened from sleep by her thrashing, but this was the first night that she'd woken up and actually left her room. He had heard the stealthy slide of her door as it opened and shut and the soft padding of her feet as she made her way down the hall.

He would never admit to anyone, much less to himself, that he was concerned for her, so he chalked up the urge to follow her to mere curiosity and nothing more. Years of honed instincts and patience from countless battles had kept him from approaching her when he saw her standing next to the well with her face tipped towards the stars. He had been slightly surprised when she had sensed his presence, but he pushed that to the back of his mind. She was a highly skilled bounty hunter, and even though her fighting instincts weren't anywhere near his own level, she was still aware of her surroundings enough to know when she was being watched.

And Yuya could feel him watching her now, even though she couldn't actually catch him looking directly at her. She fidgeted some more, wondering why her heartbeat had started to speed up, when she finally blurted, "I keep having nightmares about . . .," here she paused and touched her chest lightly, indicating without words what her nightmares had been about.

She didn't know why, but she suddenly found herself talking, pouring out her fear and uncertainty that Shinrei's attack had instilled in her. Maybe it was the moonlight, or maybe it was because it was Kyo, but the dam had burst and she couldn't rein in her words any longer. She did manage to keep from him the fact that she wasn't worried that he would be unable to defeat Shinrei, but that she was worried that Shinrei just might take it into his head to fully release the curse and kill her long before they ever reached him within Mibu Castle.

She eventually ran out of steam and sat still for a few moments, seemingly lost in her thoughts. Kyo had remained silent through out her tirade, his body relaxed while she had ranted. For a few moments, silence ruled the small courtyard.

"It's not that I don't believe that you'll kick Shinrei's ass," she said hastily when the silence continued to stretch out and she feared that Kyo had interpreted her words as meaning just that. "It's just that I keep dreaming that he'll come back and . . . again he'll . . ," she stopped, unable to finish her thought, but her actions told Kyo more than her words did. She reached up with her right hand and lightly brushed her fingertips across her lips, flinching away as she did so. Her hand fell to her lap and the brief quiet was broken by Kyo's deep rumble.

"It's no wonder you're so underdeveloped, you think too much."

Yuya's left eyebrow twitched in annoyance as she snapped, "Well, excuse me for not having an empty brain like you!"

Kyo glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. Yuya's face was a study of storm clouds as she glared straight ahead into the darkness. Kyo knew that the best way to distract her from her thoughts was to get her angry, but she hadn't threatened to shoot, maim, or turn him in, which meant he hadn't succeeded in getting her mind off her nightmares. As he pondered this, an idea began to develop in the back of his mind, and at first he ignored it. But it refused to be ignored, and when he allowed it to take form, he quickly recognized its appeal. If taunting her, and subsequently pissing her off, didn't work, then perhaps replacing her memory with another memory would work to take her mind off what had happened.

He turned and faced Yuya, waiting patiently until she had turned to glare at him, her green eyes snapping slightly in anger. He carefully and deliberately laid his sword fully on the ground, all the while never taking his eyes from her face.

"What?" she snapped, still glaring as Kyo continued to simply watch her.

He didn't answer. Instead, he reached out his right hand and gently ran his fingers down her cheek in a caress so soft she barely felt the calluses from all his years of wielding a sword. Yuya blinked, and Kyo watched as the anger in her eyes slowly drained away to be replaced by confusion. He caressed her face again, this time using his whole hand in a sensuous slide down the side of her face that ended when he cupped her jaw. He took a moment to enjoy how her eye color deepened to a darker green as her confusion rose, before he slid his hand along her jaw until he had captured her chin in a gentle grip.

Her eyes widened in recognition when she felt his left hand slide around her back as he pulled her to him. This was the exact same position Shinrei had used when he had forced his attack upon her. She stiffened as the memory over took her, and she readied herself to fight back this time.

Kyo felt her resistance, saw it in her eyes and understood where it was coming from. Before she could begin to fight, he lowered his head and gently brushed his lips against hers. She froze, blinking as the fear was once again replaced by confusion. Kyo watched the change, not taking his eyes off hers as he brushed her lips again, and he had to fight to keep from taking the kiss deeper. He savored the feel of her soft lips as he continued to brush his lips against them, his borrowed body hardening as he continued to lightly tease her.

Yuya's mind whirled in confusion, memory receding to be replaced by shock. Kyo was kissing her. That thought was the only one that made any real sense in the kaleidoscope of her mind. She stared at him, questions in her eyes, when he brought his head down again and settled his lips firmly on hers.

All questions fled Yuya's mind as her focus shifted to the feel of Kyo's lips upon hers. Where Shinrei's had been cold, hard and forceful, Kyo's were warm, firm and gentle. She felt her muscles go lax as her eyes drifted shut, and she leaned into the kiss slightly. She jumped and stiffened when she felt Kyo's tongue brush against the seam of her lips, once, twice, a third time. Heat began to pool in her abdomen as the hairs on her arms began to stand up when she realized he was asking permission to taste her.

She hesitantly opened her mouth, and felt a spurt of power as Kyo's tongue surged inside and he groaned. Imagine, the mighty Onime no Kyo sounding as if the mere taste of her was enough to send him to his knees. He explored the interior of her mouth, and then began to rub his tongue sensuously against hers. Yuya melted as her blood turned into liquid fire.

Kyo growled when he felt Yuya give herself over to him, and his hand flexed on her chin as a hunger he had kept ruthlessly in check broke free of its chains. His hand slid up her jaw until his fingers tangled in the hair she had left loose while she slept. He slanted his mouth over hers and deepened the kiss further, sweeping Yuya up into a whirlpool of desire.

Wanting to get closer to her, he tightened his hold on her waist and dragged her across the bench until she was straddling his lap, his arm crushing her to him. Her breasts flattened against his chest as he slanted his mouth over hers again and again, her tongue mimicking his in such a way that they began to dance in a ritual as old as the Sakura trees.

Yuya's breathing had sped up, and she gasped as Kyo pulled his mouth free of hers. She tilted her head back as he ran his lips across her jaw and down her throat. His hand fisted slightly in her hair, then released it and began to travel down the back of her head to her neck. She felt him play with the edge of her kimono, and then his warm fingers slipped inside and caressed the bare skin of her shoulder.

Yuya felt like she was drowning in a sea of new sensations as Kyo's fingertips left a trail of prickly fire on her skin. Her hands reached up and fisted in the material of his kimono. She wanted to be closer; she wanted to feel his skin under her fingertips. She leaned further into his body . . . and her world went black.

With a ragged sigh, Kyo removed his fingers from the pressure point located in Yuya's shoulder, and moved her limp body so he could gather up his sword and transfer her into his arms. He growled suddenly as Kyoshiro's unwelcome mental voice continued to yell in his inner ear, demanding that he stop "seducing Yuya-san" until he had regained his original body.

"Don't worry, bastard," Kyo finally snarled, sending Kyoshiro scurrying back to the mental room he had originally holed himself into when Kyo had taken over his body completely. "I have no intention of ever letting any part of your body claim her fully."

Kyoshiro subsided with a muttered, "Don't you dare hurt her," prompting Kyo to give a snort of disgust.

Cradling Yuya in his arms, Kyo made his way through Muramasa's home until he reached Yuya's bedroom. Once inside, he gently placed her sleeping form on her futon. He then covered her with a blanket before he stood and gazed down at her face. Not for the first time he cursed Kyoshiro for trapping him within his body. He wanted nothing more than to claim what she had been on the verge of offering him only moments before.

He abruptly turned on his heel and exited Yuya's room, knowing that she would most likely attribute tonight's little liaison as a dream, which, as much as it galled him to admit, was just what he wanted. It would serve a double purpose. One, it would get her mind off Shinrei and hopefully banish the worst of the dreams she'd been having. Two, she would start to dream of him, which would help pave the way to the time when he would once again be in possession of his original body and able to fully claim her as his.