My I My Me strawberry eggs fanfic that focuses on the great couple, Fujio and Akira. I don't think they get enough credit so here goes. It gets a little dark here and there. I'm not use to writing romances so here's my shot at it. Enjoy !! Oh and I don't own the anime or the characters in it. I wrote this from inspiration and your own entertainment. Also, the characters In this story develop a change that doesn't flow 100 percent with the anime.

Chapter 1 - Analyzing the moment




"Of all the girls...why her?" Thought Fujio Himejima. She was usually a tough girl who could handle any given situation...but when it came to Akira Fukae, Fujio felt helpless. She was in love with him. She felt herself out of breathe when she discovered he wasn't able to return Fujio's love. He was indeed in love with Fuuko.

Fujio felt her entire body collapse. "Why?" She could only ask herself. "Why Fuuko..."

He was in love...but not with her. He had no impression of what he did to Fujio when he left the balcony where she waited for him...to confess her love to him. He could not see it. Her eyes became frail like glass. That...he did see. Had he hurt her? He could only think of his beloved Fuuko at that very moment, trying to confess his love to the small girl the way Fujio confessed to him.

"I'm an idiot..." He thought. "She doesn't even love me. I must have broken Himejima-san's heart...but what could I have said to her? I don't love her." He paced back and forth quietly thinking to himself. He was a man...he couldn't sit there and cry over Fuuko. She was in love with someone else. "Why Hibiki-sensei?" He thought. "She's a woman. How can a girl love another woman? It isn't possible is it?" He grew angrier. "I'll wait...for as long as I can." He sighed deeply to himself and stared up at the sky. His heart felt broken. He hated every minute of it.


"Huh?" He blinked and gazed behind him. "Oh...it's only you, Hibiki-sensei." He said with little interest. "What is it?"

"Funny. I was just about to ask you the same, Akira. You seem so worried lately."

"It's none of your business." He snapped angrily at her. "What do you know?"

"No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have intruded on you like that." She walked a little passed him. Just an inch passed, she paused and looked into Akira's deep blue eyes. He pulled back in confusion. "I was wondering if it is alright that you walk Fujio-san home? She hasn't been feeling too well lately...and I'm beginning to worry." Akira turned away at the sound of her name. "You will do it, right?"


"Good." A smile returned to her face. "I'll be off now!" She marched away quickly, never removing that smile from her face. This made Akira a little uncomfortable.

"Why doesn't she take Fujio home? All of a sudden I'm her keeper?" He told himself coldly. "Fine...I guess." He resisted little, heading the way he came...the place where he last left Fujio. "She must be crying..." Thought Akira. He shook the thought off. "Why do I care anyway? I don't love her but..."

He walked the stairs to the roof top, feeling nervous. He couldn't quite open the door when he reached it. He leaned against the door with his fists, anger and sadness appearing in his expression. "Why me..." He thought. He slightly nudged open the door, then finally all the way. "Fujio?" He called out in a low voice. There was no answer. He searched around the roof. Fujio was no longer there. "Where did she run off to?" He wondered. If his eyes had not deceived him, he managed to catch a glimpse of something green lying before him. He bent down to pick it up for closer examination. He froze. "Fujio's...ribbon."

"You know...Fukae. She really did put a lot of her heart into seeing you."

Akira turned around recognizing that familiar voice. He was about to call out her name when he realized she was no longer there. Had she run quickly down those stairs to avoid his eyes? He felt so confused. His emotions were mixing into a different feeling for Fujio and Fuuko. He hated to admit it. "Fuuko..." He thought back to her once more. "These stupid emotions."



"I have to move on." Fujio cried in her mind. "I have to be strong. I can't...be like this forever. My very first love...heartbroken! It happens..." She softened, hugging a pillow close to her chest. Tears became evident now. "Doesn't it?" She cried softly to herself. "Why does he make me hurt this much? Enough to die!"

She stared for a very long time at the floor while lying sadly on her bed curled into a ball. She had had enough. She just couldn't be that strong girl when she needed to be the most. Fujio threw herself out of bed and ran to the kitchen. Fujio was the kind of girl to enjoy life. She had no control of her emotions when she latched onto the nearest knife, pricking into her arm. She let out a gasp. Realizing what she had just did, she threw the knife across the room, sank to her knees, and cried. "All over a stupid boy who doesn't care a thing for me! Get real, Fujio. Life just isn't the way you want it to be." She grabbed tightly onto her arm. She bled fast. Fujio quickly paced around the kitchen looking for band aids. "What's wrong...with me? Damn…"



"What's wrong with her? She hasn't been her normal self lately. It isn't like her to cry over some jerk." Said Miho aloud. Miho was the one friend to encourage Fujio on proclaiming her love by indicating on a small note to meet her at the roof top. She never realized it would go this far. Miho brushed her maroon-colored strands of hair away from her face. Her face fell in disappointment. "It's all my fault..." She slowly realized. "If I hadn't been so clueless. If I hadn't wrote that stupid note for her...her heart wouldn't be broken like that. I thought I was encouraging her...but I only made her do something she didn't want to do. I insisted despite her refusal." Miho slumped against the brick walls of her own home. She had just come home from school on comforting the heart-broken Fujio. She felt a burden of guilt gloss on her lips. She wanted to apologize, but how could she? What if tomorrow wasn't going to change? Miho bit her lip and buried her face in her hands. "Why me? I have to do something. I just hope Fujio-san is alright." She snapped up. "Wait...I'm acting as if I don't believe in her. Fujio is better than that. She is a tough cookie after all." She tried to smile. "It isn't her fault. Fukai-kun is an idiot. He is cute in a way, but when it comes to a girl's feelings, he scores zero points."

She managed to laugh a little to herself, not aware of Fuuko's presence. Fuuko lightly tapped Miho's shoulder from behind. This caused Miho to shriek and pull back. She calmed down realizing who it was.

"Oh...Fuuko...it's only you." She saw the agitation in Fuuko's expression and lightened her own a little. "Hey...what's wrong?"

"Oh...Miho..." She said rather sadly. "I don't know what to do."

"Is it serious?"

She only shook her head. "I..." She looked away. "It's nothing. I'm sorry for coming up to you like that, Miho. I was just...no." She shook her head again and forced a smile. "It's nothing. See you at school tomorrow..." She quickly took off, leaving Miho speechless until Fuuko was completely out of sight.

"Did something happen? I mean...her worries aren't so troubling, right? Fuuko is just... she acts a lot younger than she is so could her worries be that great?" The phone rings. Miho immediately stopped wondering about today's worries and rushed to unlock her door.

"Just as...I thought." Fujio hung up the phone. "Miho isn't home yet. She probably...went out with her boyfriend." Her expression fell at the last word. She thought back to when she officially declared her love...when she asked if Fukae-kun could be her boyfriend.

"There's someone else..." She repeated those words that have been said. "I can't stay in here. I need to go out for a walk." She quickly got up. Fujio was now out of her school uniform and into her more outing clothing. She wore a tight turquoise top and jeans. Quickly, she picked up a light sweater and walked out the door, closing it roughly behind her.



Two months later



The days grew shorter for some reason. The sun set earlier and the nights grew longer. The nights grew cold and lonely. There was just one thing that etched her a bit. She had to walk this path alone. So she did and accepted this path alone. The more she thought about him, the angrier she became. So much time has passed since Hibiki-sensei's dilemma. The whole school discovered his secret identity as a man long ago…it seems. Then discovering that the one girl Akira loved so much, Fuuko, was in love with Hibiki-sensei all along. How could that have been possible? A girl in love with someone of the same sex was not common to her. Fujio almost laughed.

"Wow…I haven't laughed like this for as long as I can remember." She opened her bedroom window, staring out into the open. It was rather late, so now one was out. Fujio nodded and climbed out her window to get to the roof. There she sat watching the stars. "This weather gives off an odd feeling, doesn't it? In just a few days… we will be in third year. How time flies."


"When is there a day you do not feel like you are drifting away?"

"Miho?" Thought Fujio as she recounted a memory of her close friend telling her. It was just yesterday.

"So what do you want to do with your life, Fujio-san?"

"Hmm?" Fujio turned to her with a curious look in her eyes. "Me?"

"Yeah you, silly." She giggled. "Only two more years of high school. Haven't you thought about it?"

Fujio shook her head. "No. I guess not."

"So tell me? I think I might consider being maybe a singer or a model."

"Yeah." Fujio smiled. "You have the body for it. I never heard you sing though. That surprises me."

"Really? Well…" She looked up at the stars. "I'm going to be famous one day. I hope you find something you love to do. You are good at martial arts, yeah?

Fujio nodded.

"You can be an instructor? Ever thought of that?"

"I could but it doesn't interest me too much."

"You know…Fukae-kun was actually thinking of becoming a pilot."

"Pilot?" This sparked an interest in Fujio who now looked at Miho with curious eyes of disbelief. "You are joking."

"Look at my face. Does it look like I'm joking?"

Fujio shook her head. "But a pilot? I thought he considered-"

"Well…things change." Miho gazed at the moon. "So do people."

"That isn't like him." Fujio stood up too quickly. Miho turned to her friend. Fujio always knew in her heart that Fukae Akira was one too tough to give up on his goals. He wanted to be an instructor. He wanted to perfect his martial arts. On the side, he spent much of his free time surfing. Fujio simply sat against her friends back, sighing. "Tell me, Miho-san. Am I losing it?"

Her friend looked back at her oddly before answering. "Well…" She paused. "Are you still in love with him?"

Fujio caught a glimpse of the moon. "I don't really know." There was a tone of sadness in her voice. Miho noticed.


"I notice that Fukae-kun…hasn't been acting his normal self lately. Ever since Hibiki-sensei left. His heart must be crushed because Fuuko-chan is still waiting for Hibiki's return. She longs to see him again.

"You have no idea how it feels to have your heart broken!!"

Fujio was shocked. She too had had her heart broken. Akira stood up for Fuuko that day because two boys were mocking and picking on her for loving Hibiki-sensei, after the shock of finding out he was only a cross-dressing teacher. How hard Fujio tried to stop him from fighting back in bitter hatred.

"Do I still love him?" She gently placed a hand over her warm heart, feeling it beating fast beneath her grasp. "How can this be? It's been months…hasn't it? I thought I got over him. I hate him…I do." Her heart still felt warm for him somewhere. She respected his decision. After Hibiki's departure, Akira had pronounced that he wanted to remain alone. No matter how much she had hoped, he could never turn to her. A month later, his life of being single ends. Fujio witnesses another heart break as she watches Akira and an unfamiliar upperclassman flirting together in the halls. She was a real beauty, unlike her, she could only think. This girl had gorgeous green eyes and long blonde hair. She had a perfect body, like a model. Fujio however, wore it all off. That is until she spotted them alone together, intimately locking lips for what seemed like centuries.

"It's me then…" She thought. "He just doesn't find favor in me. How can someone like him… fall in love with a small girl…of little beauty…and all of a sudden go completely for Barbie's." She suddenly felt a rising anger replace all that love she kept hidden for Akira those two months earlier. Wherever she went, she avoided eye contact with him. If he tried to speak to her, she immediately ran to Fuuko or Miho.

I want to erase him of my thoughts forever…



She walked late into class that day, not planning for the excuse expected from her. She lazily walked into class and slumped on her chair, avoiding all eyes. "Damn." She thought. "I forgot to set the alarm." She slowly grabbed her text books and placed them on her desk.


"I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Fuuko patted her on the back gently. "Did you wake up late again?"

"Gomen…" She simply said.

"Oh…no it's ok." Fuuko said cheerfully. "You had perfect attendance for a while. I hope everything is ok? You aren't normally late."

"Yep…nothing to worry." And with that, Fujio drifted into a peaceful sleep, almost forgetting she was in class. Her sensei became angry. The replacement of Hibiki-sensei walked over to Fujio's desk with little hesitance, grabbing her pigtail roughly. Fujio woke up startled, almost screaming in her unexpected pain.

Akira looked at her curiously.

"Please let go. Ouch!!" She cried out.

"Disrespectful young lady." She hissed unpleasantly. "Get out of my class since you are unwilling to learn this fine morning. You never change. Always so rude." She scolded harshly at her in front of the entire class. Some of the guys in the back placed their hands over their mouths to hold back their laughter.

Fujio flushed. She had never felt so embarrassed. She turned away to avoid eye contact.

"Miss Himejima!! Are you listening?!?!?"

"Hai hai…" She replied desperately wanting sensei to release her tight grip on her pigtail.

"What's wrong with her?" She heard one of the guys say.

"Fujio seems a bit different." Thought Akira. "She usually doesn't let people push her around. Not even sensei." He watched her carefully as sensei was dragging her out of class, mocking her in front of the entire room. He was a little aggravated by all this. "She's doing this on purpose." He immediately pushed passed his seat and headed for the door.

"Fukae-kun?" It was Fuuko-chan. "Please don't. You will get in trouble by sensei." Seeing her made him soft. He still had a 'thing' for the young girl. He blushed lightly and drew back to his seat. There, he kept a fist against his chin while gazing out the window in disappointment.

"There now. No more disturbances. Let's get back to our lesson, shall we?" Declared the sensei as she immediately latched onto her piece of chalk, scribbling today's lesson on the board. "Now…" She gazed around the room looking intently for her next victim. "Can someone please give me the answer to number one on last nights homework?" She played around the room with her finger, spying for a victim. Fuuko sulked back in her seat, afraid to be chosen. Her finger immediately landed on Akira. "AKIRA."

"Eh?" He paused for a very long moment.

"Well? What is the answer?"

He continued to pause. Finally, he rose from his seat and walked to the door. "Sorry, didn't do it." He quickly closed the door behind him. The class was a bit shocked by his sudden reaction. Sensei was speechless.





To be continued.

Hope you liked chapter 1 so far X3 You have to see the anime to understand what's going on. Some of this chapter has references to what happens in the anime and just random made up memories I threw in there for fun. Chapter 2 coming soon !!