Unexpected Consequences

Chapter 1

By The Eternal Dragon


Ranma wasn't for sure if eating anything from Shampoo was a good idea or not, especially when she sat down at the table with him with her own bowl of Ramen. The look in the Amazon's eyes made Ranma even more nervous as if she was expecting something. The commotion at the door of the mostly empty restaurant drew the Amazon's attention who went to see whoever just came in.

Quickly, Ranma changed the two bowels figuring Shampoo's own Ramen wouldn't be spiked with anything and quickly polished the contents off deciding Shampoo might learn a lesson if she had a taste of her own medicine.

"Airen eating too too good Ramen," Shampoo growled, catching Ranma's attention. He groaned as he seen Akane storming towards him with an angry look and that stupid chi mallet of hers.

"YOU PERVERT!" was all Akane got out before malleting the pig tailed martial artist through the roof of the restaurant.

"Shampoo!" A worried looking Cologne called as she pogoed out from the kitchen carrying three vials filled a little under halfway full of powder, "Tell me you didn't use these!"

A sheepish looking Shampoo looked down towards the ground as a worried looking Akane asked, "What are they."

The older woman sighed tiredly as she answered, "Two of them or designed gender specifically to erase any inhibitions or anything of the like. The other one is a fertility enhancer almost guaranteeing impregnation. The amount used out of these vials though are extremely too much and I'm not sure what effects they will have."

"You DIDN'T!" Akane growled out, spinning around to glare at the younger Amazon.

"Is ok, though." Shampoo said bightening as she noticed the two bowels at the table. One was a solid white which was Ranma's while hers had a red stripe around it, "Airen ate my Ranmen."

"Yes the pervert ate your Ra..." Akane started but stopped as she noticed the color drain from the older woman's face. It took a few moments to figure out what had ran through the older woman's mind. Shampoo didn't mean that Ranma ate her cooking, she had meant that Ranma had eaten the bowel of Ramen meant for the amazon girl. If Ranma ate the bowel meant for Shampoo then that would mean that Ranma had also taken in the drugs that Shampoo had planned for herself. If Ranma got splashed then he would be a she then that meant..."Oh my god."

Cologne nodded, "We have to find son-in-law now!"

Ranma had barely gotten away from Mr. Turtle as she crawled up onto land soaking wet and out of breath. She was glad that she didn't see Kodachi or anyone else around though for some reason she felt a pang of regret that Kuno wasn't there.

"Does my eyes decieveth me?" Kuno declared from behind the red head, starting her, "Has my pigtailed Goddess come to date with me?"

"The name's Ranma." Ranma growled as she marched over to the pompous blow hard to dish out a world of pain until something washed through her. She reached up and grabbed Kuno's collar and pulled him down to where his lips met hers in a passionate kiss.

AN: I'm not sure whether or not to continue this, and if I do it will not be a lemon. If enough people are interested in this story I will continue this and I'm playing with the idea of making it a match up with Ranma and Nabiki.