Unexpected Consequences

Chapter 2


By the Eternal Dragon


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Ranma slowly opened her eyes and winced at the pain caused from the dim light filtering in through the window curtain and through the thin curtains surrounding the nice soft bed. The bed was the softest and biggest she had ever seen in all her lifetime and she loved the soft touch of the silk sheets against her bare skin.

Something wasn't right here ran through Ranma's head as she slowly sat up holding the sheet around herself, covering most of her up. Why was she even in a bed anyways, much less naked and female.

"MMM..." A familiar voice said from next to her as an arm snaked it's way around her, pulling her close, "Good morning my sweet goddess."

Ranma started shaking, trying to deny what was happening, hoping that maybe it was all a dream. The past two days that she spent with Kuno doing THAT more than once. She wanted to be sick as she squirmed out of Kuno's embrace, memories of her starting the whole thing. It was all her fault, but for the life of her she didn't know why she would even do something like this. No, she didn't want to be sick, she wanted to die.

Grogily, Ranma slid out of the bed while holding the sheet close to her while Kuno followed her only to receive a hard punch to the face knocking the boy out. She had slept with another guy, sure she looked like a girl at the moment but she was a GUY!

Ranma looked through the room for her clothes but couldn't find and so settled on raiding the jerk's closet pulling out a gray, long sleeve shirt and a pair of Kuno's baggy Kendo uniform finding some strings to tie the legs around her ankles and a sash at the waist.

Quickly and quietly Ranma made her way from the room and out of the house while hoping to avoid anyne and luckily even made it off of the property without incident. She finally made it to a park and hid in the trees while falling to her knees while leaning over and throwing up as more memories of everything that she did came to her. More memories of being with the kendoist, being intimate with him while in her female form.

Her female form, she had remembered taking a hot soak in the hot tub the day before while the went at it again for who knows which number of times as she remembered the bastard ranting about finally beating the foul sorcerer and indulging in the sweet presence of his goddess.

It must have been three days then that she had been at the kuno estate. She remembered the hot tub yesterday and the few times the day before that, the first time being after she climbed out of the pond after being malleted there by Akane...After eating Shampoo's Ramen.

That had to be it, Ranma would never of done anything like that if she wasn't drugged. Tears started falling down the redhead's face as she realized drugged or not, she was still with Kuno one way or another and apparently her curse had been locked. She had to get home and find out, she had to get home and scrub the filth that she felt all over off of herself after being with Kuno.

Quietly making her way home, glad that everyone was at school, Ranma jumped up to her window and slowly climbed inside and froze when she notied Kasumi cleaning the room.

"Oh my, Ranma!" Kasumi exclaimed, dropping the duster and hugging the redhead tightly, "Everyone was so worried about you!"

"It's okay," Ranma said, hugging the other girl back while trying to not let her voice crack, "I just had to go on an unexpected training trip."

"Well please tell someone next time before, we was all so worried about you."

"I will," Ranma said, slipping from Kasumi's embrace and grabbing some clothes, "I promise."

Ranma made her way to the furo, glad no one else was there and started scrubbing herself hard as she tryed to get all of the filth that she felt off. The hot water didn't change her back she noticed so started scrubbing harder and faster, breaking down crying. It wasn't fair, she never asked for something like this to happen.

"Ranma," Kasumi's concerned voice came from the door, "Are you okay?"

Ranma didn't even bother answering, she just continued scrubbing, harder than before as her skin started to turn red from the excessive force from the scrubbing herself. Kasumi came in and noticed the tears falling non stop down the young redhead's face and the hopeless look in her eyes and the redness of the Ranma's skin.

Kasumi hurried over to hold Ranma, stopping the redhead from doing anymore damage to herself.

"It's not fair Kasumi!" Ranma cried, "It's not FAIR!"

"What's not, Ranma." Kasumi asked, "What happened."

Ranma just shook her head and started crying harder, "Guys don't cry, why can't I stop."

"It's okay, ranma, cry all you want. It's just me and you." Kasumi said, resting her chin on top of the redhead's head as she held Ranma tight letting the pig tailed girl cry out what ever was bothering her.

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