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Chapter 1: A Bit of Randomness

DK is going home from the market. He saw a white envelope on the ground.

DK: What's this? Wow! There are lots of moneys in this envelope! I'll take it to the police station.

He met Reed.

Reed: Hey DK!

DK: Eh, you?

Reed: It's me, Reed. Remember me from Ten Lives Apartment? You and your friends used to live there also.

DK: You're the one who made a hole on Mario's room's wall, right?

Reed: Yeah...

DK: What's up?

Reed: You really must help me! I lost my wage!

DK: You lost your cage?

Reed: You must find it for me! That wage is really important!

DK: Can a cage be that important?

Reed: I can't live without it!

DK: I never knew cages are important. Fine, I'll help you find it. Can you describe it?

Reed: It's a white envelope.

DK: A white cage...

Reed: Inside is $650. As you know, Eagleland's moneys have the portrait of Mayor Pirkles imprinted on it.

DK: A white cage with 650 pickles inside. Interesting...

Reed: Let's look for it. We'll meet here again after one hour.

DK: Okay.

One hour later...

Reed: Did you find it?

DK: Nope.

Reed: Hey! That thing in your shopping basket!

DK: I found this money an hour ago. I was going to give it to the police.

Reed: That's my wage!!!!! You found it!!!!!!

DK: Just say you're looking for your money next time.

Next day...

Ness: Can I play baseball in the backyard?

Link: No. Go play somewhere else.

Ness: Why?

Link: Because the last time you played, the ball broke through the window and knocked down the chandelier, which fell onto the table and flipped it over, which caused the cream cheese to fly into the electric-powered clock, which fell into the fish tank and got electrocuted, which exploded, creating a huge hole on the wall and destroying the refrigerator, which made Yoshi really angry, causing him to go insane and bite everything he sees, which frightened Captain Falcon (CF) so much that he ran into his car and zoomed off, only to crash into an ambulance, which then send the patient flying out of the ambulance and into the electric pole wires, which caused a huge blackout, AND IT MADE ME MISS MY FAVORITE TV SHOW!!!!!! So no!

Ness: Sapphire hit the ball that time!


Ness: Waaaaaa!!!!!!! (Runs outside)

Link: I'll never change my mind.

A rock smashes through the window and squashes Link's pizza.

Link: HEY!!!!!

Ness: Serve ya right! I did this!

Parry: What do you get when you cross a pizza and a rock? An angry Link!

Link: Shut up!

Phone: ring

Bowser: (Picks phone) Hello?

Phone: You did not pay the phone bill; therefore, your phone line will be cut off until you pay it.

Bowser: Well, at least we won't be hearing wrong phone calls.

Link: Now how do we call pizzas?

Young Link (YL): We can always walk to Caesar's Pizza Palace.

Samus: Hey everyone! I was surfing the Internet and is gathering information about Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I met this n00b who thought Ings are those men in gray armor! Ha! What a jerk! Ings look like black spiders, not gray armored men! Hahahahaha!!!!!

Parry: I am me.

Luigi: AHHH!!!!!!

Mario: What?

Luigi: Uh? Nothing, I just had a nightmare.

Popo: And this piece goes here...

Nana: We spent three years on this jigsaw already.

Yoshi: Burp...

Kirby: BURP...

Yoshi: BURP!!!!!


Zelda: Can you two stop it?!

Peach: Sapphire! Get down from the chandelier at once!

Mewtwo: Ho hum...

Link: Can we...

Ness: I wanna play baseball in the backyard!

Sapphire: There's nothing for me to hang onto and swing around...

Popo: And this piece goes here...

Link: Stop this...


Mario: What?

Luigi: Another nightmare...

Pikachu: Pichu.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Jigglypuff: Wigglytuff.

Link: Randomness...

DK: I love banana milkshake!

Yoshi: Gimme one!

Kirby: Me too!


Everyone: ...

(Fly buzzing)

Link: (Stabs fly with arrow)

Everyone: Wooooooo...

Link: Can someone pay the phone bill? I want to call more pizza.

Game & Watch: Speaking of pizza. I'll make one instead.

Link: I didn't know you could make pizza.

G&W: It's Japanese style pizza. Wait and watch.

After 30 minutes...

G&W: Tada!

Link: Looks good!

Yoshi: Yummy!

Kirby: Delicious!

G&W: I learned how to make okonomiyaki when I was in Yamamtoland.

Marth: This pizza is called oh nono me yucky? How did you learn to make it?

G&W: It was about 13 years ago...


In Kounji Okonomiyaki Restaurant...

G&W: Hey, I'm here again!

Mr. Kounji: Game! You've come for more okonomiyaki, right?

G&W: You guessed it!

Mr. Kounji; You know? You're my best customer here. You come here almost everyday!

G&W: I really love okonomiyaki!

Mr. Kounji: I can teach you how to make it if you want to.

G&W: Great! And how's your son, er... I mean daughter, Ukyo?

Mr. Kounji: She's fine. But I'm worried that she's acting too much like a boy.

Three years later...

G&W: I'm back again. Hey, what's the matter?

Mr. Kounji: My daughter... left...

G&W: What happened?

Mr. Kounji: I have a friend named Genma, who has a son named Ranma. I decided to engage my daughter to his son and will give them my okonomiyaki cart as a dowry. They agreed with this, but then the both of them left with the cart, leaving my daughter behind. She became really angry. Then the next day, she disappeared... sniff

G&W: Perhaps, I can help you find her.

Mr. Kounji: Thanks a lot.

G&W: So can you continue to teach me how to make okonomiyaki?


G&W: So I spent the rest of my life looking for Ukyo, but I never found her. Though I met an old friend. And that person is related to one of you here.

Bowser: Is it my father?

Ness: My great-grandfather?

Roy: My dad?

Nana: That red condor?

Master: Me?

Samus: Hey! When did you get here?

G&W: Nobody got it right. I met Cranky Kong and DK.

DK: Hey, I remember that. I was still a young ape back then.

Mario: So?

G&W: Well...


G&W: I've been searching for her many months already...

Cranky: Well, isn't it Gay Man Watch?

G&W: You're Cranky, right?

Cranky: It's been a while, old friend. This is my son, Donkey.

DK: Hello!

G&W: Well, I'm looking for someone. It's this and that and this and that.

Cranky: I have no idea who that girl is.

G&W: Say, where are you going?

Cranky: To see my friend. You can come if you want to.

So the both of them went to the Tendo's house.

Soun: You're here at last, Crank.

Cranky: This is my old friend, Game & Watch.

G&W: Hi.

Soun: Come in and have a seat!

G&W: Hey, you have three cute daughters!

Soun: Yeah, but it's hard taking care of them.

G&W: Why?

Cranky: Don't ask that!

G&W: Why?

DK: Because their mummy is dead.

Cranky: Shut up! You dumb ass son!

Soun: We don't have a mummy. Who wants to keep a bandage-wrapped corpse at home?

DK: That's not the mummy I mean...


G&W: After all these 10 years, I never found Ukyo and never contact with Mr. Kounji again.

Master: Cheer up. You're now living happily with us.

G&W: I wonder how the Tendos are now.

Master: If you want, I can contact them for you.

G&W: You know them?

Master: Of course! Who taught Happosai those fighting skills? He later thought Genma and Soun, so I have to know them!

Luigi: You know almost everyone, don't you?

Master: But don't know who the hell Peach's mother is.

Peach: I believe my mother is a fan. At least that's what I think; because that's the first thing I saw when I was born.

Master: And I don't know who Kirby's parents are.

Kirby: Neither do I.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a place called Jusenkyo, a place with cursed springs.

Punk: This is a good training spot.

Pix: What's with these pools of water?

Pork: zzz...

Punk: Let's practice our fighting skills here, so we can fight the Smashers!

So Punk and Pix had a tutorial battle.

Punk: Show me what you got!

Pix: Here! (Throws a rock)

Punk: Ouch! (Fall into pool)

Pix: You all right?

Out of the pool emerges a winged monkey!

Pix: Eh?


Pix: What did you say?

Pork: What happened?

Passerby: Did you guys know that this is the place where pools of waters are cursed?

Pix: Huh?

Passerby: Your friend fell into the Spring of the Monkey and Eagle. A monkey and an eagle drowned in this pool. Now that your friend fell into it, he'll become a winged monkey every time he touches cold water. But he'll turn back if he touches hot water.

Pix: I see...

After a while...

Pix: How does it feel to become a flying monkey?

Punk: To be honest, it's actually fun. I can now soar into the air! But I can't fire beams from my hand...

Pork: Maybe we can defeat the Smashers more easily that way.

Punk: You're probably right. Let's go get them!

To be continued...

If I get at least 2 reviews, then I'll continue with the story.

Prophecy: A time will come when good will go with their enemies and do marvelous team work...