Final Chapter

Phone: ring

Falco: (picks phone) No! This is not Pizza Palace!

Sapphire: Again...

Phone: ring

Falco: (picks phone) I said this is not... Oh, sorry. You want to speak to your daughter? Wait please. May!

Sapphire: It's Sapphire! (gets phone) Hello? Hey dad. You say I can come home now? I'd like to, but I will miss my friends here.

Ganondorf: Don't worry. We won't miss you.

Sapphire: All right, I'll go back on Thurday.

Dr. Mario: That's two days from now.

Ganondorf: Why not now? We can use our own personal plane to sent her home anytime.

Fox: But the wings are broken, the tires have deflated, the windows are shattered, and the cockpit is out of order. And most important, the lab key is missing. I can't get to the underground garage without that.

In the Tendo house...

CF: Let us cheer for our fellow Smasher, for she has won first place in the fighting contest.

Everyone: CHEER!!!!!

Samus: But I'm not that happy with the trophy.

Nabiki: Why? You don't like gold?

Samus: They spelled my name wrong. It writes "Anus Aran"!

Parry: Hahaha!

Samus: (Throws pie at Parry) Shut up!

Bowser: At least it isn't as bad as my passport, which spelled my name as "Booger Koopa".

G&W: Mine's was worse; it spelled "Lame & Watch"!

Luigi: No, Mewtwo has the funniest one! I remember it was spelled "Mooshoo"! Hahahaha!!!!

Suddenly, Mewtwo teleports in!

Mewtwo: You dare laugh at my name!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Luigi: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Hand flies in and throws a master ball at Mewtwo to trap him inside.

Mewtwo: Let me out!

Crazy: Come back home!

Luigi: Phew, that was close.

On the roof, there was Pix and Pork.

Pix: We'll bore a hole on the roof and then throw grenades inside. That'll blow them up.

Pork: Then we'll escape before it explodes with us. Achoo!

Kasumi: I heard someone sneezing.

DK: I don't see anyone wheezing.

Mario: Da sound comes from da roof.

Soun: Must be a thief!

Pix: I think they spot us. Quick, make the sound of a cat. Meow.

Kasumi: Oh, it's just a cat.

Ranma: Cat?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genma: My son is scared of cats.

Pork: Looks fun. I'll try the sound of Godzilla! RAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!

CF: That's just Godzilla. Wait a minute... Godzilla?


Pix: What are you doing?!?!?!

Pork: You made a cat's sound, so I made Godzilla's sound.

DK climbs onto the roof.

DK: So it was the two of you!

Pix: Now see what you've done!

DK uses Giant Punch to punch them into the night sky.

Pix: We're flying off!

Pork: Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!

DK: Hooha! I'm the best. (Starts dancing)

The roof could not support his weight, so...


DK: WAH!!!!

Soun: Now you've made a hole on the roof!

Bowser: Get me some tools. I'll fix it for you.

Then rain pours down into the house through the hole.

Bowser: I said get me some tools quick.

Ranma (girl form): Hot water please...

G&W: I hate getting wet.

DK: Let me help you.

DK grabs and twists G&W, thus drying him.

G&W: That hurts, but is useful.

Two days later...

Soun: So you're leaving already.

G&W: We can't stay here forever.

Samus: Master Hand should be here any minute.

Parry: Before I go, which of you is Ranma's fiancée?

Ukyo/Shampoo: ME!!!!!!

Soun: No, it's Akane!

Akane: Dad!

Luigi: Heads up!

The Final Destination descends...

Master: Well, ready to go?

Happosai: Before you go, can I touch Samus's...

Samus: Want to touch my trophy? Here.

Happosai: That's not what I mean...

Luigi: What is Sapphire doing here?

Master: Her dad called in and wants her to go home.

Ranma: Is she the one you called "cute girl with the personality of a wild horse and strength of an oversized gorilla"?

Sapphire: All right! Who said that?!

Bowser: Parry.

Parry: Bowser.

Happosai: Another lovely girl!

Happosai grabs onto Sapphire's chest!

Sapphire: What are you doing?!!!!

Sapphire pulls away Happosai and claws his face!

Happosai: Waaaa...

Ranma: Serve ya right!

Bowser: When was the last time you cut your nails?

Sapphire: Let me think... 3 months ago, I guess.

Master: Are you ready to go?

Mario: Let's-a go!

Luigi: Bye-bye!

Ranma: The next time you come back, you better build up.

CF: I like your attitude. I will be stronger than before when we meet again!

Smashers: Good-bye!

And so, the Smashers took off into the sky...

About a day later...

Bowser: And because they don't have wooden boards, I used their table as a substitute to cover the hole on the roof.

Peach: Gee, hope they get a new table fast.

Ganondorf: It's so quiet without Sapphire around.

Falco: True. No more Tarzan-style shouting, door slamming, window shattering, and tree collapsing. It's just too quiet.

Samus: Here's the lab key.

Fox: Next time watch what you're packing.

CF: Hey, I just noticed a chessboard in my luggage. Where did this come from?

In Nerima...

Soun: Genma, did you see the chessboard?

Genma: I was looking for it also.


Well, this ends the story. Sorry if the ending is a bit boring. My next story will be in the Ranma 1/2 section, not in the Smash Bros. Section. If you're interested to see that, then why not take a look?

Prophecy: The beast is dreadful and bloodthirsty; it will take the life of many. But the beast will fall to the head of the little one.