Protecting Kitty

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"Stop it!" Fang cried angrily as he sobbed heavily, "leave her ALONE!" he cried as he tried to break from the ones who were holding him back, "she did nothing to deserve this!" he cried as he struggled and sobbed even harder.

"That's what you say!" an angry blue haired male teenager snapped as he continued what he was doing to Kitty, "she's a worthless orphaned spoilt rich bitch!" he cried venomously, "you used to hang around us before you started dating her," he said evilly, "now she'll know that she's not better than the rest of us," he said softly as he finished and got up from Kitty's unmoving body.

Fang finally broke free from the others in extreme anger and hurried towards the now smiling male.

"How could you?" Fang asked him slowly as he seethed with anger, "you're my best friend Swarm, how could you?" he asked softly even though it seemed more like demand, "how could you orchestrate this and also participate in it?" he asked incredulously, "don't you realize what you've done," he demanded his voice becoming louder, "you raped her!" he cried angrily, "you and you're good for nothing friends raped her," he almost whispered to the male who had wings of a bee and was now making angry noises of a bee as well.

"I thought that we were your friends," a redheaded female spoke up suddenly, "do you think hanging around with that 'princess' makes you better than us?" she demanded as her emerald small green eyes that resembled those of a snake flared with anger, "I knew that that blonde 'princess' changed you," she stated frankly slightly shaking her head along with the red curls that sat right of it, "but I never expected her to change you this much," she hissed as a pinkish snake tongue flicked out of her mouth, "you've lost respect for not only the gang, but for us personally as well," she stated seriously, "this is the most traitorous act that I've ever seen," she said honestly and the other members agreed.

Swarm meanwhile was glaring at Fang. His bee resembling eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, but the others could sense his anger despite the complacent look on his face. All of them looked like normal teenagers except for some part of their bodies, which resembled some part of an insect, mammal or any other non- human animal species. They were all members of a gang at Fang and Kitty's High School. They never allowed anyone to push them around because of what they looked like. Not even Kitty. But that all changed for one member who eventually became romantically attracted to Kitty. That member was Fang. His head resembled a spider and it had the legs to match despite the fact that the rest of his body looked human. He got tired of Kitty's attitude though and dumped her just before her Junior Prom. Her father had forced Robin from the Teen Titans to be her new date. Swarm was happy about this because as the leader of the gang which he named 'Higher Life forms,' he had made it obligatory that none of the members could have intimate relationships with a normal human. But Fang got jealous when he heard of Kitty's new date and decided to take Kitty for what she was even if he couldn't change her. Swarm remembered when Fang called him two weeks ago and officially quit the gang. It was now a total time of two months since that incident when Fang totally embarrassed himself and the gang by being beaten up by a regular human who was assisted by another alien with what he thought were mediocre magic tricks and pretty green bolts. He could have taken her hands down and he also felt that the old Fang could've done the same. The old Fang. Fang had become soft since he started dating Kitty. Actually from the very moment that he liked Kitty his fierce attitude and demeanor went into a downward spiral. But he had decided to fix that. Defiling Kitty was his plan to turn off Fang's attraction to her. But it obviously wasn't working. At least after Fang officially quit he still considered them his friends despite the cold shoulder and hating statements, slurs and glares that he got from them. But now he didn't want to even acknowledge his friendship with the gang. A friendship which he had first formed with Swarm in the first grade and gradually increased as they got more friends like them and Fang had suggested that they formed a group only for them and promoting superiority and protection for their kind. He had even elected Swarm as the leader and Swarm never felt more proud of being given a position, never. The gang was formed fully in the fourth grade and quickly became a force to be meddled with for both students and teachers. They even went as far to use the special abilities that they had from their mixed form to commit robbery, gang fighting and other illegal activities. Fang and Swarm always got the highest rush from being on the wrong side of the law. At least until he met Kitty. Kitty was a spoilt brat who got everything she wanted from her father.

"Is that how you really feel about us Fang?" Swarm asked him softly as he came even closer to Fang, "is that how you really feel about us?"

"I haven't even started to describe what I feel towards YOU Swarm," Fang said frankly as he leaned down to Swarm's face, "hatred, disgust and most vile don't even begin to explain what I feel towards you right now," he snarled, "but there's one emotion that can describe one of my current emotions," he said his voice starting to crack, "and that's hurt," he said and he turned away from Swarm.

"Is hurt what you're feeling right now Fang," Swarm asked him softly as a wry grin began to spread across his face, "is it?" he asked in a slightly hissing tone as stingers appeared from beneath his hands (one per hand- and if your curious, he only has two hands), "I feel hurt too Fang," he said, "you've ended friendships and alliances that you had for years for some spoilt blonde bimbo," he said frankly as Fang turned in his direction.

"Are you going to kill me?" Fang asked Swarm who retracted one of two stingers, "I'm not afraid of death," he said simply as he lowered himself down to Swarm so that his human half was very close to Swarm's hands, "you know that," he said honestly.

"Yes I do," Swarm said coldly, "and my poison is rather deadly to any insect hybrid," he said simply and suddenly stabbed Fang straight into the chest with one stinger, "should've sided with us old friend," he said frankly as Frank's body spasm several times then his eyes rolled over as Fang went limp, "you really should've," he said with a hint of regret as he pulled out the stinger and Fang fell to the ground.

"What about the girl?" a white haired girl with large white rabbit ears, teeth and feet asked frankly as she nudged her head in Kitty's direction.

"We kill her," Swarm said simply.

"Not on my watch," a voice said from above them, "you're not going to do her anything," the voice said seriously as the gang members below looked up at the pint sized boy wearing a pair of metal detachable wings.

"Hi I'm Gizmo," Gizmo said formally even though his eyes flared with anger, "and I was a good friend of Killer Moth before he died as a result of his body shutting down because of his self-experimentation," he said as he glared down at them, "and you guys better not have harmed her in any..." he continued but trailed off when he saw Kitty's mutilated and scantily clad body, "" he asked but kept on breaking off, "tell me you guys didn't do what I think you've done!" he demanded in shock and anger.

"What do you think mech boy?" Swarm asked pointedly, "and what are YOU going to do about it?" he asked as he flew up to Gizmo.

"Don't you mean we," Jinxx said suddenly as she came into view standing not too far away from the gang itself, "you guys are going down," she snarled as she immediately used a hex which knocked off the red haired snake girl off the old abandoned bridge which they (all who were still on the ground that is) all stood on.

(One Hour Later)

There was a knock on the front door of the T- tower.

"I'll get it," Beast Boy said nonchalantly since only Raven, Starfire and himself were there and he was the only one who exited their rooms when the knock was made, "I'm coming!" he cried in annoyance as the knocks became more continuous even though not much louder.

But when he opened it he got the shock of his life. Standing there scantily clad and bare footed was Kitty. Tears were streaming openly down her red and rather bruised face and Beast Boy immediately noticed a lot of bruises, scrapes and some really bad cuts and swellings all over her body. Her hands were clutching unto the pieces of fabric that were once a blue dress as she tried to keep the pieces from falling off.

"A friend dropped me off here," Kitty said in cracked squeaky voice, "could I spend the night?" she asked timidly, "I'll leave immediately in the morning if that's what you want," she said softly, "I was told that I could find protection here," she told Beast Boy and he raised an eyebrow, "but I wont stay if you don't want me here," she said quickly, "not that anyone would really want me around," she added with great disdain and looked down at her bare feet.

"Here," Beast Boy said suddenly and Kitty looked up to see that he had removed his pajama top and was now holding it out to her, "it's cold outside," he explained and another gust of freezing winds blew in their direction and they both shivered, "I'll get something better once you've settled inside," he added trying to sound calm but his tear welled eyes and small voice betrayed him.

"You don't hate me?" Kitty asked still rather scared and Beast Boy shook his head, "okay," she said softly and took the Pajama top from Beast Boy and he turned around to give her privacy, "thank you," she said gratefully as she let go of the useless pieces of fabric and quickly slipped on and buttoned the pajama top, "I'm finished," she said and Beast Boy turned around, "it's not total covering, but it's much better than what you saw me in before," she said and she started to stare at her bare feet again.

"Come in," Beast Boy said with enthusiasm that was really fake, "I'm sorry about your Dad," he said suddenly and Kitty nodded as she walked towards the television and sat in the large sofa in front of it (TV), "do you want to watch TV?" Beast Boy asked and Kitty nodded as she stared at the empty screen.

"Something simple," Kitty said as Beast Boy reached for the remote, "no violence, harmful language or morbid scenes," she said as Beast Boy turned to look at her, "I really don't want to see food right now," she said when Beast Boy chose 'the food network', "leave it there!" she cried suddenly as Beast Boy flipped quickly through the stations.

"It's yoga," Beast Boy said with slightly incredulous confusion, "you're not going to try and exercise in your condition are you?" he asked with a fear and a hint of disbelief.

"No," Kitty responded and she curled up in the chair and watched the exercises, "the atmosphere and the music is relaxing," she said simply as she watched the TV.

"I guess it is," Beast Boy responded and sat in the chair closest to hers, "I'm sorry about what happened to you," he blurted out and Kitty turned to stare at him, "no one deserves...."

"Please don't talk about that," Kitty said tiredly but frankly and Beast Boy nodded and looked down, "Beast Boy?" she asked, "thanks," she said and gave him a grateful smile.

"What's a T-shaped tower for if not housing people in T-R-O-U-B-L-E," Beast Boy said jokingly and Kitty laughed slightly, "really Kitty I'm..." he started again.

"Beast Boy!" Kitty cried in annoyance and he fell silent, "I don't want to talk about it right now," she said and Beast Boy looked down defeated, "I'll talk when I'm ready," she added and Beast Boy looked up at her then smiled sheepishly and looked down again.

Kitty smiled at him then looked back on the television screen. Moments later she fell sleep and was snoring soundly when a door suddenly banging open upstairs got Beast Boy's attention.

"Beast Boy!" Raven cried urgently and Beast Boy looked up at her as she floated into view, "it's an emergency we have to ..." she continued but stopped when she saw him, "where is your shirt!" she demanded and Beast Boy went beet red and a nearby table exploded causing Raven to blush slightly at her loss of control, "um well anyway Robin just contacted me and there's a situation at the abandoned bridge near downtown," she told him, "the abandoned 'Jeremiah Bridge'," she explained when she saw him looking confused, "come on, Robin said it was..." she said but stopped, "are you watching yoga?" she asked and raised an eyebrow incredulously.

"Um Yeah," Beast Boy said carefully forcing himself to not look at Kitty, "Come on let's go!" he cried and grabbed Raven's hand and hurried with her despite her protests, up the stairs.

(Following Day at 5:30am at the T-Tower)

Kitty slowly rose and yawned. She looked down at herself and quickly went into a fetal position as she just as quickly realized what had happened to her that night wasn't a dastardly nightmare concocted by some being of utter darkness sneaking into her brain. She whimpered for a moment, but looked up where Beast Boy was to see him sitting in his uniform, his head in his hands.

"Beast Boy?" Kitty asked softly but carefully, "what's wrong?" she asked and gasped when she realized that he was crying, "what's wrong Beast Boy?" she asked more urgently as she rose and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She's dead," Beast Boy said tearfully, "she's dead," he repeated in a cracked voice. "Who's dead?" Kitty asked softly.

"Terra," Beast Boy responded, "she was murdered by some thugs not too far from that old bridge close to down town," he said and Kitty's face paled, "at least Terra was able to take one down before she went though," he said with a hint of happiness.

"Who was it?" Kitty asked almost too quickly and then went red and looked down.

"Some red headed snake girl," Beast Boy said carefully noticing her almost happy and quick mannerisms, "do you know anything about those thugs Kitty?" he asked and looked into her eyes intently.

"I can't tell you," Kitty said and curled up into a ball, "please don't force me," she begged and her voice started to crack.

"Gizmo died too you know," Beast Boy told her and Kitty jumped to her feet as her eyes reflected her disbelief, "by the time Raven and I arrived most of them (gang members) were gone," he said reflectively, "Robin tried to fight this guy who seemed to be part bee, but he got attacked by this other purple looking dude who was part bird," he continued, "that bee guy got away and somehow a blonde girl who was part butterfly blocked Raven's powers within her by chanting some spell," he said almost mystified, "we tried our best but they all got away and all that we know is that Jinxx along with Gizmo and Terra was fighting them before any other Titan arrived," he said, "Jinxx is alive but in Intensive Care and her condition is critical," he finished as he closed his eyes, sat back and sighed.

"Its okay Beast Boy," Kitty said comfortingly as she wiped away a tear that escaped his tightly closed lids.

"How can you say that?" Beast Boy asked in a shaky voice, "a team mate and one of my closest friends is dead," he told her, "even Gizmo, a villain we fight quite often has been murdered while Jinxx is hanging by a thread," he continued as his voice now sounded rather tearful, "maybe we would have had a better chance if Cy wasn't out of commission thanks to that virus he contracted in his hardware thanks to a rogue computer that Control Freak brought to life last week," he said his voice filled with annoyance.

"Where is he then?" Kitty asked apprehensively as she stared firmly at Beast Boy whose eyes flew open suddenly.

"Right here," Cyborg said simply from upstairs, "I'm not even coming down the steps since I was able to hear your conversation from here just now," he said seriously, "what's THAT girl doing here Beast Boy?" he asked a hint of incredulousness but mostly with ridicule.

Kitty whimpered and sunk low so that Cyborg couldn't see her unless he came right to them. Her whimpering only made Beast Boy furious at Cyborg.

"She's upset dude leave her alone!" Beast Boy cried angrily, "this isn't any of your business anyway," he threw at Cyborg.

"It is when that worthless spoilt brat is in our home!" Cyborg retorted and Kitty gasped and moved way from Beast Boy as tears openly fell from her eyes.

Beast Boy's jaw stiffened but instead of answering Cyborg he turned to Kitty.

"Just go along with whatever I say, okay," Beast Boy whispered to her and she nodded despite looking really hurt and rather scared, "CY, could you bring a blanket downstairs please?" he asked Cyborg suddenly but respectfully.

"Get it yourself," Cyborg spat and stayed where he was at the top of the stairs.

"Be up in a jiffy," Beast Boy said sarcastically.

"Maybe I should leave," Kitty said suddenly and rose to her feet.

"I'll walk you," Beast Boy responded, "you did come by to speak to me after all," he said and quickly clasped her hand before she could protest, "I'm just going to take you to Unit2 Minor1 bus terminal, them come back here," he said confidently but his face betrayed his nervousness to Kitty.

"Which terminal is that?" Cyborg asked incredulously.

"It's the one that'll take me to my grandmother's house," Kitty lied quickly, "I'm going to stay with her for a while," she said simply.

"Don't know why that'd lead you here," Cyborg muttered bitterly.

"Come on Kitty," Beast Boy said in a now very cold voice, "let's go," he said and marched quickly out the door with her.

He walked her to the back of the T-tower and told her to wait there for him. He then turned into a small bird and flew into his bedroom window above. Kitty meanwhile hugged herself and kept looking around suspiciously and fearfully. Moments later she heard a sound behind her and screamed.

"It's me!" Beast Boy cried and held up the two large travel bags that he had in each hand, "I think that it's best I stay with you for a while," he told her, "it's obvious that they wont accept you here and you truly don't need any stress or name calling," he said frankly, "I'm going to turn into a cheetah and you need to hold me tight right after you climb on," he said, "you can put the luggage around my neck," he instructed and quickly transformed into a cheetah, "I'm here to protect you," he added seriously.

Kitty shrieked slightly but swiftly recovered and placed the luggage on the transformed Beast Boy's neck, and then she climbed unto his back. Beast Boy took off with Kitty on his back just as Cyborg came outside the T-tower to see what was going on. But when he walked around and saw no one. He realized that Beast Boy and Kitty were gone.

"He'll be back," Cyborg said confidently and went inside the house, "he has to," he added almost worriedly as he sat in front of the TV and turned it on, "YOGA!"

Prologue Complete

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