Protecting Kitty

Chapter 20: Underhand Dealings

(5pm at the hybrid's hideout)

Beauty sat in a room with thirty followers.

"Swarm has become too soft," Beauty declared, "if we keep following him we'll get dragged into the ground."

"Soft?" Dean a hybrid with a racoon head, hands, and tail asked incredulously, "he threatened to rain killer bees on a city recently!"

"At Tomas's suggestion," Red countered, "he didn't even want us to kill that Raven bitch earlier," he continued, "he kept her in his room for Christ sakes!" he shouted.

"Are you saying he had sex with her?" Wendy a hybrid with a white mouse's head, hands, fur all over body, feet, and tail asked, "cause that's bad," she added.

"Yes it is," Megan the twin sister of Wendy, she had mouse ears, claws, feet, and tail agreed.

"This is nuts," Sandra snapped angrily.

"Come on Sandra," Red urged, "you must've seen his lapse in judgement?" he pressed.

"He's our leader," Sandra said completely obstinate.

"Not a very good one," Dean spoke, "he let Tomas rat on us."

"He let Tomas escape punishment," Beauty added.

"Where's your proof?" Megan asked.

Sandra smiled. No matter what Megan wouldn't be swayed by mere tongue wagging.

Beauty took out some photocopies and passed it around.

"I had originally planned to play a trick on Tomas when I found the original of these copied documents in Herbert's room," Beauty said as she passed them out, "as you can see, this is just a piece of this wayward puzzle," she continued as eyes widened as the photocopies were read.

"This can't be," Sandra said in denial.

"You were there when Red and I were in Herbert's room," Beauty said, "you saw him clutching a book."

"Maybe," Sandra said, "but…"

"This is a photocopy of that book," Beauty interrupted, "the original is now in the possession of Swarm," she said, "or at least, it's supposed to be," she added.

"Swarm has it!" Sandra raged, "if he's supposed to have it, he has it!"

"Then get it," Beauty challenged.

"What?" Sandra asked.

"Bring it here," Beauty challenged, "then we'll vindicate our precious leader," she said.

"I got one better," Dean said and made a guttural noise.

Suddenly there were a bunch of praying mantis at the window.

"Tomas taught me a special way to call them," Dean said as he let them in, "now I'll get what we need."

After making some more guttural noises Dean stopped.

"The diary's with Tomas," Dean said darkly, "that part bee bastard betrayed us alright," he snarled.

"But…" Sandra started.

"We can't keep him as leader," Red interrupted her, "he's tearing down the foundation of this gang!" he shouted.

Sandra broke down crying. Her belief in Swarm shattered.

Wendy immediately went to comfort her.

"How may will support us?" Beauty asked.

"Not those too good in his graces," Megan said immediately, "well, not much of them anyway," she added.

"I know plenty," Dean said superiorly, "the rejects," he revealed.

Most in the room gasped.

The rejects were those Swarm wasn't a bit interested in. Some had to live out of garbage cans because Swarm wouldn't make them sleep at the hideout. Sometimes when rooms were even available. Yet they were expected to be dedicated and to fight. This enraged rejects all around. Even those like Dean who got the rare opportunity to live at the hideout. Unfortunately it was in the storage room by the toilet.

"The rejects aren't welcomed here," Beauty said darkly.

"Wait," Red said suddenly, "why aren't they welcomed?" he asked.

Everyone looked at Red as if he were an idiot.

"I mean its all Swarm's choosing right?" Red pressed, "no other reason than saying the rejects aren't worth sleeping on our floors," he continued.

Dean growled.

"I think he's afraid of the rejects," Red said.

The room burst into laughter.

"How many Titans did it take to make Swarm's stinger stuck in the ground?" Red countered and the laughter stopped, "it only took one, remember that," he reminded them.

"So we getting a bunch of hybrids that hate his guts after him and we win?" Megan asked.

"Swarm's smart," Dean said, "we have to incapacitate his support first."

"Like?" Red asked.

Beauty gasped.

"Herbert!" Beauty shouted.

"Oh come on Beau…" Red started annoyed.

"No she's right," Wendy interrupted, "Herbert's one of Swarm's main military strategists and order maintainers," she revealed.

"I thought he dealt with the labs!" Beauty cried.

Butch a hybrid, human except for his dog dead, a Doberman dog head chuckled.

"Herbert does things you'd never have nightmares about," Butch revealed, "don't go there," he added.

"That's sounds like a warning," Red said.

"It is," Butch said his voice hiding no threat.

"Hey, hey," Dean said happily, "we're all friends, we're all friends," he said, "Butch believes in keeping certain things private," he told Red and Beauty, "agree with that and everything's butter, everything's butter."

Red and Beauty could pick up that it was best to leave Butch alone.

"Welcome to the club Butch," Red told him.

Butch grinned knowingly.

"So we take over?" Wendy asked.

"We have to get more supporters," Butch said.

"I've got the rejects," Dean said immediately.

"I think I know some people," Megan said formally.

Beauty grinned.

"Let the mutiny begin," Beauty said.

Chapter 20 Completed