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Bye Mom! I love you!" Taking a deep breath, Hermione Granger dipped her hand into the small cup of Floo Powder Ron had sent her. "The Burrow." She yelled and she was immediately engulfed by swirling green flames and hurled into the dark pit of the Floo Network.

About a week ago, Hermione received a letter from Ron inviting her to spend the last week of summer break at the Burrow with him, Harry, and the rest of the Weasleys. She eagerly accepted. She couldn't wait to spend a couple of days lounging around with her two best friends. She wished however, that she had a slightly tighter relationship with one of them, the one with fiery red hair and deep brown eyes, to be exact.

Since her second year at Hogwarts (After the whole 'Chamber of Secrets' incident) she had had a seriously huge crush on Ron Weasley. He was just incredibly sweet and kind and hard to resist especially when he smiled. Yes, he had his quirks, he had a tendency to get a bit angry, especially if it involved hurting anyone he cared deeply for. He was enormously protective and would do anything in his power to help a friend. That's one reason she liked him so much, he cared about his friends more then himself. He was completely and utterly selfless, anything for his loved ones.

Hermione was knocked out of her thoughts when she was chucked through the old fireplace landing quite painfully on the hand-woven rug. "Hey!" A feminine voice squealed. Hermione glanced up to see Ginny Weasley peering down at her with bright brown eyes. "How are you?"

"Uh, great, just a little shaken up, first time using Floo Powder..." Hermione answered gingerly standing up and attempting to brush off all of the soot and ash that now covered her clothes.

"Wow 'Mione you look great!" Ginny said looking her over. The brunette glared at her. Ginny sighed and corrected herself, "I'm sorry, Hermione you look great!"

"Uh, just thought I needed a little change. I'm still the same old Hermione except with a new wardrobe."

"And makeup and hair and...how did you get your hair to look like that?" Ginny asked curiously. Hermione was relieved when Mrs. Weasley came waddling in a huge smile plastered on her chubby face.

"Hermione dear! So nice to see you again!" She cried pulling Hermione into a bear hug. "Look at you!" Mrs. Weasley said fondly, holding Hermione out in front of her. "You are certainly growing up into a fine young lady!" Hermione blushed at this; she wasn't accustomed to receiving compliments about her looks.

Fred and George walked into the living room talking vigorously to one another. "Yes, yes, but if we use the dragon scales now there won't be enough to fuel the..." George jabbed Fred in the side before anything else could be revealed. "Oh, uh hi Mum, Ginny and...Hermione?" Fred asked, his eyes had widened considerably when he saw the brunette.

"Yes, that would be my name." Hermione answered. Fred continued to stare. Hermione felt her face heat up, he was staring at her pretty hard. "What?" He had a strange look in his eye.

"You look…different" He answered, voice hoarse, and gaze unwavering.

"Um," Hermione began uncertainly, she wasn't quite sure what to say, "Well I-" But Mrs. Weasley cut her off.

"Fred darling, of course she looks different, because she's a young woman now!" Mrs. Weasley gushed. Hermione felt herself blush even harder.

"Yes, she certainly is…a fine one at that." Fred answered, still in his trance. This was a rather strange predicament, Fred seemed to be completely unaware of everyone in the room, except for Hermione, and she was becoming more and more self-conscious with every second that passed. Maybe fixing herself up a bit wasn't such a good idea.

"Fred...Angelina remember her?" Ginny questioned amused at her brother's reaction.


"Ahem, Fred, Angelina, remember her?" Ginny tried again.

Finally her spoke, "Uh yeah...Angelina that's right..." He then seemed to snap out of his trance, "Uh right, we're going now, see you guys at dinner." Fred winked at Hermione then strode off with George resuming their discussion once more.

Whether or not Mrs. Weasley was aware of the scene that just took place, she didn't say anything. This didn't surprise Hermione. Mrs. Weasley never struck her as being too observant, or bright for that matter…"I don't even want to know what they're planning!" Mrs. Weasley announced walking towards the kitchen. "Girls dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes."

"Yes Mum." Ginny replied. Grabbing onto Hermione's arm, Ginny led her up the small winding staircase; "I've got to talk to you about a couple of things. One issue that just now popped up."

Ginny dragged Hermione into her room, and closed the door. Ginny's room was full of magazine cutouts pasted up onto the wall. Hermione watched mesmerized as witches and wizards silently played drum sets, sang and danced.

"I know aren't my walls awesome? It took me two months and my entire miniscule allowance to put all of these pictures up. But it was well worth it, I could stare at it all day and never get bored..." Ginny seemed to drift off for a moment, "Off the subject!" She said suddenly.

"What is the subject Gin?"

"My brothers." She stated simply.

"What about your brothers?"

"One has a huge crush on you and the other one may have just developed one..."

"Who? Ron? Who's the other one?" Hermione was confused; she'd never had to deal with guys before. Most of the guys steered clear of her because she was so serious and scrupulous. They thought her pretty boring, which in all reality, she wasn't.

"Hermione I thought you were the smartest witch in Hogwarts." Ginny told the curly haired brunette giggling.

"I, um, well you see Ginny...I've never actually had anybody crush on me, besides Victor, and uh, that didn't really mean anything…and...I'm not that intelligent in the uh, boys department..." She finished blushing slightly.

"Ok, let me explain it to you then. Ron has a crush on you. It's only completely obvious. He's going to totally flip when he sees you now."

"That's great! I've had a crush on him for I don't know how long..." Hermione replied sighing dreamily. "This is awesome, we might finally get together...after all of these years."

"Do you like older men?"


"I said, do you like older men?"


"Come on 'Mione," Ginny stopped abruptly at the look Hermione gave her, "Come on Hermione it's a simple yes or no question."

"Maybe...I guess they may be more mature, why?"

"Did you happen to see the way my older brother looked at you?"

"Which one?"

Ginny slapped her forehead and let out an exasperated sigh, "I swear to God 'Mione, your smarter then this."

"Fred?" Hermione suggested, still puzzled.

"Uh DUH! Gees 'Mione we couldn't take his eyes off you!"

"Well yes that was a bit strange…"

"I wouldn't be surprised if he hit on you before we go back to school. Ron had better watch out, he's got competition eh?" Ginny asked grinning mischievously.

"I suppose..."

"Oh you can't tell me you aren't the least bit happy that a guy TWO years older then you," Ginny emphasized the number by sticking her two fingers in Hermione's face, "may you know..."

"Ginny it's been fifteen minutes, we'd better go downstairs." Hermione said quickly changing the subject. She'd rather not discuss her love life any more.

"Fine, but we're talking after dinner. Come on your lovers are waiting!" Hermione cringed as she heard the redhead's words. Sometimes she could be so immature.

"I'll be down in a minute ok Gin?"

"Ok!" She replied cheerfully bounding out of the room.

Now Hermione was confused, not confused but lost. She didn't know what to do. She'd never had any guy ever crush on her; it would have been perfectly fine if it had been only Ron...but Fred? Perhaps Ginny was wrong. Maybe Ginny misinterpreted the entire scene. Perhaps Fred wasn't looking at her, but at her dirty clothes, he was just distracted by her very unattractive attire. That was it. It had to be. But then why would he say she turned into a fine woman? He was probably just being a gentleman. He was only being nice. There was absolutely no romantic thoughts that had crossed his mind...none.

Hermione, content with her conclusion decided it was time to join everybody else. She quietly opened up the door and walked carefully down the small staircase. She didn't want to make a scene. As she stepped into the dining room, she was greeted by Harry's amazed wide-eyed stare, Ron's gaping woah-she-looks-better-than-before-I'm-now-really-crushing stare and when she glanced over to where Fred was sitting she was greeted by a pair of intense brown eyes staring intently into her own chocolate brown ones. Hermione's knees nearly buckled under his stare. His eyes where filled with lust... maybe it wasn't lust... But this time she didn't have any evidence to back up her thought. This was bad, real bad.