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And now, without further ado, the sixth installment of New To Me!

New To Me

Chapter 6

"Oh my gosh you guys are so cute!"

"See, what did I tell you Ron? I think I'm entitled to an I told you so…"

Ginny and Harry practically jumped on Hermione and Ron the moment they walked into the Weasley's living room. The outcome of the little 'walk' was as clear as day. The sheepish looking couple stood in the doorway holding hands, and looking quite content. Harry gave Ron a congratulatory pat on the back, and Ginny gave Hermione a quick wink and eyebrow waggle. Hermione glanced over at Ron, his face was a bright red that clashed with his hair terribly and he was grinning so wide she could've sworn you could see all thirty-six teeth.

Hermione forced a smile; she hoped to God it didn't look fake. For some strange reason, she didn't feel, well…happy. Her and Ron getting together- this was supposed to be what she had been waiting for since she was twelve. And yet, she didn't feel anything, except for something, or rather someone, nagging at the back of her mind…


No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't erase him out of her mind. She could still feel his lips on hers, his body up against hers. God, what she'd give to do that again… Oh gees, Hermione Granger, the astute, knowledge ringleader of Hogwarts, was being quixotic, something that both shocked and scared her. Since when did she fantasize about making out with a guy? Even worse, the object of her fantasy wasn't her boyfriend.

How come she had to say yes to Ron?

"I think Harry and I'll go now, give you two a couple of moments together."

Wait! Don't go! Hermione desperately wanted to say. She wasn't exactly sure if she could handle Ron's wet and inept kissing again. Well, she consoled herself; let's try looking at the positive side…maybe it was just a rushed kiss, therefore sloppy. Kind of like when you procrastinate homework wise, and you have to cram it all in at the last minute. Your work wasn't as good as it could've been if you had more time. So, Ron must be the same way…right?

Leave it to Hermione to come up with a metaphor for her guy problems. It went right along with searching for evidence to back up a conclusion. Hermione by nature was just a logical person.

Ginny smiled impishly as she took Harry by the forearm and dragged him out of the room. Ron and Hermione stood there for a few awkward moments. Ron stared at the floor for the longest time, whilst Hermione gazed at the wall, lost in her thoughts. Finally Ron mumbled, almost incoherently, "Um, would you uh like to um sit down?"

Hermione turned towards the boy. Yet again, his face was a bright red, and he had a shy smile on his lips. His brown eyes however, were still focused on the ground. He was so incredibly embarrassed. Hermione, despite her disgust towards his kissing, couldn't help but think how cute he looked. How on earth could she have turned him down? She could look past his incompetence. "Sure." She replied smiling.

They both walked over to the couch and um, sat down. Hermione took a seat, her legs crossed at the ankles, and her hands in her lap. Whilst Ron sat down next to her stiffly, he was completely conscious of every single movement he made. Once again his gaze was glued to the floor. Honestly, there must be something extremely interesting down there, seeing as he seems pretty entranced with it. Hermione thought irritably, just look at me damn it.

As if on cue, Ron raised his head. He gave one quick sideways glance at Hermione before casually stretching his long limbs. His arm on 'accident' landed around her shoulders.

It had to have been the oldest maneuver in the book.

Hermione automatically leaned into him, snuggling into his lanky figure. He breathed a sigh of relief, and the tension in his muscles subsided. They remained like this for a bit. Hermione had to admit it felt wonderful to be so close to him. Although she would've enjoyed it more if it were Fred…

No! Good lord, here she went again, letting her mind wonder and land onto the very person she needed to stop thinking about.

"Um Hermione…" Ron began pulling away from her, "Uh maybe, can I-I kiss you?"

Well at least he was asking now.

Hermione looked into his pleading eyes. The boy looked like a puppy begging for table scraps. How could she possibly say no? She couldn't anyhow, since they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Plus she felt awfully guilty about kissing Fred earlier. Hermione smiled and nodded. She closed her eyes, and was once again caught completely off guard when he smashed his lips onto hers. He was being dreadfully rough. Using his weight, Ron managed to push Hermione into a laying position on the couch. He then proceeded to climb on top of her. Through all of this, he managed to keep his mouth on hers. As you can imagine, it was less then comfortable, and about as unromantic as you can get. Hermione felt like she was going to choke with his tongue so far into her mouth. Ron however, seemed completely oblivious to all this, he was really getting into it.

Well of course he was, first off he was on top and didn't currently have a tongue jammed down his throat. Second, he was a guy and he was manipulating the situation. He was handling it how he wanted to handle it. Ugh, Hermione hated being the submissive one. Right now she didn't have much of a choice, but one of these days, she'd tell her shy side to can it, and grab the guy first.

Hermione suddenly became very aware of Ron's male member against her thigh. This made her eyes fly open, wide with shock…wow, they were moving quite fast weren't they? Ron was still quite unaware.

Of all the days to wear a skirt…

Whilst Ron was kissing her, he began to try and pull his belt off. Hermione was both disgusted and amused. Did he honestly think they were going to have sex on his living room couch? Hmm, I wonder how Mrs. Wesley would react if she walked in on them… This was just another example of where a guy's common sense went when he was aroused.

As Ron was struggling with his belt he tilted his weight a little too far to the right, and went tumbling off the couch, taking Hermione with him. They landed on the ground with a soft thud. Ouch, Hermione was in a bit of pain seeing as somehow she had gotten on the bottom, and had caught all of Ron's weight. Funny thing is, this should've defied gravity, but then Hermione realized the moment Ron touched the ground he had rolled them back over. So once again, Hermione was on the bottom. Gees, Ron liked to be in charge, did he not?

And good Lord he was heavy.

Ron continued with his bruising kisses and screwing with his belt.

Ron could multi-task.

But really, this was going a little too far. Hermione was about to tell Ron to slow down a tad, when the back door swung open and slammed shut violently. Ron's head shot up immediately, muscles tensed. Oh please say it wasn't his parents. However, when he saw the intruder, he relaxed considerably. "Fred?" Ron rasped, "Are you ok?"

Oh Lord, Fred.

"God, you don't need to scare me-," Fred began angrily, but his voice faltered as his gaze landed on the couple. Ron immediately jumped off of Hermione. She too quickly stood up. But instantly regretted it as she felt his eyes rake over her. Hermione glanced down and found herself indecently exposed. Her skirt had ridden up to three or four inches past mid-thigh, and her shirt had ridden up as well, exposing her black bra. Hermione swiftly adjusted her clothing, blushing something fierce.

She could still feel his brown eyes on her. Good Lord, she practically flashed him. Timidly, she lifted her gaze from the floor to the young man in front of her. Fred, whose chest was moving up and down rapidly, looked almost upset. However, as quickly as the expression came, it went, replaced by that adorable lopsided grin. Hermione felt the familiar tingling sensation wash over her.

Gees, no wonder she couldn't get him out of her head.

"Well, I seem to have interrupted something." He said with a small laugh, "My apologies. Please, carry on." He then locked eyes with Hermione, " I'll just be off to my room. Have fun guys." He finished giving the couple a wink before disappearing upstairs.

Hermione turned the last bit over in her head. Was Fred not looking directly at her when he said he was going to his room? Did that mean he wanted her to follow him? "So, um do you want to uh keep going?" Ron 's cautious voice cut into Hermione's thoughts.

Hermione glanced over at Ron. He stood next to her shifting nervously; his face was burning an unbecoming shade of red. He seemed so little compared to Fred. Not physically, seeing as Ron was a good two or three inches taller then his brother, but emotionally. Ron was still terribly shy when it came to girls. He had had close to no experience with the opposite sex. You could tell by his kissing, and unintentional roughness, that is, if the stumbling over his words part didn't spell it out for you already. He seemed like nothing compared to Fred's cool and confident approach. Fred practically swept her off her feet. For the most part, Fred was a mature man, and Ron…Ron was still a boy. And what Hermione wanted, was a man.

"Ron, I'd love to, but I've got that God forsaken headache coming back." Ron looked crestfallen. "I'm sorry, I'll see you later though, but I'm going to head up stairs and rest for a bit." She gave him a quick peck on the lips and left the room. Hermione trudged up the small staircase trying in vain to come up with a decision. Should she or shouldn't she visit Fred? As she reached the top of the stairs her legs carried her past Ginny's room, despite her mind's desperate pleas to turn around. She was on autopilot.

Before she could stop herself, Hermione was at Fred's door and knocking.

Good Lord, what did I just do?

Hermione thought about her options, well she could make a run for it, or she could wait here and be thoroughly embarrassed. She about went for option one, when the doorknob turned and the door swung open. Fred stood in the doorway grinning.

Now what to say?

"Well, well, well, Hermione, what a surprise."

Hermione let out a nervous laugh, "Yeah." Oh wow, that was intelligent. Around Fred however, Hermione had a tendency to lose all the knowledge she possessed.

"Would you like to come in?" He asked beckoning inside.

"Um, sure." She sure had the 'um' part down pat.

She walked uncertainly into the room, and Fred followed closing the door behind him. Hermione wanted to look around the room, but for some strange reason she was having trouble lifting her gaze from the floor. (Which was littered with clothes, but that's about it.) Fred took a seat on a computer chair. "You know," He said, amusement evident in his voice, "you can sit down."

Hermione felt her face heat up. Oh great, just make it even more obvious how embarrassed and childish you are. She thought bitterly. But she took a seat on his bed.

God his bed.

She wasn't implying anything was she? (Sarcastically speaking of course.)

"So, my little brother and you seem to be getting along pretty well." He said pleasantly. Even though Hermione hadn't had a whole lot of experience with guys, she had grown accustomed to watching people. Being extremely intelligent sometimes has its downfalls. She was left out of the fun more then once, so she resorted to watching people. Right now she could tell Fred was struggling to keep his anger down. Like she thought she had witnessed downstairs, Fred was seeing green, a very dark green.

Hmm, a little jealous are we?

"Yeah." Gees was that the only word in her vocabulary? Say something else…anything. Hermione racked her numb brain. "Um well, he's not as great as you are." Hermione's hands flew to her mouth.

Oh God. She did not just say that. Hermione watched a smile spread across Fred's lips.

Oh yes she did. Hermione felt like melting into a puddle. Since when did she belt out her inner most thoughts like that? Since when did she say anything without thinking?

Since she kissed Fred.

"That's good to know." He answered, laughing. Why was he laughing? Fred stood up and walked over to her. Hermione's heart sped up immensely. What was he doing?

She really needed to stop asking so many questions.

Hermione on impulse, stood up as he approached her. Fred lowered his head, as she tilted hers up. His lips connected with hers just as gently as they had earlier that day. His kisses were so soft and smooth. Fred drew her into his arms, and against his hard chest. Hermione all but melted. He was so big and manly. Yet, for how large he was…he still managed to be tender. It was almost like he was gently coaxing her out of her protective shell, because as he was gradually guiding her to the bed, her kisses became harder and more fervent.

Fred was such a good kisser. Well, at least in Hermione's terms, seeing as she had only kissed two guys. But Fred seemed to know what he was doing, unlike Ron. Gees, Ron…she had completely forgotten about him. Oh that's promising. She could already hear herself, oh hey Ron, sorry I'm late, I just got too wrapped up in my make-out session with your brother. He is so good.

Oh poor Ron.

Hermione felt herself re-enter reality as Fred slowly lowered her to the bed. He had somehow already managed to pull his shirt off, and was now working on hers, all the while keeping his lips on Hermione's. He didn't crush her as Ron did; Fred was propped up on his elbows as to avoid smothering his partner. Needless to say, the experience was a heck of a lot more comfortable, and enjoyable then her little rendezvous with Ron. The arrangement however, only made Fred's arousal all the more obvious.

Fred slipped Hermione's shirt off, and his hand immediately went for the buttons on her skirt. Suddenly, Hermione's common sense decided to step back inside her head momentarily. What in the world was she doing? Hermione didn't honestly want to lose her virginity to Fred. Well, nothing against Fred, but she didn't love him, at least not yet. Also, she had only had her first kiss that morning, and despite Hermione being a progressive learner…she wasn't exactly ready for a homerun. Besides, this wasn't exactly the ideal location. Fred's room, on his unmade bed…hmm, romantic.

Plus, anyone could just waltz in. Therefore, it would make the experience fast, and probably quite un-enjoyable for her. It wouldn't be slow and gentle as it should be. So there were a number of reasons why giving up her virginity now would be a very bad decision. At the moment Fred's fumblings with her jean skirt had paid of and it was now unbuttoned. Hermione, content with her choice, decided this would be a great time to stop the man. She pulled her face away, almost reluctantly, from Fred's. "Stop, please." Fred looked at her like she had just suggested jumping off a cliff. "I-I'm not ready."

Hermione seemed to have a knack for overly-clichéd statements. Fred let out a strangled moan-type sound as he buried his face into her hair. "Oh God Mione' please don't do this to me." He answered in a hoarse, strained voice. She felt his throbbing member against her thigh.

Before she could reply, the inevitable occurred. Fred's bedroom door swung open. "Hey Fred, a certain someone's here to see…" The speakers voice trailed off. Fred jumped off of Hermione quicker then a jackrabbit. Hermione lifted herself up as well. To her utmost relief, George stood in the doorway, staring.

"George, shut the goddamn door." Fred hissed. George seemed to snap out of his trance, and shut the door quickly.

"I hope you know I could blackmail you two so bad for this." He said smirking. Hermione felt his gaze land on her. She suddenly became aware of the fact that she was almost in her underwear. "Hey listen Hermione, you really need to cover yourself up before I'm on that bed too." George said, still eyeing her. Hermione blushed crimson as she quickly put on her shirt, and buttoned her skirt.

"Oh a threesome, I like the sound of that." Fred answered, a mischievous grin on his face. Hermione gave him a playful shove, still blushing terribly.

"Oh by the way Fred, Angelina's downstairs."

The lighthearted smile was completely wiped from his face, replaced by wide-eyed panic. "Oh shit." Fred jumped off the bed, threw on his shirt, readjusted his jeans, and flew out the door. Hermione could hear him clomp down the stairs, and his voice bellow, "Angie baby, how are you?" Hermione felt her stomach give an awful lurch. She stood up and began making her way towards the door.

"Hermione." George's voice halted her. She turned towards him, a questioning look on her face.

"Yes?" George was regarding her seriously.

"Today, you surprised me. Going from one of my brothers, to the next. Just watch your step, you may end up breaking both of em', and I know that's the last thing you want." And with that George turned towards the desk and began shuffling papers. Hermione gave him one last glance before exiting the room. She walked down the cramped hallway and descended the stairs.

Her timing was impeccable.

Fred was currently embracing the black girl, and they were both indulged in a pretty intense kiss, seeing as it went on and on and on. All the while Hermione watched the pair, completely invisible, a pained expression on her face, and fire churning in her gut.

Hermione had never been so jealous in her entire life.

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