Dawson's Creek/ Friday the 13th: Terror Comes to Capeside.

Disclaimer: First off, I do not own the characters of Dawson's Creek or the character Jason Voorhees...blah blah blah blah. Somebody else owns them, I just borrow them for an innocent little story.

Readers Note: Ok, I have written quite a few Dawson's Creek fics and almost to the point of too many. And I can honestly say this is my last one. I know, I know....I can hear the cries heard around the US. Apparently, DC: The Winds of Change was a hit. I haven't even finished my last DC fic Dark Waters because I've been so busy with school that I haven't had time to wrap it up. However, after reading it, I can tell that I still have a ways to go. I'm planning on finishing up both stories this summer.

I'm not sure why but I've been on a horror kick lately. There is just something about facing the Dawson's Creek characters against the evil elements that just gets me all worked up. j/k The Friday the 13th idea came to me and I had to go with it. Anyway, if you loved Winds of Change then I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. My typing fingers bring the Dawson's Creek characters together for one last hurrah!

Expect Nothing! Death is on the horizon.


Warning: This story is rated R. Graphic Violence, Gore, and Sex Scenes. I guess We're not in Capeside anymore, Toto!


The storm rained down fury on Camp Crystal Lake and all that could be seen was an old camp cabin with light shining from the window. Lightning pierced the sky and the explosion of thunder echoed through woods.

"What was that?" asked Shelly, pulling away from David's kiss.

David was a little disappointed. He had gone through all the trouble of getting his girl friend Shelly from her house and to a secluded area, so they could... "be together". However, the weather had put Shelly on edge and she wasn't exactly in the mood.

"It's just the thunder. Don't worry about it." replied David, kissing Shelly's neck.

Shelly leaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around David's back. She laid back down on the pallet they had made, and David slid in next to her. They began to kiss passionately and the storm continued to rage outside. Wind blew in through the opened window and tested the fire roaring in the fireplace. However, the fire stayed strong.

David's hands had begun to explore Shelly's body as he reached up under her shirt. His hand massaged her breast and Shelly let out a light moan. Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder shook the old cabin and Shelly's eyes flicked open.

"Christ that was loud!" she cried.

David pulled back and sighed. He was getting nowhere.

"Shelly, it's just the rain. You act like you've never witness a rainstorm before."

"Well, I'll admit. I'm afraid of thunder. It's just so loud."

David smiled and brought his hand under Shelly's chin. He met her gaze.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you from the big-bad rainstorm." teased David.

Shelly pushed David back and laughed. Her boyfriend was a goofball.

"You're making fun of me."

David took on a serious face and stared powerfully into her eyes. Shelly's defenses fell.

"Yes, but I would much rather be making love to you." he said in a seducing voice.

Shelly smiled and kissed David.

"You got the condoms?" she asked, rubbing David's chest.

"Yes ma'am."

"Then I'm sure we can arrange something." replied Shelly, pulling her shirt over her head, to revealer her perfectly round breast.

David set her back and began to kiss all over her body.

A heavy foot broke a twig outside the cabin but the thunder drowned out the small noise.

Both Shelly and David's clothes were thrown to the side of the pallet and light moans echoed through the abandoned cabin. Shelly's nails raked David's back and their bodies melded into one.

Lightning glinted off an old but sharp machete.

Shelly cried out in pleasure and their naked bodies tumbled about the pallet. Thunder echoed through the cabin as the front door slowly creaked open. The heavy foot fall stepped onto the old wood floor of the cabin.

"What was that?" asked Shelly, drawn away from her climax.

"Just the rain." panted David, about to fall over the edge of ecstasy as well.

"No, I heard something. Like loud walking." replied Shelly, really scared.

David stopped his love making.

"Shelly, I'm sure it was nothing." he said, right before his head was lopped from his neck.

David's head toppled off his shoulder and landed next to Shelly's face. His headless body fell forward on top of her, blood squirting everywhere. A large man wearing a hockey mask stood over Shelly, holding his long machete. She let out a scream but it was drowned out by the storm. It was a pointless endeavor anyway, because she and David had been all alone at Camp Crystal Lake. Suddenly, Jason's weapon connected with Shelly's face and her screaming stopped.

To Be Continued....

How will Jason get to Capeside? Who will die? Find out on chapter one!