Title: Symphony Fandom: Btvs Pairing: Dawn/Spike Summary: Written for 15minficlets in LJ. Really doesn't have much of a plot, just kind of Dawn's thoughts.

Dawn watched him sleep in the amber glow of the bedside lamp. He didn't breathe and she wondered when it had stopped creeping her out. When she was younger she would stare at him while he slept, waiting to see if he took a breath out of habit or if he remained perfectly still. She never got to watch him long. He always felt the intensity of her gaze even through his sleep. His blue eyes would fly open and he'd grab her wrist, quick as a hummingbird and pull her to him, tickling her.

He still did that sometimes, only the tickling was far less innocent, much more sensual and generally foreplay of some sort. She trailed her fingers up his bare back and then entangled them in the hair at the nap of his neck. She liked his hair all bed tousled and curling but she also liked that he never left the house with his hair like that. He always slicked it back, completely straight. It was like a secret between them, a secret only lovers shared.

He woke up purring. She loved it when he did that. She curled into his side and he wrapped around her like a great, big, sensual cat. He nuzzled the back of her neck and buried his nose there. She lowered her lips to his hand and bit the side of his thumb. It wasn't so much a bite as it was her, resting her teeth there. Sometimes it seemed he'd have a permanent groove in his skin from her teeth and she liked the idea of that. It was like her marking him, the way he had done her so many months ago.

In love and absence of
Your body, I weep at the thought
Of your skin no longer pressed
Hot and silken against mine

She smiled as he whispered the words, his breath tickling her ear, cool and dry.

"You say the prettiest things to me in the morning," she whispered.

"That's because I get to wake up with the prettiest thing in the morning," he rumbled.

She could feel his words as they rumbled through his chest, sending little vibrations throughout her body, or maybe that was just the nearness of him. She raised his palm to her lips and kissed it, letting her lips linger there. She exhaled and let her breath wash over his skin and she heard him groan softly behind her. She slipped her tongue out and licked his palm.

Dawn had a fixation with his hands. She could spend hours tracing the lines there, kissing his knuckles or watching the way his hands slid over her body. She marveled that his hands could be so tender. She'd seen him rip a vampire's head cleanly off its body with these wonderful, tender hands and yet they managed to make her body sing a symphony every night.

She arched back against him as his hands played over her body, pulling her tighter against him. She grinned to herself and flipped over so that she could face him. Their symphony was just getting started.