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            A full moon loomed over London, illuminating the city in an eerie, pale glow. On the London docks sat a house long thought deserted. It was a stately manor that rang of elegance and, at the same time, it was foreboding and mysterious. This was the home of Dorian Gray. Now, though, it was the current domicile of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. At the first mention of staying in Dorian's home as they had before, Dorian put up quite a protest…

            "No. It is my house. It is where I eat, where I sleep, where I live, and I am not about to have the lot of you in it!"

            Mina had merely smirked at him and responded with, "Dorian, you don't eat, you don't sleep, and you don't live. We're staying in your house."

            That had been that. Dorian had resigned to letting them stay, since there was no real way to stop them anyway. Currently, Dorian was in the library, inspecting the new battle scars left there by Sanderson Reed's men. Dr. Jekyll sat in one of the chairs, reading one of the few books that didn't have bullet holes in it. Dorian's scoff broke the silence, "I leave for a few months and the whole place goes to ruin."

            Jekyll looked up from his book and raised an eyebrow at the immortal. "As I recall, none of us, yourself included, believed you would be returning."

            Dorian chose to ignore the doctor's remark and pretended to be inspecting one of the bookcases. Jekyll shrugged and went back to his reading, which was soon interrupted again by the noise of a table being upturned. The doctor looked up from his book again to find a set of Sawyer's clothes floating in mid-air. "Hello Davis," the doctor sighed.

            "Oh God," Dorian said. "Not you. Can't you cause damage somewhere else?"

            Had Davis' face been visible, Dorian would've seen the dirty look Davis was giving him. "Beg pardon, Mr. Gray," Davis replied, picking up the table he'd run into. "I didn't mean to disturb you."

            "I'm sure you didn't," the immortal replied sarcastically.

            After righting the table, Davis had decided he wasn't welcome in the library, just like he hadn't been welcome in the dining room, where Sawyer had kicked him out. He would find some place else to go – hopefully someplace vacant where no one could yell at him for being a clumsy fool. He meandered to the stairs, careful not to run into any furniture, and was about to head off to what he presumed was the den, when he heard something – scratching. Something was scratching at the front doors. The invisible man moved closer and carefully opened the small sliding door to look outside, expecting to find a stray dog, or even a cat.

            Suddenly, a massive clawed paw shot through the opening. Davis jumped back, and managed to fall flat on the floor, just before the claws ripped his face of. Fierce barking and growling drowned out Davis' cries of alarm. At the noise, Jekyll came rushing up from the library, and Tom from the dining room. The whatever-it-was outside was trying to break the rest of the way through the door, and had now managed to work its entire arm in through the opening. The wood groaned and cracked under its weight. Tom drew his pistols and fired a shot, hitting the dark furred arm. There was a howl of pain and the arm disappeared back from where it came.

            Tom threw the doors wide, meaning to pursue whatever-it-was, but he found only a vacant street. The creature was gone.

            "It reached right through the blasted door! Nearly tore my face off!"

            "Nearly? Pity," Skinner said.

            "Skinner," Mina reprimanded. She took a seat next to Jekyll at Dorian's dining room table – the only place in the whole house, save the library, which could accommodate the entire League comfortably. "Now," she said. "What exactly happened?"

            Davis took a seat and began relating his tale; "I heard scratching on the front door, so I thought I'd take a peak. All of a sudden, this paw, or something comes reaching in and nearly takes my face off…"

            "Again," Skinner interjected. "I say, pity… yeowch!" He turned to glare at Cabrilyn, who had stomped on his foot. "What was that for?"

            "For being rude," she replied simply, smiling.

            "Look," Tom said, studiously ignoring Skinner and Cabrilyn. "Whatever it is, it's roaming the streets right now…"

            "And let me guess, you want to go hunt it down?" Dorian said condescendingly. "Why would you waste your time?"

            Tom glared at him. "Because I have sworn to protect people, and if you don't want to, fine, but I'm going to do my duty."

            Dorian scoffed. "You've sworn to protect the American people, you're in London now. Your "duty" doesn't mean a thing here."

            "People are people, Dorian, it doesn't matter where they live," Tom replied. "I'm not about to let innocent people die, especially knowing I could've helped. Unlike you, I have a conscience." With that, Tom stormed out of the room leaving the rest of the League looking a little bewildered.

            "He's right, you know," Jekyll said at length. "That… that thing is dangerous."

            "That was no thing," Mina said suddenly, as if just remembering something. "It was a werewolf."

            Tom had searched high and low, but had found no sign of the creature. Of course, he wasn't exactly certain what he was looking for. 'What am I thinking?' He thought, leaning against a cold brick wall. It was silly for him to be out in the early hours of the morning, searching for an unknown quarry, unprepared for what he might find. He hadn't been thinking. Dorian and his snide remarks, coupled with a lack of conscience, made his so angry sometimes. The young American glanced up. The sun was just peeking over the tops of the London buildings, painting the sky an array of oranges, pinks, and purples.

            Suddenly, a scream pierced the early morning air. Tom leapt in surprise and drew his pistols. The scream had come from a nearby alley. He bolted, praying that he would not be too late.

            "He certainly has been gone a long time."

            "Don't worry yourself, love. Sawyer's a big boy – he can take care of himself."

            Cabrilyn laughed, "Funny, he said the same thing about you."

            Skinner raised an eyebrow. "Did he? Well, Mina's out looking for him anyway. She'll bring him back whether he wants to come or not." He moved to the small couch where Cabrilyn was sitting and plopped down. "I'll tell you this, it's never boring with this crowd. I assumed we'd at least get a little vacation after dropping Reed off."

            "Well, you know what the first three letters of 'assume' are," Cabrilyn said.

            "Are you insulting me?" Skinner asked indignantly. "If you are, I see no reason to give you this." He reached under the couch and produced a very long box, wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with a string. He placed it on Cabrilyn's lap.

            "You got me something? How? Why?" Cabrilyn ran her hands over the box, taking in its size and texture. Using her sense of touch to tell her what her eyes could not.

            "I had some money stashed away," Skinner replied. Cabrilyn glanced in his direction and opened her mouth to speak, but Skinner already knew what she was going to ask. "Yes, it was my money. Honestly, what kind of thief do you take me for? Don't answer that."

            Cabrilyn smirked. "And you got me a gift because…?"

            "Because I could," Skinner replied simply. "Well, go on. Open it."

            "All right, all right." Cabrilyn untied the string and removed the paper. That was the easy part. She had a little trouble opening the box, but she finally managed. She lifted her gift from its box. "What is it?"

            Skinner rolled his eyes. "It's a staff, silly. Now you can walk around without running into things… hm, I should have got one for Davis."

            Cabrilyn laughed. "Thank you. You're very sweet, you know?"

            "I know," Skinner said. "Just, don't tell the others or I'll never hear the end of it."

            Tom was too late. When he arrived at the alley, his fears were confirmed. A young man was knelt on the cold hard ground, clutching the lifeless, bloodied figure of a young woman in his arms. The young man was sobbing violently, begging her to life, but she was gone. He, too, was covered in blood. Tom could not tell if this was from his own wounds, or from the girl. It was certain to him that they had both been attacked. The girl's dress had been all but shredded to pieces, as had the young man's clothes.

            The young American approached the grieving man carefully. "She's gone," he said softly.

            "I know," the young man replied, not bothering to look up. He kept his eyes on the face of his companion. Her eyes were open, forever frozen in fear and pain. Finally, the young man looked up at Tom. His forest green eyes shone with tears. He moved to stand, but could not bring himself to do so.

            "We need to get you to a doctor," Tom said. This young man was wounded, and badly.


            Tom reeled around to find Mina. She did not look very pleased with him. That look soon faded when she laid eyes on the man and the body of the girl. "Mina," Tom said, helping the young man to his feet. "He's hurt. We've got to get him to Jekyll."

            "What bout her?" Mina asked.

            "There's nothing we can do about her," the green-eyed young man said bitterly. "She's dead."

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