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Prologue: Of Diverging Destinies

Qui-Gon sat in the stiff backed chair like he'd been there his whole life. Through the window the sun was shining and he could hear people still celebrating. Inside, on the other hand, was a whole different story. Obi-Wan Kenobi lay completely still on the hospital bed, eyes closed and face relaxed as if he were just sleeping.
But he wasn't just sleeping, the Jedi Master reminded himself; if he were just sleeping it would have been relatively easy to wake him. Instead Obi-Wan had not responded to any stimuli since he collapsed…

"It is too late… It's…"

"No!" Obi-Wan cried.

Qui-Gon's voice became strained with each passing word, "Obi-Wan promise… promise me you'll train the boy…"

Faithful to the last, he agreed, "Yes, Master…"

"He is the Chosen One… he will… bring balance… train him!"

Obi-Wan felt Qui-Gon's presence dim and falter in his mind and he knew there wasn't much time left for his Master. If he was going to do anything he would have to do it fast, or he would have broken the unofficial code among Padawans… letting his Master die.

"No, you're not leaving now!"
He focused solely on his Master, bringing a picture of him completely healed into his mind and releasing everything else into the Force until regained his centre. Bringing the Force around him, feeling it's comforting embrace in the Light, he wrapped it around his Master, guiding it to the wound, encouraging it to knit together and heal.

Time seemed to stand still, though logic told him otherwise, as the hole in his Masters chest closed painstakingly slowly.

"Obi-Wan… what… no…" Qui-Gon tried to push him away; the stream of Force he was supplying was dangerously high to uphold for any length of time.

Obi-Wan's reply came through teeth that were gritted in concentration, "Not yet, Master."
Passing the last of his own reserves through the bond he lifted his hand from Qui-Gon's chest and fumbled for the communicator on his belt with shaking hands, quickly conveying their position and a need for a medic.
Stumbling to his feet Obi-Wan took a step towards Qui-Gon's fallen lightsaber and faltered, falling to the floor with the next step.

The medical team arrived ten minutes later, but the only thing wrong with Qui-Gon was that he was tired from the shock of the battle and being stabbed directly in the chest -it was Obi-Wan that they couldn't help, and hadn't been able to help since then simply because there was nothing wrong with him. He was just exhausted. So exhausted in body and mind that he had fallen into the coma-like state he was in and until he'd sufficiently replenished his reserves, he'd stay like that.

"Strong, Obi-Wan is, come back to us, he will." Qui-Gon started at the voice of Yoda having not heard when the wised green being entered.

He nodded, rising to offer the seat to Yoda, "I know, Master."

"Hmm, time he is taking, you are worried about." It wasn't a question. Yoda could still read him like the proverbial book even while levitating himself into a chair.

"Yes, Master."

"Return he will," he repeated, "Go to Skywalker you will. Train him, the Council now wishes, though agree I do not. Trials, Obi-Wan will take. Need not a Master for that."

Qui-Gon allowed himself a brief smile in the moment; he would be permitted to train Anakin, yet Yoda, his own Master many years ago still didn't agree? Why? Could he not see what everybody else obviously now saw? "Why do you still wish him not to be trained?"

Yoda frowned, the wrinkles that lined his face deepening, "Too old, is he. Too much fear, too much anger in him I sense."

"He was a slave, he has every right to be angry."

"Help him overcome it, you must. Move on from what is the past, he must."

"He is the Chosen One, Master. He will bring balance to the Force."

"Always so stubborn. Have not changed, in all these years. How know you that unbalanced, the Force is?"

"Master -"

"Hmph. Go to young Skywalker you will, teach him meditation." A firm whack from Yoda's stick accompanied the order. "Stay here, I will."

Admitting defeat, Qui-Gon bowed and left the room, looking forward to seeing Anakin and to fulfilling his promise. He would be trained, become the most powerful Jedi Knight in the Order and bring balance to the Force.

Yoda didn't move from the chair that Qui-Gon had offered to him, looking at Obi-Wan and placing a callused, two-fingered hand on his arm. "Almost ready, you are. Knight, you will be."


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