Title: Maybe, Just Maybe
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Chapter 23

How can it feel, this road... Portishead

Every time I look into her eyes its as if she knows exactly what I'm feeling, thinking. This bad-ass chick. It's as if she can see right through me. And sometimes I believe that she can. There are worlds in all of our eyes that if only we take the time for, we can see.

And what a world I found in her. I couldn't imagine not being able to see it everyday, not being able to feel her presence, and know of her brilliance. Perhaps this was my gift of being a Slayer. Getting to live life everyday next to this beautiful double of mine. My 'other half.' Indeed she is.

I strolled out of the school entrance, headed for the grassy knoll a few yards in front of me, where the rest of the Scoobs were waiting.

It seems so strange to think that everyone made it. As great as it is that we did, I just never thought we'd all be back here.

As I approached them all, I caught sight of a flash, and then a few of them re-arranging for what looked like a group photo. 'Come on, you guys, get together,' Cordelia chimed, before clicking the button on the top of the camera.

Willow noticed me first and gave a wave, and I smiled at her, letting her know I'd seen her. 'Get in here!' I heard from behind a small black box. Cordelia and her camera.

I shook my head a little. 'I'm way-not photogenic. Got the whole strange face thing goin' on. Me and cameras are like a vampire and a stake.' Before I had time to let her at least agree with my comment, Faith had pulled me into the group.

She chuckled as I stumbled back, but before I had a chance to at least try to look pretty, there'd been a click.

I frowned, hating this whole photo fiasco. I felt her slip an arm around me and plant a kiss on my cheek as Cordelia snapped the camera again, and then I smiled and turned to face her, leaning my forehead against hers before the camera clicked again.

I looked out across the knoll and saw Giles strolling towards us. I waved and he lifted a hand back.

'So you guys went through, like a major battle-type apocalypsy thing?' Cordelia asked as we all sat round in the grass.

'Pretty much. Not as much blood and guts and gore as you might expect, though,' Xander said, playing with the hem of my shirt as he said.

'So you could've all died?' she asked.

Willow nodded.

'But we didn't,' Faith said, stressing her 't's' as she normally would. She smiled over at Will, who smiled lightly back at her.

'And there was like really scary-looking evils who could rip your guts out with their teeth?' Cordelia continued, mimicking the motions she guessed.

We all laughed a little and Willow answered for us. 'Absolutely. If you prefer to look at it that way.'

'I think the important thing is that we all made it through alive. You're all very brave,' Giles said, squinting slightly because of the sun.

There was silence among us as (I guess) we all contemplated his words. Brave. All of us. Of course.

'Yergh! Could you imagine? A monster opening it's mouth so wide, it could swallow you whole,' Cordelia chimed in again, her eyes looking like they would fall from her head, lest she close them a little.

We all chuckled and I nodded. 'Imagine.'

I could hear the faint sound of my heels clicking on the hall floor, as I walked past various people, going about their business. It was nearing summer vacation, and we were all planning a camping trip; the weather was perfect, always hot. It got me thinking about Christmas for some reason. How it was warm, but it was beautiful. It snowed on Christmas day. None of us thought that it would. Seasonal.

It was magical. The humidity of the hallway meant I could traipse them wearing a mini skirt and cami without feeling cold at all, and as I passed other moving bodies, it was clear they knew they could do the same.

It was so strange thinking that all of these things going on around me could so easily have been over, had we not succeeded in reversing that tool. And what would have happened next?

I found myself heading towards the library, lost in my own random thoughts, but as I pushed forth the swinging doors and listened to how they screeched when I pushed them, I felt that feeling of safety entering my body. How on earth I could feel safe right on top of the Hellmouth, I don't know.

Yeah, I do.

I saw Giles reading a book behind the counter, and sipping on some tea (at this time of year, I do not know; must be a British thing), and across the library I saw Willow talking to Oz, their hands entangled, and he reached in and planted a kiss on her cheek. I noticed Xander had taken to the craft of sparring; trying to swing a punch Faith's way but ultimately missing. I chuckled to myself as he fell to the floor, his balance obviously not in favour of him at all. Faith looked down at the defeated guy, and then up at me, and her smile softened.

Safety is in the arms of those you cherish. And I couldn't be in a safer place that's closer to my heart. Other than a chocolate factory, but…you get it.

I leant against the counter to see what Giles was doing, and he flashed me a little grin. 'So what are we researching today? Vampires with banjos? Monsters with tutus? What's the what on the evil walking around Sunnydale?'

Giles laughed a little and pulled his book off the counter, and headed for the table, where everybody else seemed to gravitate to.

'Actually, I'm glad you're all here now.' We gathered around the table, and as I folded my arms across my chest and got ready to listen to what work I'd have to do tonight, I noticed his slightly cheerful tone.

'What's the big bad?' Faith chimed in, and I glanced over at her.

Giles smiled a little and placed his book upon the table, closed it. The day I close my book is the day we don't have to fight. So cherish it.

I squinted a little, thinking why he'd left us in silence. Then as I looked to him, slowly, realising, his face glowed with a grin. 'I just thought I should let you all know…' He took a deep breath and scratched his brow. 'They're fleeing Sunnydale. The tool apparently being one of the darkest and most powerful forms of protection for more than just the demons we fought. They're looking for the safest place…away from here.'

'So…that's it?' Willow asked, her voice gentle, a hint of scared apparent.

He nodded and immediately I could feel the smile stretching across my face. 'It's over…'

'It is?' Oz asked.

'Well, for now. At least. I called the Council and they say that it's caused an uprising surge of activity among the board. Satisfaction, for them, to the brim. Demons, vampires, monsters everywhere are running,' Giles told us, each of his words a deeper relief to us all.

I noticed Oz squeezing Will and I felt warm. Peace at last.

There was a comfortable silence as Xander sat in a chair and Faith approached me, wrapped her arms around me, and buried her chin in my neck.

'I don't understand. What are they running from?' Willow finally said.

'Good. You see that tool was the only assurance that the balance of power would favour evil, but now that the scales are tipping in our direction…'

'We've nought to fear but the overwhelming blanket of peace,' I finished for him, and he nodded contentedly, looking into my eyes.

There was more silence, as we all thought about this. Honest peace, and we didn't have to worry about evil.

'Wow…' Oz began. 'Imagine…' We all looked to him for a moment, then agreed.

Soon, Giles moved back from us and headed for his office. Xander moved over to where he was sparring, and began punching the air, as if fighting.

Oz leaned in and planted a kiss upon Will's forehead, and her eyes shut tightly, and I imagined her mind was finally at rest. I turned, and slipped my hand into Faith's, as we headed towards the library doors. She rubbed a hand gently over my back before linking hands with mine and we headed out.

I sighed a little, looking out ahead of me as we walked down the corridors towards the entrance. 'Faith,' I called, feeling I might need to swing her back into reality.

She hummed a little, looking my way a moment, to check if I was looking at her. She looked so contented, I almost inwardly kicked myself for disturbing her. She'll never stop being beautiful.

'Ever thought about who might be next?' I said, looking ahead of me still, but then briefly glancing her way, to see her thinking.

'Next after…?' she said, frowning a little, lost in where this might be going, I think.

'After you. The next Slayer.'

She looked over at me and I saw she was beginning to catch on.

'Well…' I peered into her dark brown eyes and smiled, knowing that she knew what I was getting at. She smiled warmly and spoke. 'I don't particularly like the thought that there needs to be another Slayer. I'm strong enough not to get dead, right?'

I nodded, gently, blinking indolently as I did. 'I like to think so, yeah.' I exhaled. 'Think I am?' I mused.



She smiled to herself, her eyes falling closed for a brief moment. 'I like to think so, yeah.'

We walked out of the main entrance doors, heading away from the school. 'Think they'll ever know?' I mused further, wondering inwardly if she'd still know what I was getting at.

She nodded gently, looking ahead, squinting gently because of the harsh sun. 'If they ever go through this…then perhaps. But they'll never really know.'

I smiled a little, feeling that now I was getting a little lost. 'Never really know what?'

She hesitated a moment, and released a breath slowly, before speaking. 'What it's like to be the Chosen Two.' I felt her squeeze my hand a little and then chuckle as she looked at me.

I looked at her, smiling also.

'I mean yeah, there'll be others…' she continued. 'But will they ever get it this way…I mean, the way we have it?'

'Together, you mean?'

'Yeah, I mean, we share a bond. So deep, who else could get it? Will there ever be another two Slayers that exist in the same reality together?'

'Well if you think about it, they're all out there…'

'But not the way we have it,' she reminded me quickly.

'So you're saying, they'll never get it?' I asked her.

She shrugged, and wrapped her arms around my waist as we continued to walk. 'Well…it could happen. But it'd have to be a real good one.' She smiled and laid her head upon my shoulders.

We walked for a bit. 'So…where did you put that box of chocolates?' She flashed a grin at me and I looked at her, knowing that only I could read her, through and through.

She was right. Would there be a possibility that another two Slayers could exist together?

And at the end of those days, would they ever find that same bond that I share with Faith? See everybody knows when it's perfect. But will they ever have it the way we do? Will they know what it's like?