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Kagome threw her backpack over the side of the well and hoisted herself out. She whipped

her brow onto her sleeve as she began looking around. She closed her eyes as a breeze blew through

her ebony hair.Danger... Her eyes snapped open. Somebody was around, "Inuyasha?" Her worried voice echoed

throughout the forest as she felt the presence of somebody behind her. Sesshoumaru.

"Why is it that i Lord sesshoumaru find so ...interesting about this mortal girl shes

just inuyashas wench." Sesshoumaru thought to himself as he inhaled...

her scent was that of a Sakura blooming in the spring. He would take her. She would be his no

matter what the mortal said. Not his halfbreed HALF-brothers. His and his alone. His arm snaked

its way around her waist as she let out a loud scream for Inuyasha to save her. There was

something that riled up inside of him at hearing the wench call out his worthless half-brothers

name. He pushed on a nerve in her neck and smirked to himself as she fell, limp into his arms.

He lifted her up and flew away(on the cloud thing) all the while thinking thoughts on breaking

the wench. She was his,all his till the day she died.

sorry about the shortness of the chapter i just found it a good way to end it