Finding You

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Inspired by: Lose Yourself- Alvin and the Chipmunks -by Raven Child2

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Chapter 1: They Go Missing

[They have all just become Teenagers]

Theodore opened the fridge. He saw the Chocolate Cake that he had baked with Dave and his mouth watered. He carefully took out the cake and rested it on the table.

Suddenly he heard a knock at the door.

"Coming!" Theodore cried and quickly headed towards the front door, "who is it?" he asked as he stopped to peek through a nearby window and he saw the person flash an I.D.

"Pest Control," the male in brown uniform said simply as he held up the ID, "you had problems with termites in your basement?" he asked carefully and Theodore nodded, "you have someone big to open the door little fella?" he asked with a laugh and a grin and Theodore nodded and hurried to call Dave from his shower.

"Dave there's someone at the door from Pest Control!" Theodore cried as he started to go up the stairs but stopped when he saw Simon coming down the stairs, "hey Simon, is Dave still in the shower?" he asked his brother, "Pest Control is here about the termites in the basement," he told Simon who rolled his eyes and shook his head in exasperation.

"Did you forget that Pest Control came yesterday?" Simon asked in annoyance.

Did you forget that Theodore came home yesterday from the Culinary Competition?" Alvin asked hoarsely but venomously from the top of the stairs, "he came home in the afternoon, two hours after Pest Control left," he said softly but pointedly, "not everyone is a genius like you Simon," he told his brother who went beet red, "some of us actually need to be told stuff to know about it," he threw at a now seething Simon.

"If you got excluded from a competition because a family member was a member of their union you'd be upset too!" Simon threw back angrily.

"It's not my fault that you couldn't enter!" Theodore cried defensively, "I only joined it because of it's strong interest in the Culinary Arts and the free food especially the cakes," he said reflectively and licked his lips.

"Wow," Simon said nonchalantly, "I couldn't further Science because you want to eat and become a Chef," he said with biting sarcasm.

"What's wrong with being a chef!" Theodore demanded, "at least my career makes people happy unlike with your SCIENCE which also helps create nuclear weapons that KILL people!" he shouted angrily in Simon's face.

"Not all Scientific research is dedicated to Nuclear Weaponry!" Simon cried offended, "I resent that comment," he said with a huff.

"And I guess that you putting down Theodore's passion is okay because your ambition in the sciences is SO great?" Alvin demanded angrily, "not everyone has your dull brain and wants to sit in some lab looking at some scribbles on paper and experimenting with whatever dumb chemicals you use guys use!" he cried, "some of us actually want to do something interesting and creative with our lives!" he snapped angrily and hurried down the stairs and grabbed Theodore's arm, "Dave went to the shop," he told Theodore, "let's just tell the Pest Control person that our house was already dealt with yesterday," he said as he and Theodore headed to the front door.

"Can I come or are you guys still angry about me putting down creativity?" Simon asked in a tiny teasing voice.

"Go marry a test tube!" Theodore stated and Simon was so horrified that he ran up to his room while Alvin tried unsuccessfully to stifle a loud laugh.

But soon all laughter ceased. Alvin felt something poke him in his back.

"Don't move," a male voice with a drawly Texas accent said seriously.

Theodore peeked to see that it was the same man with the I.D. But this time he was holding a gun

(Meanwhile on a Cruise Ship)

[Just to let you know that there will be a lot of broken English and patois spoken by some people in this part of the chapter. It's not an error, so please don't tell me in my review box and get on my nerves so that I Spam yours with angry responses.]

In a bedroom on board a black teenage girl taps out the tune to the Jamaican song 'Overcome' on her knees.

"This trip is awesome!" Anique a ten-year old Jamaican and the girl's younger sister cried enthusiastically, "America is cool!" she cried in a bubbly tone.

"Seen more than enough about it on film and in the news," the girl said quickly in boredom, "I wish that Mom would've let me traveled with Dad to Japan," she said as she leaned over to play with one of her sneaker laces.

"You that bored Reggae!" Lerone one of her brother's friend cried with a laugh, "America too boring for you?" he asked still laughing as he got a 'like duh!' look from Reggae, "I know what you mean," he said and sat down beside her, "but at least you got to buy those PS2 games much cheaper than in Jamaica," he observed and Reggae turned to him and smiled slightly.

"That's true," Reggae said frankly her dark brown eyes displaying a bit of joyfulness after looking dead with boredom for hours, "I just can't wait for this ship to leave for Jamaica!" she cried as she plopped down on the bed and Lerone laughed, "My country, my home," she continued, "I MISS you!" she crooned and Anique giggled at her statement.

"Bet you'd rather live in America," Reggae accused with zero enthusiasm, "it's so sad when people give up their birth country for materialistic gains like getting more money," she said sadly but with great disgust.

"I don't want to live where the Muslims will surely bomb up within the next five years!" Anique cried incredulously, "I just like the buildings, some of the people and getting stuff cheap," she listed, "I don't want to LIVE there!" she cried, "Plus I'll miss my friends," she said simply and Reggae tried to stifle a laugh and shook her head.

"America is quite alright," Andre said suddenly as he entered the room and placed a gift bag on the night table, "you're just Jealous Reggae," he stated, give me a kotch nuh?" he asked and Reggae moved over slightly but gave him a look.

"Me nuh jealous o' nuh country which go defy the U.N. and now having to deal with the consequences as well as having Bush for a Prime Minister," Reggae stated frankly and quickly in blatant patois mixed with a bit of broken English, "I'd rather have Seaga rule Jamaica than have Bush even come visit we," she said seriously, "next thing you know we hear that WE get bomb up," she said and Anique looked away uncomfortable as both Andre and Lerone started to laugh.

"If Bush go to Jamaica would we really get bombed up?" Anique asked in a small scared voice.

"Oh no Anique come here," Reggae said in a comforting voice after realizing that her words scared her little sister, "nobody going bomb up Jamaica all right," she said softly as she kissed the to of her younger sister's head since Anique now sat in her lap leaning on her chest.

"See how you upset her," Andre noted in a slightly disapproving tone, :you should watch what you say around her," he said wagging a finger in her face and Reggae blinked and looked at him as if he were an annoying idiot who should've known better.

"You're twelve I'm fifteen," Reggae snapped, move yuh finga outa ma face befor' me bite it!" she stated in a tone that made her Jamaican accent more pronounced, "I already 'ave glasses, you not going blind me now," she stated and her eyes quickly moved to look at her black glasses case marked 'Tuscany' which contained her sophisticated brown rimmed glasses.

Lerone was dying with laughter when a little girl barely looking twelve years ran into the room suddenly. She saw Andre and fell in front of him.

"You have to run," the light brown haired girl said as she breathed hard, "they tricked your mother and most of the passengers into thinking that they had to gather at the food court for an emergency announcement," she told him, "please you have to go before they get you," she pleaded as she stood up and was now holding Andre by his shirt collar, "I'll help him get away while you guys fortify this room so that no one can get in or out until I get help," she instructed, "you (pointed at Lerone), you can follow me just in case you think that I might harm your friend young man," she said kindly.

"No," Reggae responded firmly as she looked at the girl coldly.

"But he needs to get away from here!" the girl cried as her sky blue eyes widened, "you can trust no one you need to let me..."

"You're the most cliché yet trickily non-cliché kidnapper that I've ever met," Reggae stated bluntly, "Andre, Anique, Lerone open the bathroom door and lock yourselves in," she instructed coldly as she started to rise from the bed and followed the girl forward as the girl stepped fearfully backward, "you are all intelligent, figure out what to do from there," she told them as she kept an unwavering eye contact with the girl who started to gain confidence as she continued to move backwards.

"When did you realize?" the girl asked curiously a malevolent grin forming on her thin pink lips.

"No emergency in this lifetime or society will EVER bring a little girl who looks so physically fragile, so perfectly porcelain white, in such rich clothes and highly cultured accent to come and try to rescue someone that they don't even know in real life," Reggae said frankly but softly, "worse you're alone and also how did you know that Lerone was his friend and not a relative," she pointed out, "I know that you didn't say I wasn't a friend or relative but when you said 'your friend' instead of a friend you gave away yourself even more to me as someone who knew about us in advance and I mean serious advance," she told the girl, "what's your name anyway?" she asked her.

"Call me Jade," the girl said and she stopped walking when she stood in front of the door, "will you come quietly?" she asked seriously but with a bit of apprehension.

"What choice do I have?" Reggae mouthed, "I know that people must be outside, maybe even in nearby rooms as to not arouse suspicion or disguised as curious tourists blocking up the passageway," she listed, "I know that they'll harm my brother," she mouthed remembering who the girl suggested to leave with, "I'll die before that happens," she mouthed again.

"You don't fear death," Jade said simply as she stood straight in her lace Sunday dress and white shoes, "Sheena-kay a.k.a. Reggae."

"I know," Reggae said coldly, unsurprised about what the girl knew about her, "step outside I'll be out there in a minute," she told Jade who looked at her with a 'do you really expect me to believe you' look, "you know I will," she said simply and after a moment of deliberation Jade nodded curtly and stepped outside, "you guys," she said suddenly and the others gasped nearby since they hadn't followed her instructions, "happy fucking April Fools in advance," she said coldly and slipped out of the room and locked it with the only extra key that they had since their mother had the other one for herself.

"What the...!" Andre was heard crying angrily from inside, "why you wretched little..." he continued but all talk was lost to Reggae who simply dropped the key in the extended hand of a man who stood among a group of people disguised as tourists.

"Don't harm them," Reggae said her voice filled with defeat, "you must really want to get me if you were willing to kidnap my brother to get me to comply," she said, "and if you're wondering why I made this so uncomplicated," she continued as she walked away with the crowd and beside Jade, "my life has more than enough complications and my mother has two more kids to raise anyway," she said, "besides, this might be enough grounds for my father to file a divorce plus get the full custody of my brother and sister from that monster of a mother that unfortunately birthed us," she said frankly, "she never deserved kids and if my kidnapping shows her finally as an unfit mother despite her façade," she said softly, "it will be worth it," she hissed her voice oozing with a high undertone of hate.

"That's true," Jade said nonchalantly as she suddenly stepped behind Reggae, "your kidnapping will be worth it," she said, "now we're going to hand you stuff to disguise yourself quickly and forget about pride since we have to this before we reach the end of the passage," she said as one female nearby handed Reggae a red floral patterned Kimono, "start changing I'll do your hair," she said as he whipped out something to put in Reggae's hair (I forgot the name of those hair accessories that look like long chop sticks).

"Yeah," Reggae responded as she started to change into the Kimono as she struggled to hide a sigh as well as her growing sadness and surprisingly little dismay.

[Five minutes later at a French Villa in one of the richest areas of France]

"Where is she!" Mrs. Renee Jacque said in rich French accent that was filled with panic.

"We have the guards searching everywhere and have the word of the special police to conduct the search for her in secret," Evan Troupe the head guard told her, "I still don't know how any mortal could break in here much less kidnap HER!" he cried incredulously.

"That's because the person wasn't mortal," a man said suddenly and quickly came into view, "at least not the type of mortal you'd be thinking of Evan," he said with a clear Irish accent.

"My dear husband we have to find our baby!" Renee cried in panic, "I never expected that someone would really kidnap a girl that's half-leprechaun!" she cried as she hugged her husband, "I married you because I loved you and look at the result!" she shouted as she started to cry.

"I swear on my Leprechaun ancestry that we'll get her back!" Mr. Jacque said seriously, "I never took your last name and have a child with you to see her taken from us," he said firmly, "we'll get the bastards who did it!"

End of Chapter 1

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