Finding You

Finding You

Chapter 18:

(6pm at an Expensive Restaurant)

Minnie sat quietly stirring a pina colada. She and Treffsday's relationship had been strained since the appearance of Pixie.

Worthless part pixie part…woman. (Minnie's thoughts)

Treffsday walked into the restaurant and sat down.

"You're late," Minnie said.

"I was at a scene," Treffsday responded.

"Hmph," Minnie said not believing him.

"Someone died," Treffsday revealed.

Minnie looked at him surprised. Treffsday didn't usually care about humans dying. Unless…

Treffsday focused strongly on eating.

"The police work must be getting difficult," Minnie spoke.

"Let's talk about something else," Treffsday said without looking up.