Title: Summerside Roadhouse: Life Startin' Moment
Author: Cassandra Lee
Summary: Marie Summers grew up in a bar all her life. Then one day a
stranger comes to stay.
Series: Summerside Roadhouse
Category: AU
Disclaimer: I, Cassandra Lee do not own these characters. Although
this story came from the figment of my imagination (or fantasy!) any
known Marvel characters are not mine.
Archive: WRFA, DDFH
Spoilers/Continuity: Nadda.
Author's Notes: I'm new at this stuff so I hope I did everything
okay. This is one of my first fics, so please be nice with the feedback.
This is part one in a series called Summerside Roadhouse. I made
Marie's eyes blue in this story for story purposes.

Marie was sitting on a stool at the bar when her dad told her that she would be staying over at Kitty's for the weekend. Marie's dad had to find somewhere for her to stay every weekend since her mom died. Her father is Jack Summers, local roadhouse owner. When Jack built the roadhouse he built it with a three bedroom apartment above the bar. It also had a one room apartment that Jack would rent out every once in awhile.

"Daddy," Marie started to complain, "when will I be old enough to stay here on the weekends?"

"When your old enough to drink!!" replied Jack Sr.

"But Daddy, Scott and JJ were both allowed to stay when they turned 16!! And I turn 18 in July, I don't understand why I just can't stay upstairs!"

"NO! I don't you hanging around a bunch of redneck, cowboys, and when school seasons starts a bunch of cocky college guys! Besides your brothers started working when there were 16 that's the only reason they were allowed to stay."

"Well let me start waitressin'! You know I could use the money!"

"Hell no!" was Jack Sr's reply.

Marie sighed in frustration. She knew it was hopeless, just then her brother Jack Jr. ,or JJ as most called him , came down the steps with a letter in his hand and a big grin.

"Guess who just got excepted to State with a full scholarship and a spot on the football team?" he asked.

"I don't know maybe Eli Manning?" replied Marie.

"Good one sis, but I don't think so!"

"Well then who could it be?" Marie was grinning from ear to ear this was a big thing for JJ. He was ready to get out of this small town and "live" as he called it. Deep down he had a terrifying fear that he would run this bar the rest of his life and he did not want to do that. It was the same feeling that Marie's oldest brother Scott had before he left four years ago. Somehow Marie could not imagine ever wanting to leave this place.

"How about your finest, most charming brother in the world!"

"What you mean Scott decided to go back to school?" Marie gave her brother a goofy looking grin and said "JJ, I'm just jokin' with ya. I'm so happy! I know this is what you wanted all along."

"Where's Dad?" asked JJ.

"He's doing pre-shift inventory in the cooler. Daddy come here quick! JJ's got big news!" said Marie as she called out for their dad.

"Dad I got accepted into State."

"Hot Damn! My boy an All American running back playin' for State! I'm so proud I'm going to give everyone their first drink on me tonight! That goes for you too, Son!"

Marie left her brother and father to discuss everything in their manly way. She was disappointed she couldn't share in the celebration tonight. She was also thinking about what her dad was going to do since JJ would be moving soon, he would need help with the bar. /Maybe daddy will let me help some when I turn 18. He knows I'll be alright half our customers are relatives or good friends
everyone would be looking out for me./ But Marie knew it was highly unlikely.

A few weeks later..................

"So... when is Scott coming?" asked Kitty. She has been Marie's best friend since they were able to talk and has always had a crush on Scott.

"Why do you wanna know?" Marie teased.

"Because I was just askin!...Besides I wanna make sure I'm wearin' my new outfit that day!"

"Kitty! My brother is like nine years older than you! When are you going to come to your senses!"

"Because he's so darn fine!" Kitty sighed and rolled over on Marie's bed to face the ceiling.

"Why don't you like JJ? He's closer to your age, and besides you said yourself he was the finest senior at school."

"JJ is more like the older brother I never had. What about you? Who will you be lookin' at all summer?"

"John asked me out a few times but that's it," replied Marie. "I'm not really into anybody here in this guy forsaken town."

"Well, Maybe we'll have a new kid in school or maybe you'll meet a college freshman one night here at the bar! I can't believe your dad relented into lettin' you work on the weekends!"

"Well he's not letting me start until the weekend after my eighteenth birthday. I think he's bothered that his only daughter would rather run this place and not his two sons. But, I can't wait to start. This summer is going to be great! I feel as though my life is going to start any moment now!"

"I know I feel it too. Our last summer as high school students, girl we have got to have steady boyfriends by August when school starts!" said Kitty.

"Seein' how we only got a month it seems impossible." Marie laughed at the desperate look on her best friends face. Just then they both heard the distinct sound of a motorcycle drive up into the roadhouse parking lot.

"Who could that be?" asked Kitty.

"I don't know but whoever it is gonna have to get their liquor somewhere else until seven," Marie replied. "Besides everyone locally knows we don't open till then on Tuesdays."

While Marie was talking Kitty ran over to the bedroom window and look outside. "Oh my lord!" Kitty said astounded "You should come and take a look at this guy!"

Marie ran to window and looked out and said, "Wow! Now he is fine!"

"You bet and I saw him first," said Kitty with a jokingly laugh.

"He looks kind of familiar," Marie said this in deep thought searching her mind on where she had seen this guy before.

"Oh your just saying that because I claimed him first. You better stop'em before he rings that loud bell and wakes up your dad!"

Marie jerked the window open and in a very un-lady like manner hollered out "HEY! Don't you dare touch that bell!"

"Shit! You scared the hell outta of me!" the stranger replied.

"Can I help you?" Marie raised her eyebrow glaring at the stranger having high hopes he would leave and come back until her father was awake.

The stranger couldn't help but grin at the girl. She had the disposition of a bulldog on guard. "Does Jack Summers still own this place?"

"Yeah, he does. Who's askin'?" Marie couldn't tell if he was a good guy or a bad guy. He had a rough exterior about him although he was fine as hell. Marie thought he look like good guy with a real bad ass attitude going for him.

"Marie be nice!" Kitty whispered.

"I'm Logan. Is Jack here?" the guy asked. He set his bag down and put his hands on his hips.

"Yeah, but he's restin before business hours. You can come back then."

"Is Scott here then?" Logan asked.

"How the hell do you know Scott?" Marie asked frustrated.

"You're his kid sister aren't you? Marie right?"

Now Marie was mad. How does this guy even know her name? Who does he think he is?

"No, I'm not thank you very much. I'm Kitty, Marie's best friend," Marie said this trying to throw him off.

"That's funny I coulda sworn Kitty was the blonde girl tryin' to hide behind you and that Marie was a brunette like you," Logan said trying to hide his grin.

"What the hell?" Kitty whispered, "How does he know who I am?"

"Look here mister my uncle is the sheriff and he'll shoot your ass if...." Marie was cut off by the sound of her father hollering.

"Marie what in tarnation are doing talkin' so damn loud when you know I'm trying to get some sleep!"

"Daddy, there's some man out here wanting to see you. I tried to get him to leave before he woke you up but then he asked about Scott and he knew mine and Kitty's name too!"

Jack poked his out Marie's window to see who she was talking about. "What the hell can I do for you son?"

"Mr. Jack! You may not remember me but my dad and I used to live here. You and he were in the military together," Logan was praying he would remember its been ten years since he had been here.

"Well I'll be damned!" exclaimed Jack. "Are you Carter's boy?"

Logan nodded yes and grinned. /Thank God./

"Come on in. Marie will get the door while I get ready," Jack told Logan. Then he told Marie to open the door and offer Logan a beer.

While Kitty and Marie walked down the steps and into the bar Kitty asked pelted Marie with questions.

"Who is that guy? Do you remember him? What do you think he's doin' here?"

"Kitty would you calm down! I have no clue who he is other than Carter's boy.' Okay so chill out!" Marie was frustrated. She felt like she should know him but didn't and it bothered her. She took her time opening the door and letting Logan in.

"Thanks, kid" Logan said as he walked in.

"Have a seat at the bar Daddy will be down in fifteen minutes or so," Marie told him.

Hello Kitty, how is you sister Jeannie doin'?" asked Logan.

Kitty looked shocked. /Who is this guy?/ As always in many cases Marie read her mind.

"Who are you? And are we supposed to know you?" Marie questioned.

"Well the last time I was here ya'll were somewhere around 7,
Jack Jr. was 8, and Scott was 16. My dad and me moved away then. I used to date your sister," he said as he pointed at Kitty.

"Oh I remember you!" Kitty yelled in excitement. "You and Scott were the best of friends and you had to move way..."

"...when your dad took a job up in Canada," Marie finished for her. "I remember you now. Scott's gonna flip when he sees you. He always wondered what happened to you." How could she forgotten! /It must be the those fuzzy sideburns./ She used to have the biggest crush on him as a young girl! /And I can see why. Damn he is hot./ "Do you wanna beer?"

"Sure, thanks kid," Logan replied.

"Oh well I have to go home for supper. Marie your still comin' over tomorrow right?" Kitty asked.

"Yeah, I'll be there," Marie said absently. She was staring at Logan, he looked older than Scott but still young at the same time. She wondered if he had been through a lot over the past ten years. He looked as though he carried a lot of emotional baggage with him. "Wait up and I'll walk you out."

"You'll call me later right?" Kitty asked as she got in her car.

"You know it," Marie replied.

"What do you think he's doin here? Think he might be lookin' for a job?"

"I don't know but I'll call before I go to bed and give you all the details. I promise."

"Bye gurl."

"Bye Kitty!" Marie called out as she walked back into the bar.

Jack Sr. came walking down the steps and said "I can't believe how much you look like your Father. How is he doin' now days?"

"Well, Sir, he died a year and half after we moved. It was a freak accident at a construction site," Logan replied.

Marie was sitting on a bar stool beside Logan and could see nothing but grief and sorrow on his face. She wanted to hug him.

"Well, I'm real sorry to hear that. He was my best friend for along time, not many men like him." Jack Sr. said. He fought the tears back, he hasn't shed since his wife died 13 years ago.

"I know," replied Logan in a sad voice.

"Well, do ever see much of your mother? I know she remarried when you were younger," Jack Sr. asked.

"No, I haven't seen her since before we moved away from here. Stepdad never liked me much."

"Yeah he was always a prick. They haven't been here since your mother's aunt died," Jack told him. "What have you been up to all these years?"

"I joined the military after dad died. I was stationed on the front lines during the war. I saw some brutal shit happen. The only two friends I had were both killed in two weeks of each other. After that I broke both of my legs in an automobile accident of all things. They gave me a honorable discharge and I've been working odd jobs here and there ever since."

"Daddy do you want me to start supper?" Marie asked. She felt like they all needed a breather and Logan looked like he could use a break in the conversation.

"Sure blue eyes, go on up and get it started. Set the table for three Logan is gonna join us."

"Logan do you want drink sweet tea or will have another beer?" Marie ask timidly. She mentally kicked herself with the way she asked the question. /No use gettin' all shy now when you've already been so rude!/

"I'll have sweet tea, I haven't had real southern sweet tea in awhile," Logan said with a small smile.

"Mr. Jack..."

"Just Jack is fine"

"Alright, umm... Jack I was wonderin'.. I mean I know this is a lot to ask ,but I was wonderin' if I could get a job with you, maybe rent out that old apartment if you still have it? Logan asked nervously.

"Logan that would be real good, JJ moved away to college and I'm short handed"

"Well I could only pay 200 dollars on rent for awhile, but I promise that once I get on my feet I'll pay you your asking price."

"Well, how about we make a deal? On the hours were closed if you do some repair work around here we'll let the first few months rent go."

"I don't know... I'm not exactly broke I could pay you something like a down payment."

"I'll let you know when and how much your rents due," Jack told him. And by the tone in his voice Logan knew the subject was closed.

Marie had heard all this from where she was standing on the steps. All she could think about was what the summer would be like with him around. /Oh my god! The finest guy ever is goin' to be living in my house!! Wait till Kitty hears about this!/

It was six thirty and Marie was knocking on Logan's door with sheets, quilts, towels etc. The guy barely had enough clothes as it is thank goodness the apartment was furnished. Logan opened the door and told her to come in.

"Here is all the things you asked for," she said with a smile. "Is there anything else you need while I'm here?"

"Wow what a contrast from the spitfire you were earlier!" Logan exclaimed.

Marie blushed hotly. She knew she deserved that and that she should apologize. "I'm sorry for tha..."

"Forget it kid," he cut her off "if I was in the same position I woulda tried to get my scary ass to leave too."

"Well the bar opens up at seven. Daddy said that you could get some rest if you need it. It's usually slow on week nights except for the locals."

"I might go down and visit anyway. See if I see anybody I know."

"Probably will they're the same people that's been comin' since I can remember."

"I heard your dad say that Scott's coming this weekend."

"Yeah he works for some rich guy up north, the guy lets him take off for a few weeks here and there. You should see him, he's turned into a real damn city boy."

"That's funny. I always thought he would end up workin' here despite his best efforts to get away."

"Him and JJ both want nothing to do with the bar. Don't get me wrong they love it, but they wanna do something else. Me on the other hand, I love this place. It pisses Daddy off that his daughter wants to take over one day, but deep down I think he's damn happy that one of us wants to keep it."

"You know, I noticed you have a dirty mouth for such a young girl," Logan said.

If he was teasing, Marie didn't catch it because she was mad. "I am not so young! I am about to turn 18 in a couple of weeks! Besides I wouldn't be so young if you were so old!" Marie knew what she said was lame and by the looks coming off Logan's face she could tell that her statement didn't help improve her image to him.

"Aw hell, why did I even bother," Marie muttered as she turn to walk away.

"Hey blue eyes wait!" Logan said laughing.

Marie turned around her heels so fast looked him straight in he eyes and said "No one but my father calls me blue eyes."

"Sure thing kid." Logan said as Marie left. He laughed at her frustrated sigh as he called her kid.

/Young girl indeed! Way to go Marie show how mature you are! And he called me blue eyes!! No one calls me that except my father. NO ONE!/ Marie did not like her blue eyes although they were one of the most eye catching things about her. As a little girl she grew up being teased by all her prissy friends who loved to play with Barbie's. They thought it was weird that she had brunette hair with blue eyes. Lord knows only blondes should have blue eyes! The thought has stuck with her every since, but she doesn't mind there color when her daddy calls her blue eyes.'

Around eight thirty Marie went downstairs, Bobby was coming to pick her up to go to the softball field for the first official night game of the summer. She heard Toby Keith and Willie Nelson singing from the jukebox. That meant her uncle Tony was here, ever since he was made sheriff he would play that song as soon as he walked in.

"Hey Tony, how's Aunt Shelley doin'? Marie asked.

"She's doin' good. She got the job promotion at the health department." Tony told her. "How's JJ comin' along with practicing with a college team now?"

"He likes it alright, we haven't heard from him in a couple of days. He's supposed to be comin' down this weekend when Scott gets here. Where's Daddy at?"

"He's showing Logan where he keeps everything."

"Will you tell'em I went with Bobby to meet everybody at the ballfield. I'll be back around midnight."

"Yeah sure will sweethang. Ya'll stay outta trouble because I don't feel like arresting anybody tonight," her uncle said teasing her.

"They will uncle Tony, I promise," Marie said smiling.

"Hey!" he shouted as she walked out the door, "That goes for you too missy! Just because you're my favorite niece doesn't mean I won't arrest your ass too!"

"I'm your only niece!"

"Where the hell does she think she's goin' this late?" Jack asked as he and Logan came from the back.

"She's going with Bobby to meet the others at the ballfield. Don't worry Jack they're all good kids." Tony told his older and only brother.

"Yeah well at least she's goin with Bobby, I don't trust that John."

"He's just a boy Jack," said Tony.

"Yeah well I remember his daddy when he was a boy," Jack said with worry.

"Say Logan," Tony began as he turned to Logan who was serving a few beers to some folks, "Jack said your served in the military during the war."

"Yes, Sir I did," Logan told him mildly. "It's not something I don't really like talkin about if you don't mind."

"No not at all I understand when comes to experiences like that. Sometimes a man just has to keep things to himself."

"You'll have to excuse my brother Logan, since he's made sheriff in this town he's made it a point to know every damn thing a persons done in his life."

Logan laughed as he wiped the bar down. "How many people do you usually wait on during the week?"

"On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays we serve about 100 drinks. Thursdays about 200. The weekends, well... it gets hard for me to count that high. About September business usually picks up because the university starts then."

"I hope I get the hang of things by then. Do you let Marie work in the bar?"

"Legally no, but seein' how the law is my brother I can get away with it," Jack said while looking at his brother who just nodding and smiled a Logan. "That reminds me, when JJ starts comin' with his buddies on the weekends I told him that they can have two beers each and nothing more. At least one person is to be the DD. Now Marie and her friends are absolutely forbidden to drink alcohol."

"I understand," Logan said seriously.

"Now let me show you how to rig the jukebox," Jack said while slapping him on the back.

Meanwhile at the ballfield............

"John I think we should stop," Marie said breathless. Her and John had come out to his truck to get his cigarettes when they started making out.

"Come on Marie let's go a bit further," he said while moving in and kissing her again.

"No I think we should go back to the game. They might be wonderin' where we are." She got out of the truck started walking away. John ran to catch up with her and grabbed her arm.

"Hey what's your problem? I thought you wanted this," he said with anger.

"Get your hand off of me and don't ever grab me like that again," Marie stated. She removed his hand from her arm.

"Alright bitch go back to who ever else your fuckin' and don't come back just when its convenient for ya," He shouted this as she walked back to the field.

"Yeah well you can kiss my ass!" she shouted without looking back. She was about to cry, she just wasn't ready for the next step and she's gone further with John than she has with any other boy. /Asshole. I can't believe he would say those things because I wouldn't sleep with him./

Kitty came running up when she saw Marie coming back alone. "Are you okay? What did that shithead do?"

"Nothing, Kitty just drop it okay." Marie turned around to see John's truck stirring up dust as he spun out.

"Alright" she said as she gave her friend a one arm squeeze. Marie let out an ouch' when Kitty's hand touch the place where John had grabbed her. "Marie, girl that's gonna leave a mark."

"I know whatta night to wear a sleeveless shirt," Marie said trying to look at her bruise.

Just then Bobby came up and asked if everything was alright. Marie asked if he would take her home early. He agreed and they went ahead and left.

"Kitty, please don't tell anyone about what happen."

"I won't but you should tell your uncle."

"If I do daddy will find out what I was doin' and he would definitely change his mind about me workin' at the bar. Please Kitty?" Marie was desperate. She knew Kitty would do anything for her, but when it came to things like this Kitty was all for doing the right thing.

"I promise Marie, but if he does it again I'm telling someone," Kitty vowed.

"Thanks, KitKat," Marie whispered in her ear as she hugged her.

On the drive home Bobby didn't say a word about any of it. As they sat in the parking lot Marie tried to think of what to say. The neon sign "Summerside Roadhouse" flashing above them."Marie," Bobby began, "you and John have been my friends since kindergarten. Now I'm not going to say anything to your dad or your uncle, but I am going to talk to John. Also, I'm not going to be your decoy and then something happens again, so if you and John wanna see each other you'll have to do it another way."

"Okay Bobby thanks." Marie got out the car and watched him drive off. She readied herself to face her dad. It as eleven o'clock and she prayed that he would be in the back cleaning and not out on the floor. She could here the jukebox playing Eagles' Desperado' through the entrance doors. She sighed a heavy sigh walked in.

/Thank goodness! No one on the floor./ She started quickly towards the stairwell behind the bar.

"Hey kid, your home early."

/Shit! Busted./ "Yeah well the girls kicked butt so we got done early." Marie said as she turned to face him. Praying that he wouldn't be able to tell that she had been crying. "Where's Daddy?"

"Well I told'em I would finish cleaning so he went on up to bed."

"That was nice of you."

"The least I could do since I woke him up this afternoon."

"How did you like your first night working at the famous Summerside Roadhouse'?" Marie asked.

"It's not that bad. I actually like it but I guess you should ask me after my first weekend." He started to sweep the massive floor. "Damn I've never seen people eat so many peanuts look at all these peanut shells on the floor."

Marie laughed "I bet uncle Tony sat in that chair over there. He eats the most, it was his idea to serve them. Do you want any help putting the chairs up?"

"Sure if you want, thanks kid."

Marie rolled her eyes at the endearment, it obviously was there to stay. She started focusing on arranging the chairs on the table when she heard Logan say...

"What the hell happened to you arm, kid?"

Marie started to stammer, "I umm....well it was...."

"Looks like someone grabbed you pretty hard." Logan held her arm gently looking at the nasty bruise.

"Well I was tryin' to steal home when the guy who was third baseman grabbed me. It's no big deal. We were all kiddn' around he was sorry to get so carried away."

Logan studied her face to see if she was lying. /Yep. Definitely not the truth. Oh well, none of my business anyway./ "I can finish up this last part. Thanks for your help, kid."

"Your welcome, night Logan." As Marie walked up the stairs closed her eyes in relief. /I'm so happy he didn't press the issue. I think he suspects it though, hopefully he won't mention anything to Daddy. I wonder what it's gonna be like with Logan here now./

Marie smiled at the thought of Logan living here. She didn't know why but she felt like her life really was about to start. What she didn't realize is that perhaps...it just did.


Author's note:::

I'm posting this as one story with individual chapters whereas on the DH they are all archived as individual stories with in one series. I just think it will be easier for all FF.net readers if I keep them together.