Silver Queen

Silver queen
Where is thy crown?
Thy head is bare
Covered in only your
Silver hair twisted
Bout, cascading
Down, down, down
Tiny curls jerking
Eyes back up
Back up to silver tears

O silver queen
who has touched thee?
Who has tainted thy
White skin with
Dark, ugly bruises
And gaping red gashes?
Your eyes remain housed
Behind lashed lids
Open your silver eyes
Smile for me
There is a deathly pallor
Drifting upon your face
Where does your spirit flee?

Silver queen, silver queen
Where is thy crown?
There it is
In the corner
Crushed and broken
Just like your soul
Come with me, lady
Take my hand and
Join me with your
Deadlike walk
I will fix thy crown
But will it reassemble
Your broken spirit?
Can I piece together
Fragments of a shards
Of a soul that cuts
My own
With every shattered piece
I try to fix
O Silver queen
My wife
Why can I heal everyone
But you?