Haley walked into her brother, Lucas James' room. He was a year older than her, yet they were still pretty close and got along really well. Ever since they were little kids, Haley had been one of the guys, and Haley hadn't minded that. Not until she was a sophomore in high school and started to crush on some of Lucas' good friends. Jake for example, he was nice, funny, and very good-looking. But that was a rule that Lucas and she had made a long time ago. No dating your sibling's friends. Haley was pissed but after a while go over it.

So there she was in his room, with his friends, hanging out like old times. Tim Smith, Jake Jygalski, Devin Roberts, and Nathan Scott. These were all part of the Fandom Five, as Haley called them. They were always together; they were tight best friends, except Nathan had known Lucas longer. Since they were in grad school, Nathan had been Lucas' best friend. So therefore, Haley knew him too, but they weren't best friends. In fact they couldn't stand each other really.

But that was pretty much it. The other guys were good friends from basketball. Now, Haley had a best friend, Brooke Davis. They were extremely tight until the end of eight grade when she had to move. She had a secret crush on her brother; only Haley wouldn't allow anything to develop.

So there they all were, the Fandom Five and Haley James.

Haley plopped herself down in the middle of the guys, feeling again just like one of them, "What are we playing tonight boys?" She questioned while looking around the room at all of them.

"We don't play games, Princess," Nathan said smirking at her. Haley rolled her eyes at she looked at Jake. He shook his head not wanting to get involved again. Jake and Haley were probably the closest besides her and Lucas. Jake would always stand up for her and they would talk on the phone a lot as well.

"Leave me outta this one," Jake gulped down some of his drink while Tim snapped getting everyone's attention.

"I've got it!" Tim said, "Spin the bottle!" Everyone groaned with disappointment. Lucas shook his head. Tim was the least intelligent out of the six of them. He was a lot slower than most people would believe him to be.

"Uh, Tim, we would need hot chicks for that," Nathan said smart-alecky and then looked around the room, "I don't see any hot chicks." He looked straight at Haley and she glared at him.

"Alright, enough of this nonsense," Devin chimed in, "I'm in the mood to get wasted. This is our second to last night as High School seniors. Look at us, we are all a whole bunch of losers," The boys nodded. They would be leaving for college the day after tomorrow and they were all excited. Well except Haley, she was going to be a senior now, and that would mean no Jake.

"Jake, promise me you'll call like everyday," Haley pleased flirtatiously and Jake bought it. He thought Haley was cute, and a very good friend too. Nathan rolled his eyes.

"Oh please let's not get mushy, I need to keep my food down tonight," Haley sarcastically laughed at Nathan then followed with a tongue sticking out. "Real mature Haley," Nathan threw in her face just to make her angry, which was working.

"Go screw a whore Nathan," Haley rolled her eyes and tried to focus her attention back onto Jake. But Nathan couldn't let her win, nope.

"You know, that sounds like a good idea. Who's with me?" Everyone laughed as Nathan stood up and pretended like he was getting ready to go. "Devin, I know you're with me. You too Tim. Jake, Jake Jake Jake." Nathan said while shaking his head, "time for you to get laid!" They boys laughed once again.

"Jake, don't listen to Nathan, he eats his own-"

"Don't finish that sentence Hales," Lucas warned, interrupting Haley. She shrugged and nodded. "So Nathan, what are your plans for Theresa?" Lucas smiled, he knew his best friend all too well.

"Just tell her that there never was a future for us. I'm a hot basketball player playing pimp that needs his space!" Again the boys laughed, Nathan was definitely the comedian in the group.

"It's a good thing she's a lil junior, watch out when she goes to college though, she's gonna hire the CIA to track you down!" Lucas stated giving the boys another good laugh.

"So wait," Tim finally interjected, "We aren't gonna play spin the bottle?" Tim asked still on square one. Everyone rolled their eyes in annoyance. "What? We could all use Haley," Lucas shot Tim a nasty glare, "Woops wrong choice of words," Haley smiled, she loved being fought about. It made her feel special.

"So, when can I come visit you, Jake?" Haley batted her eyes towards Jake and he playfully winked.

"Whenever you want, gorgeous," Haley licked her lips and smiled, making Nathan roll his eyes in disgust.

"Please, get a room already!" Nathan exclaimed frustrated. Lucas shook his head and hands in front of them.

"No no no no," Lucas glanced from Haley to Jake, "No room, Haley," He warned her. She rolled her eyes, knowing that was part of their agreement years and years ago.

"Whatever," Haley said light-heartedly as Jake laughed. Suddenly Haley's cell phone went off. "Oh phone call, later losers," Haley said while getting up and walking out of the room.

"So Jake, are you ready to go?" Tim asked seriously, believing they were really going to go somewhere. Devin rolled his eyes in annoyance and smacked Tim in the back of the head.

"Does anyone know how this kid got accepted into college?" Devin asked as he looked around the room to his group of buddies. Everyone shook their heads no.