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A Moment to Breathe

I don't think I have ever been this nervous. Well, perhaps writing my NEWTs in seventh year…yes, that does come quite close but this…this is completely different.

Neither one of us expected this. I mean, I think I am happy about the possibility but, to be honest, I am still in shock that I hardly feel anything else. Even now, as I wait for the result, do I expect cherubs to rain rose petals down on me or something like that…something straight out of a page in Gilderoy Lockhart's book?

When I asked my poor bemused husband about what I needed he merely looked at me as if I had suddenly declared my intention to run off with Dobby to Morocco. He asked me if I was certain of the need and I told him to sod off.

I think that convinced him of 'the need'.

He is waiting outside. Nervous? Perhaps. Scared? Most likely. He did not expect this and I hope that he will be happy if things turn out the way I think they will.

I only wish there were a magical way of doing this that didn't involve urine. I thought that wizards and witches simply cast a spell and found their answer. My husband smirked when I naively asked if he could do it. Blame a silly question on a temporary lapse in mental capacity.

"No, my dear…I can certainly brew the required potion but we need to add…something to it."

That 'something' turned out to be urine. How utterly Muggle. I'm only surprised that there wasn't a rabbit somehow involved.

It should only be another moment or so before I know for certain. It's strange to think of this…to think ahead and visualize just how our lives will change.

It terrifies me. It excites me. I'm a mess of mixed up emotions and I don't even have the luxury of blaming it on hormones yet.


Not yet.

I glance at the potion and see that it is changing colour. Will it turn colourless or pink or blue? I think I should be offended by the rather obvious stereotypes but this is an ancient potion and so one must make allowances.

The potion bubbles and I try not to remember what is in there…trying to see the faintest trace of colour.

It finally settles down…and I sit down in utter amazement.

I suppose I can blame it on the hormones after all…despite the lack of petal-laden cherubs, thank Merlin.

I need a moment right now…a moment to breathe…a moment to regroup.

Finally, when I am ready, I stand up and open the door. I'm not surprised to see my husband pacing nervously. He turns, quickly walks up to me and embraces me.

"Well, Hermione?" he asks softly. I can feel that he is trembling slightly.

Or is that me?

"Well, Severus, all I can tell you is…" I pull away slightly and look at him intently.

"Yes?" His eyes look so hopeful and I feel silly for having doubted him.

"Oh yes…and he had better not inherit your nose either."

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