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So now I'll finish by introducing the PART 2 of this installment.


Mr. Lancer stroked his forehead. Yet another wrinkle was to be added to several others on his bald head. All thanks to one particular student, "Mr. Fenton, tell me why you are here."

In fact, Danny did not know. He was just about to leave the school on his scooter when Lancer had called to see him over the loud speakers. So here he was. When he was just about to leave and have a good weekend. Then it him. He knew why Lancer had called him in.Danny smiled sheepishly, "Cause you wanted to congratulate me on such a well deserved, well written research paper?"Lancer arched a brow, " Oh, why yes. Yes I did," he smiled.

Danny let out a sigh of relief.

Procrastinating began to look a lot less fun to Danny. If he had remembered that he needed to bake a cake for Home Ec. he would not have made such a bad paper. It was just bad luck that he forgot about both projects that were due on the same day. Danny had skimmed by with a D for the cake with one missing layer and grass bits with dirt instead of sprinkles on the frosting. Only because he explained the situation with Dash to the teacher and someone vouched that it happened. With Mr. Lancer though, he did not know what to expect.

"But of course, I am being sarcastic," Lancer yelledDanny gulped, his eyes drifted towards the floor. Oh, what he would do to disappear into the floor right now, literally. He knew Lancer did not want to talk to him about a good, well researched paper. It was obviously because what he culminated and claimed to be a research paper, was not well researched at all. It was put together in a matter of twenty minutes before he got to school after baking the cake.

"It looks like you wrote this in twenty minutes before school, Daniel!"

Danny called it.

"Look, I'm sorry. Mr. Lancer, it's just that I'm so busy,"

"Do not give me that, Mr. Fenton. You had more than enough time to write this paper. Which was assigned two months ago!"

"Mr. Lancer please,"

"You have major grammatical errors, you have numerous sentence fragments. And, if I'm quite certain," Lancer looked at the paper, "You have the words, "˜I hate writing papers, I hate writing papers, I hate writing papers', written several times to achieve the bare minimum of words assigned."

Danny shrugged his shoulders. Slightly embarrassed he asked. "So, is the paper good enough for a D?"

"Did you even know what the paper was to be about?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"The truth, Fenton."

"Uh, no?""Then, no. You did not get a D."

"But, Mr. Lancer," Danny protested. "I need this D. I need to pass."

"I do not care, Mr. Fenton. What matters is how do you expect me to give you credit when there is none to be given. This is unacceptable."

"But I did the paper on empathy!"

"Do you even know what that word means!? Because this paper," Lancer waved, "does not show me you do."

"It means to pity, right?"




"Then what is it!"

"To understand and share the feelings of another. That is what it means."

"But isn't that the same thing."

Mr. Lancer sighed, "No, no it does not." He rubbed the bridge of his nose, "It does not."

Lancer sat in thought, Thinking of what to do next to this less than average student. What should he do, he pondered.

"So what are you thinking of, Mr. Lancer?"

"A solution, Mr. Fenton."


The man took a deep breath, "Ok, Fenton. I've decided."


"I would like you to redo this paper again. Keep in mind I rarely give second chances, but believe it or not, I have faith in you. I know that you are a creative young man when you put your mind into it."

"Wow. Thanks, Mr. Lancer.""Because, we both know that your physical self is not so in tune." Lancer looked at Danny, "You should really try hitting the weights."

"Great, there is his great sense of dry wit again," Danny said to himself as he rolled his eyes.

"Redo this paper, Fenton. Have it ready to turn in three days from now. Since tomorrow will be a Teachers Work Day. So I gave you three days instead of TWO."

"But, wait. That means I have to do this paper on the weekend.."

"Oh, I know. A little something for you to do besides goofing off with Manson and Foley," he smiled as he handed the paper back to Danny.

Danny smiled depressingly, "Thanks, Mr. Lancer."

"Just please, please try to remember the topic Daniel. And get it right this time."

Danny stuffed the paper into his book bag as he walked out the door."I'll get YOU right," he mumbled. Great, just great. He thought to himself. Now he had rewrite the whole stupid paper all over again. He sighed as he walked out of school. He had enough for one day and all he wanted was to go home. He strapped on his electric scooter, put on his helmet, and rode off down the sidewalk towards home. His phone rang, "Hey, Sam. What's up?"

"Are you done dealing with Lancer?"

"Yeah, and I'm heading home."

"What'd he say?"

"Something about how I got the topic wrong and how I have to rewrite it."

"Ooo, that stinks."

"Tell me about it. Hey, what did he give you on your paper? On, uh, what was it?"

"Anti-assimilation and it's deep underground effects on society?"

"Uh, yeah that?"

"An," she hesitated, "A?"

"What? No way."

"Well actually it's a A-, but hey, it's not that big of a deal."

"Man, I swear. Lancer is out to get me."

"Or is it that you wrote it twenty minutes before school?"

Danny's phone rang again. "Hold on, it's Tucker. I'll put us on three way" He pushed a button, "Hey, Tuck."

"Hey, Danny. Hey Sam. How did that twenty minute paper go, dude?"


Sam scoffed, "Well?"

"He did bad, didn't he? You did bad didn't you?"

"Hey! Give me a chance to respond! But, yeah. I kinda did."

"Tsk-Tsk, my friend. Told you to try and write it THIRTY minutes before school, like I did."

"Oh, and what did you get?"" My paper on obsession? With the help of being computer savvy and managing to find good sources, a C.""What!"

"Well actually a C-,"

"Man, how do you guy's get off so lucky."

"It's not luck Danny," Sam said. "We just know how to relate to our topics and get decent info."

"Well, I have ghost fighting to do, you guy's don't. So I win this conversation."

"Ha-ha, Danny," Sam replied.

"Dude, since you have three days, you want us to help you with that paper tonight?

"Eh, I don't know. It would make things easier and fun so- sure!""Cool. Then give us a call when you're ready. I got stuff to do."

"Yeah, same here. Later, Danny,"Sam said."Alright, I'll catch you guy's later," he said as he hanged up his phone. He sighed. Not only did he not want to redo this paper again, he had no idea where to start. What was empathy? If it was not pity or being charitable, then what? He knew those were words that connected. What was Lancer looking for? Was not the definition good enough."Maybe," he thought. "maybe he wanted me to get something more out of it. Maybe, maybe...," Danny bit his bottom lip. " It's, oof!" Danny's scooter collided into a bus bench and he was sent tumbling over in a crumple of scooter and body parts. "And now I lost it."

End of chapter 2

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