Away from war.

As Trance sat in her room, watering plants, she couldn't help feel something was not right. She felt this a lot. She had amazing guessing powers. Suddenly a shipwide alarm went off. "Trance! Get to med deck!" Dylan yelled. "On my way Dylan." Trance replied. I wonder what happened this time Trance thought as she ran to med-deck. Dylan was there when she arrived. "Trance, this is President Darion Shandow of Ozraya. His ship was attacked." Dylan gestured to the unconscious alien. "He got banged up pretty bad. Do what you can. "Yes, Dylan." Trance replied. "I need to get to the conference room. Join me as soon as possible." "Understood." She said. "Oh wow." She said softly to herself.

"Captain Hunt, I am Airia Auril, First officer to Darion Shandow. I would first like to thank you for helping us," the blue alien said," Second, I would like to meet Trance Gemini." Dylan raised his eyebrows. He hadn't mentioned Trance at all and was pretty sure no one else had either. "Um, I'm confused, I don't know anyone by the name of Trance." Dylan said. Suddenly he didn't trust Auril and wanted to know what she was after. A small smile played at Auril's lips. "Yes, Captain, you do. She is on your med-deck right now." Auril finished, smiling slightly. "How did you..." Dylan's sentence drifted off. "Just, captain, tell her the time to dream is over. She will know what it means." Auril finished. "Alright, I'll be back then." Dylan said and went to find Trance.

Dylan got to the bridge and told Beka and Rhade what had happened. "Oh creepy" Beka said. "Have you let her speak with Trance, Captain?" Rhade asked. "No, Rhade. Not yet. I still don't trust her." Dylan replied. "It could be a trap," Rhade continued," We do not know much about Trance but maybe this alien does. Maybe she knows something about her that we do not. Something that they could force her to reveal." "What, like super powers? Just 'cause you Nietzschean and can do things us pathetic humans cant doesn't mean Trance can too." Beka replied. "If I didn't know any better, I would think you actually cared what happened to her." Beka finished. "Contrary to what you might think, Beka, I do care what happens to her. She is, after all, a member of this crew and essential to this mission, though we might not know how yet." Rhade retorted. Beka opened her mouth to speak but Dylan cut her off. "Either way. None of us want to see Trance hurt. I will go and talk to Trance and see what she has to say." Dylan finished.

"And then she said, tell her 'The time to dream is over, She'll know what it means'" Dylan finished. He had just told Trance his entire conversation with Auril. "May I speak to her?" Trance asked. "Are you going to tell me what she meant?" "Possibly." "Alright"

"Trance." Airia Auril stated as Trance entered the room. Trance looked at her and gave a short gasp of surprise. She whispered "Oh my God," under her breath.