Chapter 10

"Rom Doll, I would like to ask you a question. How are the new upgrades?"

"Wonderful Harper. Now will you please focus on getting the use of hanger doors and the cables back?"

"Right away Rommie." Harper sighed. Always the job at hand. Always the Warship.

Beka and Rhade walked aimlessly and silently for awhile. Before they knew it they were in command. Beka walked slowly to the first officer's station.

"I wish I could remember, remember everything that has happened in the past few years. Why Trance is gold...or why I didn't like Nietzscheans." Beka whispered.

Rhade nodded. "I understand...Beka? When you remember everything, I don't want it to change anything between us. I care about you...a lot and I don't want to lose you."

"I am counting on the fact that I know you now to make me want to be with you when my usual bitchy self returns. Because I um...I do have feelings for you and I don't want to lose you because of the...well the me." She smiled and kissed him.

Beka turned around and walked up the step to the station. She slowly reached out a hand. As she touched the station, she closed her eyes as memories came flooding back.

She was at the console with Rhade at her side. They were fighting the rude Aricads. When a huge barrage of missiles struck the ship, she remembered flying over the console. She remembered the look of shock and worry on Rhade's face. She remembered right before she hit the ground thinking This is it...I am going to die.

Beka opened her eyes. She looked around command and memories of more battles flooded her senses, the Cetus eating them, the Magog, the Nietzscheans, Tyr...She remembered why she hated Nietzscheans. How she had loved him. He had betrayed them. How she felt the entire world was caving in. How she didn't trust Rhade when he first came. Rhade. She looked at him hoping her feelings haven't changed.

Rhade noticed a glazed over look in her eyes. Confusion, then sadness then anger then fear. She looked at him hesitantly.

"I remember. Everything. The battles, why Trance is gold, my...distrust to Nietzscheans." Beka said. She looked afraid, as if because she remembered Rhade would hate her. "I don't hate you."

Rhade pulled her into a hug. Beka didn't resist. For once, it felt good to be taken care of. She didn't mind that Rhade was a Nietzschean. It didn't matter. She loved him.

Rhade was relived when he hugged Beka she didn't pull away. He realized he was right on Auril's ship. So she wasn't Nietzschean, big deal. He loved Beka.

Dylan and Trance were in Hydroponics.

"So Trance, tell me. Why did Auril want to take you away from the Andromeda?"

"Well, she believed that it wasn't right for me to help you."

"Uh huh. And how does Beka come into this?"

"Umm...well...there is a possible future where Beka will...will become very important to the universe. In that future the Abyss and Magog are destroyed. Forever no coming back. And apparently Auril believes this wouldn't be good. I think...I think my people are now being controlled by the Abyss."

Dylan looked astonished. "That is very very bad." Is all he could say. Trance just nodded and looked down.

A few minutes later Dylan regained the use of his vocal chords and said, "Why did Auril say that that future requires sacrifice?"

"Because it is a possibility that someone onboard will die if that future comes to be but it isn't definite."

"Is that all you are going to tell me?"

"That is all you really need to know." Trance said. Dylan nodded.

"They might be back, Dylan, and if they come back, they will be angry."

The end.

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