Title: Not a Lie, After All
Fandom: Angel
Rating: PG for character death
Words: 100
Disclaimer: Not mine, they're Whedon's. sob
Written for: LJ Community Challenge100's #21 "Character Death" challenge.
Notes: Okay, I know...but you know, Sparrow and Knox had ulterior motives, and we don't really know if they were telling the truth about Fred's soul, do we?
"Lie to me," he'd said. And she had. "Soon you'll be where I am, and we'll be together." But Fred's soul was annihilated when Illyria had taken over her body, so there was no chance of that. It was, nevertheless, a beautiful lie, and even while Wesley's Watcherly self rebelled at the falsehood, his emotional side embraced it.

And yet, as he faded out of this world and into the next...he thought he must be dreaming, or still dying, or something. Because nothing else would explain the vision standing before him, waiting to welcome him with open arms.