Title: Year of Discovery

Chapter: (1) Leaving the Wizarding World

Author: Laen

Editor: Fallohe Leng

Summary: When given a chance to leave the Wizarding world once and for all, Harry takes it. But what happens when he ends up bumping into one of his closest friends from Hogwarts at his new school? Will he ever escape magic? Or Voldemort?

Disclaimer: Not Mine, I'm merely a fifteen year old kid who loved to write crazy fanfics like this one. Don't sue, since I'm not a brilliant genius like J.K. Rowling.

"What would you say if I told you I had the power to give you a new life? A chance, to get away from here; to live as a normal sixteen year old kid, and not 'the-boy-who-lived'?"

"I'd asked 'what's the catch?'." Harry replied.

"You'd have to live life among muggles, with your magic of course, but nothing would be able to sense you. The ministry wouldn't be able to find you."

Harry looked up at the man who stood in front of him, and frowned.

"That'll never happen." He whispered as the man chuckled.

"Never say never, Mr. Potter."

"Who are you?" Harry questioned.

"My name is Kazu; they call me the Dragon Master."

"I see... Kazu... Why are you offering to change my life?"

"You've turned sixteen today Mr. Potter, and if I'm not correct, you made a wish to escape all of this. To escape your destiny, your past, your future, and your present. You wish to escape the prophecy. I'm merely giving you the chance to make that wish come true." Kazu explained.

"How do you know about the prophecy?" Harry asked in shock.

"I know many things, young dragon. Time will answer your questions if you are willing to wait," the man smiled.

"How do I know you're not a death eater, and you're not trying to kill me?" Harry continued to ask.

"You don't."

There was a pause of silence before Harry spoke again.

"Where would I live? And under what name?"

"You'd be at a private school down in Scotland, along with muggles your own age." Kazu answered.

"It's too close to Hogwarts... why can't I stay in London?"

"The most dangerous place is also the safest Harry. They'll be searching for you in London, but they'll never expect you to be right under their nose," the man explained as Harry nodded slowly.

"But my scar—"

"Will be permanently removed, your connection with Voldemort will also be closed off unless you open it." Kazu replied.

"How do you know about the connection?" Harry asked.

"Common sense."

"The name I'd be under?"

"Nicholas Cliffmore."

"Why Nicholas? Why Cliffmore?" Harry asked.

"Your grandfather's name was Nicholas. Cliffmore was your grandmother's maiden name."

"Oh. Do I have to make my decision now? If I wish to have a new life?" Harry questioned.

"Afraid so. Anymore questions?" Kazu asked.

"Yes. What else other then my scar will be changed? Wouldn't people still recognize me?"

"I'll be changing your hair around a bit. And your eye sight. If you spend the rest of the summer exercising and eating properly, I'd say you wouldn't need anymore changing. You'd probably look a hundred times better then you are now." Kazu explained.

Harry looked down at his clothes, it was over sized, and he had lost quite a large amount of weight in the last month since he returned from Hogwarts.

"You'll be staying at a small house for the rest of summer. All the things you would need would be there. Food, books, computers, any muggle technology." Kazu continued to say.

"What's the name of the school I'll be attending?"

"Scotland High Private School. It's better then Hogwarts." Kazu answered.

"That's saying a lot." Harry muttered as the man who stood in front of him nodded.

"I'd need to learn some of the basics about muggle technology. I haven't really had a chance to see what's new with the world lately."

"Don't worry about that. I'll teach you how to use the programs in a laptop you'll be using in class for your notes... and if you do need help, you'll receive it easily."

"From who? Who would I receive help from?" Harry asked.

'From me.' A voice inside Harry's head answered.

"What was that?" Harry asked as he looked around looking for the source of the voice.

"Your new tutor, if you plan on accepting my help." Kazu answered.

There was another moment of silence, before Harry spoke again.

"I'll accept your offer." He whispered as a small smile appeared onto the man's face.


"Dad, I refuse to move!" Hermione Granger screamed as her parents continued to knock at the door.

"Listen sweetie, we've talked about this already. Your father and I know what's best for you. It's not safe living in London anymore, and going to Hogwarts is out of the question!" Evelyn Granger said as a groan was heard through the door to their daughter's bedroom.

"Hogwarts is the only place that's safe now that Voldemort—" Hermione began, but her father cut in.

"If Hogwarts was safe, then why did you come home with an injury?" David Granger questioned.

There was a moment of silence before anyone spoke again.

"The movers are here already, please Hermione. Open the door." David pleaded.

"Dumbledore would never allow this. Why isn't he here to stop you?" Hermione asked in a whisper.

"Dumbledore can't do anything. When we sent you to Hogwarts, your headmaster and us signed a magical contract. If anything dangerous happened while you were at Hogwarts, we'd pull you out immediately. We would've done so earlier, but apparently your headmaster thinks three-headed dogs, trolls, large human-eating snakes, and werewolves aren't dangerous!" Mr. Granger stated angrily.

"Mum, you can't really agree with him! Please!" Hermione said as tears began to stream down her face.

"We're sorry Hermione, we really are. But you'll understand in the future. This is for the best. I promise you, you'll love Scotland high!" Evelyn said.

"I hate you both... Hogwarts is my second home! All my friends are there! You force me to leave just because I come home with an injury and—"

"Get on the bloody car Hermione Jane Granger!" David shouted angrily as a small click was heard, and the door was unlocked.

Fifteen year old Hermione Granger stepped out of her room holding Crookshanks and Hedwig, her face streaked with tears. She couldn't believe it; she would never have the chance to see her friends again. Ever.

Brand new tears escaped her eyes as she walked down the stairs, and walked out of the house that had been her home for the last fifteen years. She got onto the car in silence, and prayed that she would somehow return to Hogwarts one day. Someway, some how.