One Night, Never Forgotten

Based on a True Story

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By: maixwolfblossom

Rating: PG (It's not a lemon)

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Full Summary: Has a friend ever set you up on a blind date? What if it was for prom? What if your friend was a helpless romantic and begged you not to see your prom date and only confide in phone calls? That's what Kinomoto Sakura has gone through. It's the most important event for Sakura to attend senior year and she's going to prom with a total stranger. Can someone fall in love through phone calls alone? S&S E&T

Disclaimer: If I owned CCS, why would I be writing fanfiction? All characters belong to CLAMP, not me, so if you sue me then I'll sue you! All problems, some sayings, and character flaws don't belong to me but to those people I based my story on. Kay? OKAY!

--Chappie One—

--The Problem with Sakura—

"WHY NOT!?!?!?"

A very pissed-off Meiling screamed through the receiver.

Sakura pulled the phone back to her ear, laughing.

"Come on, Meiling. It's not like I'm missing anything."

She heard a scoff of disbelief come through the other line.

"Not missing anything?!?!?!??! Sakura we're talking about prom here! This is our last year in high school! Of course it's a big deal!"

Sakura looked down at her manicured fingers and rolled her eyes.

"It's not a big deal for me. I'm sure it's not that special because I have no one to go with. No body wants to ask out poor lil' Sakura."

"That's a lie and you know it. Tomoyo told me that you've rejected a number of guys who asked you out to prom… Say…are you afraid of guys, Sakura? If I'm not mistaken, I think you never did have a boyfriend."

A sly tone, sent Sakura struggling to get up from her lush pink bed, "What's up with your voice?"

Meiling cleared her throat before she spoke again.

"I don't know. All of a sudden it just got croaky."

Sakura nodded knowingly. Remembering she was on the phone, she finally said, 'oh'.

She went through her closet to find all her old clothes gone and Tomoyo's new clothing designs in her closet.

'I should've really not given the house keys to Tomoyo.' Sakura thought grudgingly. She missed her pink sweater that hung loosely on her body, but it was no where to be found, 'damn you, Tomoyo.'

"Huh..? Sakura, I'm not Tomoyo."

Shaking, her head, Sakura apologized, "Gomen (sorry)"

"It's alright. Anyways, like I was saying, why don't you have a date?"

Finding an excuse, Sakura quickly picked out an outfit. Smiling deviously, she tried to sound as if she was in a real hurry, crashing into her desk and slamming books off it.

A few seconds later, a knock came from the room next to hers.

"Keep it down, kaijuu (monster) I don't want the whole neighborhood to know that we have a monster freeloading off of us."

With a frown, Sakura pounded against the wall yelling, "I am not a kaijuu!" Before going back to the phone.

"Oh--…oOoO look at the time. If I don't get off, onii-chan's going to have a field day. Gomen (sorry) I've got to go… Toodles…"

Right before she could hang up, Meiling's ringing voice emerged through the receiver making Sakura cringe, "Hold it missy! Are you trying to avoid the question?"

"Uh Uh nooo Uh…I have to—I have to…" Sakura shot glances around the room and said the first things that came into her view her cat Kero, sniffing the trash bin.

"I have to throw Kero in the trash! Yeah the trash."

Realizing how stupid she was, Sakura slapped a hand to her forehead, miserably.

"AH HA HA! I caught you now! Liar! So what's the deal?"

"Um… I got to feed Kero?"

Feeling Meiling's irritation grow Sakura surrendered, "Alright, alright! I kind of do have a fear of talking to guys…"

Meiling beckoned for Sakura to continue. "And…"

"And nothing! I just have a fear! It's just easy for you to get along with guys. You've practically dated the population of teenage boys in Tomoeda!"

A mirthful, bubbly laugh made Sakura shudder uneasily, "Ah now, Sakura.. If you wanted to lie, I wouldn't say the population of teenage boys, I would say at least half."

Even without seeing her, Sakura knew enough of Meiling's tones to know that she had a mischievous smile playing on her lips.

"Naughty girl! Isn't that one of the reasons you got kicked out of Seijou High in the first place? Because you caused too much 'trouble'?"

As if it were an honor to be kicked out of Seijou, Meiling answered gracefully, "But of course. Which reminds me, just to let you know Hingaku High is on the verge of expelling me."

Sakura fell back onto her bed once more and smiled ironically, "Meiling, Meiling, Meiling…what are we going to do with you…"

"Hey! Don't blame me! They said I caused to much 'trouble' in their school and I asked them to emphasize, 'trouble' and then their like, 'especially with the teenage boys,' and I'm like what do you mean? And their like, 'Well you've been the subject of heartbreak and seem to gain the name 'village slut',' and I was like, thank you."

"Oh my god! You're so aggressive, Meiling!" Sakura giggled madly.

"Well what would you expect when they constantly lecture me. I mean if I dated every man in this small town then that might as well include my cousin and…hey! That's it!"

Sakura's laughter was cut short, "What do you mean 'that's it'? Don't tell me that you're going to start dating your cousin? I know your crazy, but.. Meiling…that's just too desperate!"

"Huh?!?!? Where the hell did you get that idea! That's the dumbest thing I could've ever done to my poor loving cousin! No, Sakura. What I meant was that my cousin could take you to prom!"

"OoOOOoOoOoOooOoOOoh..", then she realized something, "WHAT?!?!?!"

Meiling enunciated, "I said: 'You-can-go-to-prom-with-my-cousin.' He goes to Hingaku High, too and since he didn't go to that prom, maybe he'll go to Seijou's? Sakura, you could go to prom with him and if you're lucky, he could be the perfect boyfriend just for you."

Just hearing that, Sakura fell side-ways off her bed to the floor with a big BANG

"Sakura?! Are you okay?!??! HELLO!?! Hello?!?! SAKURA SPEAK TO ME?!?!?! DON'T DIE ON ME!"

Laughing uneasily, Sakura pulled herself upright and rubbed her head before grabbing the phone.

"Goodness, Meiling, you're such a drama queen!"

Meiling's uncertain voice sounded sore, "So that means you're okay?"

"Uh huh"

A cackle emerged from Meiling, "So did the mere mention of my cousin make you that excited?"

Sakura blushed red hot, "NO WAYYYYYYY! And what did I say, I'm-not-going-to- prom! And as you haven't heard, 'Sakura' and 'boyfriend' don't belong in the same sentence."

"Ah come on, Saku-chan! It'll be fun! I promise that my cousin isn't that ugly…"

An awkward silence made Sakura a little nervous, "If I said, 'yes' can I see a picture of him?"

A pause came before Meiling answered, "Nope, this will be a blind date for prom. It's more romantic that way."

A sigh of frustration fought its way through Sakura's throat, "You and your romantic personality…"

"So will you?"

A long silence followed, until Meiling gave out a frustrated sigh.

"Okay I'll make a deal. You could talk to him on the phone, but no revealing where you live or where he lives. You could ask about how he looks like but hopefully you won't be able to see him before prom because my school is all the way across town. And you can't look him up in the yearbook because he doesn't like to take pictures. But he is in this year's yearbook which doesn't come out until later in June."

A feeling of doubt made Sakura squirm uneasily at the thought of having an unknown person taking her to prom. An image of an ugly toad made its way to her thoughts.

"Meiling, I--"

"PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE! Yes, my cousin may be a little cold around the edges and not very friendly but other than that he's a great guy!"

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, wait! Cold and unfriendly??? Bu--"

"ONEGAIIIIIIIIIII! (Please) Help my poor, poor cousin…he never has fun anymore… He didn't even go to his own prom! He really needs some of that energy you keep hidden all the time. You'd be doing me a favor."

The distressed voice was not one that Sakura recognized, especially in Meiling.

She tilted slightly to her side to lie on her stomach, looking carelessly out the window, "I don't want him to think I did it out of pity."

A sigh of relief came from the other side, "Arigatou goziamasu (Thank you very much) Sakura-chan! And no, he won't think it's out of pity.

"I didn't even answer you yet!"

As if Meiling didn't hear Sakura's answer, she laughed speaking quickly, "You're a lifesaver!-- Which reminds me to drop by the store today to buy more of that delicious candy."

"You never change, Meiling."

"Darn right tootin'! And thanks again for doing this for my cousin…he really needs the fun…Ja Ne (See you later)! I'll call later to tell you when he'll call you."

The dial tone pulsed against Sakura's ear while she opened her mouth muttering, "But, but, but, but, but, but…I didn't even answer yes…"

Meiling jumped up and down for successfully setting up Sakura with Syaoran.

As if on cue, Syaoran passed by her door and watched the progress of Meiling jumping higher and higher on her bed.

An evil smirk emerged from his lips thinking of a way to rile Meiling.

"You know…no matter how many times you jump like that it's not going to make you fly, Meiling."

Startled, she fell on the floor, glaring at Syaoran. Normally she would insult him, but instead she did the unbelievable. She skipped towards Syaoran, took his hands in hers and started dancing around in circles with Syaoran being steered unwillingly.


Syaoran suddenly fell to the carpet in dizziness, seeing imaginary flying chocolate bars.

When Meiling realized Syaoran was on the floor she joined in with him thinking he was playing along with her.

She felt like her head was spinning and felt the floor moving.

"Damn, Xiao Lang, this is nauseating FUN! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!"

Hearing him mutter something, she became quiet and stared at him, seeing stars in his eyes.

"Mommy, I would wuv a wowwy pawp."

Meiling saw drool slipping out of his open mouth as she prodded him tentatively.

"HUH? Xiao Lang?," Hearing no response, she slapped him.

Still, no reaction.

She shook his shoulders.

No reaction.

She listened for a heartbeat--

A servant who was passing by peeked into the room and yelled, getting annoyed, "HE'S PASSED OUT, MEILING-SAN!"

After his sudden outburst, he straightened himself out, coughed, and went on his way.

Shrugging her shoulders, Meiling muttered glumly, "Hmm? I guess he's passed out?"

Meanwhile, Sakura huddled in the corner in misery.

What have I gotten myself into???

She rocked back and forth and her eyes were wide in disbelief.

It was not usual to go out with someone, especially someone she even didn't know!

Then her wicked imagination came into play.

Breathing deeply, the image of the ugly toad emerged from her thoughts. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the horrible image, but it seemed to stick with her confused mind.

"What do you mean I can't go!?! It's supposed to be a junior and senior prom!"

Rage burned within the amethyst-eyed girl, her fists shaking, her feet quivering to kick something.

Her mother, Sonomi, sat at the head of the table, as her regal gaze fixed upon her only daughter.

"I have told you. You are too young to go prom and it isn't even yours. You're not even allowed to have a boyfriend. So whom are you going with?"

Tomoyo sighed inwardly and thought, 'Parents, Parents, Parents…they really don't know what we kids do for real. I mean the 'no boyfriend rule'…I do have a boyfriend. A senior boyfriend to be exact…'

But for that thought she dare not say out loud.

(A/N: Tomoyo is a year younger than Sakura…she is a junior, whilst Sakura is a senior. And Eriol is a senior)

A whining noise came from Tomoyo, a tone she never used since she was two.

"Demo (but)…Okaaaa-sannnn…Sakura will be there and so will Rika, Naoko, Nakuru, Chiharu, Takashi, Toya, Yukito, Tereda-sensei--"

"You're teacher?"

A look of discomfort crept to Tomoyo's face for almost blurting out that Rika was going out with their teacher, "Ummm…did I say Terada-sensei? I meant, he'll be one of the prom's chaperons. Ehehehehe. So where was I? Oh yeah…"

As Tomoyo babbled on and on for hours on end…In the end…she still couldn't go to prom.

Next Day

"I'm sorry, Eriol-kun…I can't go to prom…I begged my mother, but you know how she is. It seems like she doesn't trust me or something." A pained expression passed through her eyes as Eriol felt his face drop. He had hoped and prayed that he would take Tomoyo to prom since he was leaving for college in two months.

Outside, his emotions where somewhat kept mysterious, but a questioning flicker came alive in his azure eyes.

"Tomoyo-chan…does your okaa-san know that we're dating?"

A blush from Tomoyo's face told him all he needed to know.

When he tipped her chin, she shifted her head away, too ashamed to look at him.

A smile made it's way to his lips at her shyness as he took her in his arms, "It's alright Tomoyo…there's always your prom next year."

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