Author's notes – Hi, and welcome to my series. I don't own any of the established characters or story elements, so please don't sue me because I don't have any money anyway. Original characters and content are, however, copyright to me. When I first wrote this series, I was 11, and the stories really reflected that. This is my second version of my fanfic series, and while the narrator is still me, I've tried to write away from the 'Mary Sue' cliché. Anyway, have a read, and tell me what you think. I'm a struggling writer and crave feedback like oxygen (grin). And just for the record, we're not in Angel Grove anymore Toto (grin). Now, on with the show!


The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had just fought their hardest battle yet. And they'd lost. It was a devastating blow, the Power Rangers never believing for a second they could be beaten so thoroughly. But with their defeat came the single, overwhelming realisation that without them, the planet was now defenseless.

In recent days, the team had fought what they'd assumed was just another in a very long line of their arch-enemy's monsters - a savage beast named Monitar, a six-foot-tall blue and gold lizard with long fangs and wickedly sharp claws. But this monster was a truly fiendish creation - while keeping the Rangers occupied, Monitar had somehow broken their connection to the source of their power, the Morphin' Grid, robbing the heroes of their powers and leaving them totally helpless. It would be days, perhaps weeks, before their link to the Grid was restored, and by then it would be far too late.

On the eastern coast of Australia lies the city of Caloundra, the home of the legendary Power Rangers. Far inland, in the great open plains and deserts of western Queensland, lies their base, an enormous stone building called the Command Centre. The Rangers had spent the better part of the day in the room they knew as the Central Chamber trying to figure out some way to recover from their defeat, knowing that they had to come up with something fast. Evil may have been ancient, but it moved quickly when the opportunity arose.

"Look, I know we're in trouble," said Jason Scott, the Red Ranger and leader of the team, "but there just has to be something we can do."

The Ranger dressed in blue, Billy Cranston, looked up from a control panel and addressed Jason for the third time. "Negative Jason. You know our current options are extremely limited."

"Yeah," said Zachary Taylor, the Black Ranger. "In case you hadn't noticed man, those options are zero, zip, nil and nada."

"I don't believe it," said Jason. "I can't believe it."

Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger, stopped pacing over behind one of the control panels and turned to the other Rangers. "No you guys, Jason's right. We've been through worse and come back fighting."

"Well yeah," agreed Kimberly Hart, the Ranger dressed all in pink. "Like the time that Goldar ransomed our parents for our power coins, or the time that he," and she motioned to Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, "broke in and destroyed the Command Centre."

Tommy looked up sharply. "Hey, that was a curse. We agreed not to bring that up again." The Green Ranger sighed, before looking up to the disembodied head watching them all from inside a blue plasma tube. "Zordon, why can't you use your own energy to supplement ours like last time?"

Zordon shook his head. "I fear it would not work," he replied. "To restore your powers even briefly, I would need to divide my energy among all six of you. The recharge would be temporary, and would not provide any of you with enough power to defeat Monitar. And if those powers were to fail during battle, the result could be disastrous."

Jason let his gaze fall, and he slumped forward over the control panel. "I just don't know what to do," he said quietly.

"Hey," said Trini, resting her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, or you will burn out."

"Yeah," agreed Kim. "Trini's right - we've totally come through worse. We can do this. The good guys never lose."

"We'll probably set a precedent," said Tommy, with a grim smile.

"No," said Zordon. "I think there is only one course of action available. It's not something I would've liked, but we have no other choice. Alpha," and here, the sentient gold and red robot standing beside Billy looked up. "Get the box."

"Ayeyiyi," said Alpha, in his high-pitched voice. "I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this." But he obediently turned and walked past the teens out into the hallway, disappearing from sight as the doors slid shut behind him.

"Box?" asked Jason. "Zordon, what are you talking about?"

"Forgive me, Rangers," said Zordon. "This is certainly not the way I'd intended you to find out, but I'm afraid I have kept something from you, something of tremendous importance." The sage paused, and glanced around the group. "While the six of you are Earth's first team of Power Rangers, the Mighty Morphin' team was never designed to be its only team of Rangers."

On cue, Alpha walked back into the room. Turning to him, the Rangers immediately noticed he was carrying a small box sealed with a golden lock. The box was decorated with precious jewels and covered in the golden writing of a strange, mystical language. Drawn by the box's beauty, the Rangers gathered around Alpha.

Suddenly, a beam of energy crackled down from Zordon's energy tube and struck the golden lock. As the teens watched, the lock melted into nothingness, and Alpha gently opened the lid. Inside the box, lying on red felt, were possibly the last things any of them expected to see. Six golden coins.

"Power Coins?" murmured Jason. But there was no denying it. The coins were just like the originals he and his five friends already owned - about an inch in diameter, they all glowed with energy, and each was engraved with a different animal image. They were coins that linked universes, coins that could change the fate of the world.

"Zordon," began Zac, unable to take his eyes away from the box. "Are these what I think they are?"

Zordon nodded. "Alpha," he said, looking from the teens to the six Power Coins, "I believe it is time for us to select the Junior Team of Power Rangers."

Chapter One

It was the kind of morning when you couldn't decide whether to put your car's windscreen wipers on full, or just keep them at intermittent. It had been raining on and off all week, which was pretty typical Autumn weather, but the rain was easing off and would probably be gone by midday. That was a shame - I love this type of weather. There's nothing better than lying in bed first thing in the morning, half asleep and listening to the rain gently fall on the roof outside. It's a comfortable sound, reminding you of home and family and warm toast for breakfast.

Hi. My name is Peter Jason Smith, boringly enough, but Peter'll do just fine. I'm a pretty average eleven-year-old boy, and I live with my two parents in Currimundi, a northern suburb of the city of Caloundra on Australia's Sunshine Coast. Although given the weather this morning, I'll admit that's not an entirely accurate description.

Anyway, as I opened my eyes, I looked over to the clock hanging on the wall across from my bed. Darn - it was almost eight o'clock, and I had to be at school in about twenty minutes. Still half asleep, I climbed out of bed and wandered out into the kitchen, where my parents were sitting having breakfast and talking about something on TV.

"Morning," I nodded, sitting down to pour myself some cereal.

"Oh, good morning," my mother replied. "Did you see the news?"

I shook my head. "I was asleep."

She smiled. "Oh, right. I forgot. Anyway, they just said that the Power Rangers were in another battle last night and they lost."

I looked up sharply. "They did? Are you sure?"

"Yes. They were fighting some lizardy thing, and the reporters said that their powers gave out and they had to flee the scene."

I sat back. "I don't believe it," I said. "The Power Rangers don't lose. They can't."

It was true, they never did.

The Power Rangers first appeared in Caloundra about three and a half months ago at the start of the year, fighting off an army of super-powered villains and using their zords - a fleet of enormous battle machines - to save the city from a fifteen-storey rampaging alien warrior. It was awesome, real-life superheroes here in Caloundra. And from that point on, the forces of evil hadn't stood a chance, falling time and time again when faced by the legendary heroes. Sure it was scary, living in a city where battles deciding the fate of the Earth were a regular, if not daily occurrence. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also kind of cool.

Besides, like I said - the Power Rangers don't lose.

My parents continued talking while I quickly finished my breakfast. But as I left the table to get ready for school, Dad turned to me and said, "Be careful today. If the Power Rangers did lose, then make sure you're the first person into those new underground shelters if anything happens."

I nodded. "Count on it," I replied. "But c'mon, they're the Power Rangers - we'll be fine."

Once in my room, I pulled my green and brown ill-fitting school uniform out of the cupboard and began putting it on. At five feet in height, I'm pretty tall for my age, and being thin and lanky doesn't help in the slightest. My wavy brown hair usually resists any attack from a comb, and my eyes are a very dark green with a steadily-fading hint of brown. The oddest thing about me, though, is my feet. I was born with a club foot, so my right foot is about two inches shorter than my left foot, and my right leg is a fraction shorter and thinner than my left.

In a few minutes I was ready to go, and when Mum and I left the house we were only about five minutes late, which was actually something of a record. We drove up over the hill, and down past the nearby Youth Centre towards Currimundi State School. On either end of the school grounds was a large grassy oval, one for the younger students with playground equipment and one with a running track for the older grades. In between were the school buildings - about twelve of them, all linked by concrete walkways and small fenced-off gardens. The road passed one side of the school and on the other side was an environmental area, which I think is a fancy name for a swamp. Beyond that was the beach and the endless blue of the great Pacific.

But school was more than that, more than just buildings and English lessons. Putting it simply, school meant pain. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the first five years, but now in grade six, I'm trapped in a class of neanderthals, brainless thugs who hurt people because they can. I hated it with a passion I hadn't thought possible. But there was nothing I could do about it - and I know I wasn't alone - so I just had to get by as best as I could.

Such is life, I guess.

The day passed pretty slowly. My teacher is a big Italian dude called Mr Di Certo. He's a nice guy, tough at times, but with a class of thirty I can understand. Despite the fact that I was pretty much on my own, class isn't that big a deal. Or, more accurately, the twenty-minute morning recess and hour break for lunch were about a thousand times worse. And today, as the bell rang signifying lunch time and everybody filed outside, I was already making plans, all of them involving getting the heck out of the area.

"Hey," came a voice, and I turned to see my friend Scott Tiaron walking towards me. Scott's a great guy, and the two of us have known each other practically our whole entire lives. He was as close to me as a best friend could get, and I trusted him completely. "What are you doing for the next hour?"

I shrugged. "I don't know," I replied, heading for my backpack. "I was thinking about hanging around the big covered area today, or maybe the library."

"Want to come and jump in puddles with Aaron and me?"

I turned to him, certain I'd missed a vital part of that sentence. "Uh, what?"

Scott grinned. "Aaron's science project involves aquatic plants, or something like that. Anyway, now that the rain's stopped, he said he wanted to have a look down on the oval."

I looked around - it had stopped raining, and anyway, Joel, Joshua and Damien were coming out of the classroom. The sight of these three always scared me just a little.

"Sure," I replied, grabbing a sandwich out of my lunchbox and beating a hasty retreat. Cowards we may be, but at least cowards actualise their potential lifespans.

"Oh, hey, check it out, there are tad-poles in this one!"

I turned to Aaron. "You get the feeling Scott's enjoying this way too much?"

Aaron Gee grinned and laughed. I'd known Aaron for about three years, but he was just as great a friend as Scott. He was a big bloke, and almost as tall as me. With blue eyes and dark hair, he was always cheerful and easy- going, but for as long as I could remember, nobody had ever tried to pick a fight with Aaron. One thing I admired about him was his sheer determination, and his ability to generally flatten anything unlucky enough to be standing in his way.

He turned away from Scott and glanced down into the puddle of water at our feet, quickly taking notes in his book. I honestly didn't know what he was looking for, but anything had to better than making myself a target by hanging around the classroom.

"So, no karate tonight?" he asked, still scribbling notes.

I looked up. "Yeah, I ran into Jason on my way home last night, and heard the same thing," I replied. "He's never missed a lesson all year. It's strange."

"Reckon it's got anything to do with the Power Rangers?" he said.

I shrugged. "Could be. Who knows?"

Aaron turned back to me as Scott returned, bouncing energetically over the grass and puddles of water. "Do you want to see the tad-poles or not?" he asked.

"Yes sir," laughed Aaron, and we began to follow Scott across the otherwise- deserted oval to the fence on the far side.

I glanced back over my shoulder. "Hang on, we've got company."

"Hey guys!" came a voice, and Scott and Aaron looked back to see two girls walking down the grassy slope and onto the oval towards us.

"Where are you guys heading?" asked Teresa Tiaron, as she and Sarah Weir reached us.

Scott grinned. "Hey sis," he said. "We're just jumping in puddles."

Teresa smiled, her grin matching that of her brother. Teresa and Scott obviously weren't identical twins, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that they were. Like Scott, Teresa had green eyes and curly dark hair, much longer than Scott's and normally tied in a ponytail. And like Scott, I'd known Teresa since before I could remember - Mr and Mrs Tiaron were close friends with both my parents. Both Scott and Teresa had a way of looking at something - anything - and breaking it down for everyone else. But while Scott saw the world through the eyes of a tireless explorer, Teresa was the one who usually kept all our feet on the ground.

Teresa walked over to her brother, while Sarah came over to me and Aaron. "Sounds like fun," Sarah said. "Care for some company?" With blonde hair and blue eyes, Sarah was almost as tall as me and very pretty. She was my cousin, actually - a month younger than me, and not only the kindest person I've ever met, but also one of the strongest and toughest people I know.

"Well," Aaron said, "you can if you want, but we're just about done."

"We are?" I asked. "Ah, nuts. Could we maybe...?"

Without warning, a sudden explosion across the road shook the oval, sending a red and yellow fireball roaring skyward and showering the area with pieces of flaming debris. The shockwave echoed back up towards the school, and we all instinctively raised our arms and ducked back.

"What on Earth...?" began Teresa, but she was cut off as a second explosion rocked the area, a lot closer to us than the first one. A fireball engulfed one of the nearby wooden gazebos and blasted it apart with tremendous force, nothing left of the structure but charred splinters. The noise was deafening, the heat from the flames washing over us, and we all jumped back in shock.

But this time, as we looked to see what had caused the explosion, a figure stepped out of the cloud of smoke and slowly turned towards the school. Whatever it was, it couldn't have been human - six feet tall and covered in blue and gold scales, the creature stalked towards us on two powerful hind legs, with a long thin tail swaying behind it. It looked like a bizarre cross between a crocodile, a goanna and a Tyrannosaurus Rex - all teeth, appetite and bad attitude.

"That's the monster the Power Rangers fought yesterday," said Teresa, turning back to us. "I saw it on the news." All of a sudden, noticing the five of us for the first time, the creature's lips grew wide into a horrible grin, revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth, and it took a slow step towards us.

"Everybody stay back," I said. "The Power Rangers will be here."

"But they lost to this thing, didn't they?" asked Sarah. The monster must have heard her - he raised an arm and sent another explosive charge spiralling into the ground only metres away from us, mud and grass erupting skywards in a ball of fire.

"Oh hell," I muttered. The beast was already halfway across the oval, and raising its arms to fire again.

"What should we do?" asked Scott.

Sarah glanced to him. "Running would probably be a good start."

And it was that exact second when the entire Universe flipped upside-down.

One moment, I was standing on the oval, Teresa and Scott on one side and Sarah and Aaron on the other. The next moment, it was all gone. I will forever remember seeing the ground disappear as I was suddenly lifted to a dizzying height above the oval. And then, pulled by some unseen force, I was whisked through the air, over Battery Hill and Aroona and out west of the city. Caloundra disappeared beneath me, and soon all I could see were sand dunes and rolling foothills.

Without a single clue about what was happening, I looked back and saw I was nothing more than a blur of light, trailing away and tapering off like a comet. I could hear screams all around, although most were probably mine, and knew the others were travelling with me. Far ahead of us but rapidly approaching, an odd, beige-coloured building sat at the peak of a mountain, and we were heading straight for it. Then, my comet was abruptly pulled out of the air - it felt like somebody had reached inside my stomach, and given whatever they'd found a good solid yank - and down through a grate on top of the building. In a flash of light, the wild ride ended, and I was standing in the middle of a large, dark room.

I glanced around - the others were standing behind me and looked otherwise okay, and I would've asked them how they were if I didn't suddenly take in my surroundings. The room was larger than I'd first thought, the ceiling alone about twenty feet above our heads. Around us was a ring of control panels, all of them with buttons, dials, keyboards and monitors. Beyond the control panels was a single round wall that surrounded the entire space, and it was covered in panels and pipes and featured a map of the world. Behind us was a doorway sealed by two sliding panels, but in front of us was a large blue pipe, with two tall electrodes on either side. Amazingly, in the pipe was a head - no, a face. All in all, it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in my whole entire life.

"Guys... where are we?" stuttered Aaron.

"And who are you?" asked Sarah, directing the question up to the head as if she expected it to respond.

Incredibly, it did. "My name is Zordon, Zordon of Eltar," it said, "and you five were brought here because you were chosen to become the Junior Team of Power Rangers."