Sara's head rang with excitement as her long legs carried her down the never-ending hallway. She was headed towards the break room where everyone sat waiting for her. About an hour ago, Sara summoned the whole Graveyard shift to meet here there. She sauntered in and plopped down in a chair next to Catherine, who was twiddling her thumbs on the large table. Grissom sat across her, peering over his glasses, supposedly deep in thought. Warrick and Nick sat at each end of the table and were flicking paper balls at each other by sliding them surreptitiously down the middle.

"Hh hmph." Sara intertwined her legs and her arms across the chest. Catherine, it seemed like was the only one who had noticed her presence. Catherine send her wink and Sara replied it with a rolling of her eyes, as the same thing went through each of the women's heads. 'Guys. So clueless, so oblivious.' More about some things than others.

As Warrick sent another crumpled piece of paper at Nick, Sara skillfully caught it halfway across the table with a mere flick of her hand. She wadded it up even tighter and in turn sent it ricocheting off of Grissom's glasses. She sat back, nonchalantly as his gaze immediately focused on her.

"Hello Gris," He nodded towards her, still not free of his daydream, which clung in waspy clouds around his mind. He shifted his gaze towards Nick and his countenance changed from an innocent hello to an annoyed expression.

"Nick..." Nick gulped nervously but then got ready to defend himself.

"Yes?" grissom knew it was useless to accuse the Texan of hitting him with the paper, he would deny it for all he was worth. He let out a sigh and turned his attention to Sara.

"So, Sara, what was so important that you had to summon the whole graveyard shift here?" Sara smirked. Everyone's eyes were upon her waiting for an explanation.

The team had received a case three days ago. A child was abducted from his bedroom and gotten away from his house. He was immediately presumed dead as all of the signs pointed to a reappearing criminal. There was the cross on the bed, the slash on the wall and the heavy footsteps. All of these were part of his regular schemes. These were all his signatures. The police had hunted the 'Bedroom Vermin' as he was called, for years. Fortunately, there were only four victims over the course of his vicious life style, but everyone was still stumped. In this particular case, the bedroom was slashed and the front door was dislocated. Someone had broken into the house through the front door, and abducted the child. Or so everyone thought. The whole graveyard shift was clueless, literally, no one knew where to turn to.

"Sar? You still with us?" Warrick pushed his body upon the table and extended his arm to wave in front of Sara's face.

"Huh?" Sara was startled out of her reverie. "Oh, sorry Warrick. Ok, so, umm, the reason that I called you all from your very important tasks, I presume, is that I have found a crucial piece of evidence, and the case has been solved." Office sounds filtered into the room: people rushing around, suspects yelling curses, computers beeping everywhere. But the break room was dead silent.

"What? Sara, what did you say?" Catherine turned to her friend, "Another piece of evidence? But all of us canvassed the whole house, every single one of us, everything that was to be found was...found." She was dumbstruck. Grissom, on the other hand, didn't wait for an answer.

"Sara stop toying with us, damn it!" The silence grew to a deafening roar. "We have been working this case like dogs for the past couple of days, it's not very business like of you to pull a tarp over our heads and tell us to run. You," Sara's face faltered, her blinding smile gone, replaced by the familiar frown.

"Yo, Griss," Nick stepped in to defend his best friend, "that wasn't very business like of you either. You didn't even..." Nick stood up now, pointing an accusing finger in Grissom's direction. The team, everyone except Grissom that is, had finally gotten through to Sara. She was facing in the right direction now. Her mood almost always good, and her usual self, almost back. And now, here came Grissom, tearing all of that away word by unbearable word. Catherine put a warm hand on Sara's back, and quietly whispered into her ear.

"Sara, honey, please, don't. Calm down a bit." She had seen Sara's eyes mist over, saw how the brunette mentally kicked herself for almost letting her emotions seep through. Sara turned to her, eyes full of misery and that old emptiness. That cold, black emptiness that the team had fought so hard to remove. She blinked once and the mist was gone, replaced in turn by fire. 'Good,' Catherine quietly thought to herself, 'fight this one girl, don't let him get to you.'

Sara abruptly stood up, causing Catherine's hand to fall back into its owner's lap.

"It's all right Nick," She pushed back her chair and walked into Nicky's direction. Standing by him, she placed a hand on his shoulder, "I found a piece of evidence." She coldly stated, "It was a fingerprint. The suspect, the 'Bedroom Vermin' is now in Brass's custody." The grip on Nick's shoulder tightened while Sara closed in and whispered into Nick's ear. "Thank you Nicky, I'll fight this one out on my own." And with that she walked towards the door.

"Nick, sit down, the meeting hasn't ended." Nick with a glare on his face openly directed at Grissom, obediently sat down in his chair. "Ms. Sidle," Sara stopped mid-stride, close to Warrick now. It was his turn to see the fleeing look in her brown eyes, that excruciatingly painful stare. And also, his turn to see her transform as she whirled around to face the boss.

"Yes Gil?" Grissom was taken back a bit by her expression, by her stance, by the idea of an enraged woman that she was emitting. He couldn't back down, though, it was his job to see that his workers obeyed.

"Sara, as I just stated, the meeting is not over." Everyone saw the change in Sara's posture. Her body seemed to reflect that of a pouncing panther, ready to take out whatever was in its path.

"Oh, no?" She icily challenged.

"No, it hasn't. Now, if you were to be so kind as to sit back down and tell us about your find." Sara went behind Warrick's chair, that much closer to the door, to her escape. Sara immediately started addressing her friends with hopes of tailing it out of the room before she broke down.

"Guys," she shifted her gaze from Catherine, to Nick, to the top of Warrick's head. "Thank's for coming," she sighed quickly, "thanks for listening." To Grissom, the second meaning was lost, to everyone else it was a blow to the heart. The old Sara was gone. She then turned and stalked out of the room.