Title: Go Sasuke-kun! Fight for your love! Summary: What if Naruto busted Hinata and falls insane?

Authors disclaimer: I don't own Naruto but I wish I could! This is my first published fic here so bare with me!

Hinata was sitting under the shade of a tree and totally lost with her thoughts. 'What if Naruto-kun doesn't accept me? What if he still love that Sakura? What will happen to me if that happens?' she swing her head from right to left and blushed a little as she saw Naruto coming. 'Oh no!' she thought for herself. 'HE'S COMING!'

"Hi Hinata,... well what do you want to talk about?"

"Um.... Naruto-kun..., I-I just want.. to say..." before she finished her sentence Naruto speak again.

"Can you hurry up, I... I kind a have a date with Sakura-chan" he said and smiled.

Hinata was shocked, her eyes widened by what he told her. She could almost cry there but she decided not to.

"I... never mind. Just enjoy yourself with, Sakura's company" she said not daring to look at his eyes. Naruto scratched the back of his head and said good bye.

After the boy had left, she continued to stare at the ground feeling very depress on what just happened. She started to cry, tears running from her eyes through her cheeks and down to the ground. 'Why does it have to be this way?' 'No, of course you knew! Sakura is more beautiful than you! She's not shy and honest with her feelings! Not like you,.... A shy, stupid weakling!' She can't stop crying. After all she didn't call Sakura, Sakura-san this time. Maybe really depress.

But without her noticing someone has been watching her since she came to sit under the tree. It's Sasuke. He didn't know what to do. The girl's totally hurt on what happened. 'Maybe I should go down and sit beside her. Yes I will. But... No, no more buts this is my chance.' He went down the tree and went near the girl. Hinata realizing she's not alone, wipe her tears aside and force herself to stop sobbing. She looked up and saw the Uchiha boy beside her. He silently sat beside her and said nothing. They were like that for a few minutes when Sasuke decided to talk. "Hinata-chan, were you crying a while ago?" he asked.

Hinata didn't answer, she was shocked. First Sasuke talk to her, second she called her chan and third he's beside her. She looked at him puzzled with his actions. "Ie, I just... g-got dust entered.... my eyes sob" "And that's sobs for?" he asked raising an eye brow. But she didn't answer. Again she looked at the ground.

"I...gulp think... that you know. You should forget about that dobe soon. I..." Hinata looked at him. "No... I know it's not that easy but... you're just putting yourself down. It's not a nice way of a true shinobi" he finished and took a deep breathe, readying himself for what ever answer he might got.

"Sa-sasuke-kun.... I'm... I thank you"

"Thanks? For what" stopping himself from blushing.

"Thanks, because you wasted your time with me saying those stuffs and... I feel better on what you said"

Sasuke looked relief and sat the rest of the time with her.

"Sasuke-kun...I... I think I have to go now..."

He looked disappointed but he approved and said "I'll escort you home" She blushed and bow.

They went across the streets of Konoha and reached the gate of the Hyuuga main house.

"Gomen... Sasuke-kun. I think I... troubled you a lot." She bowed and smile. Sasuke can't believe it. She smiled to any body else but to him a smile just for him. "Ie, I have a great time with our silent conversation. And don't let that dobe get you down. I mean relax sometime. Like... wanna have a dinner with me tomorrow?"

Hinata looked surprised with his sudden actions and her face now crimson red. She never expected Sasuke to have a date with her. Sakura always asks him out and he refused it but HE asked her to go with him. "I...I think, I have some time."

"Good, then I'll fetch you around 6." "Hai" Then he said goodbye and left.

Hinata POV 'What's with him?' 'Is he nuts?' 'No, maybe he's just trying to calm her down' 'Help?' 'Sasuke is the type of person who'll do that' 'No! Hinata you have to be strong and brave face the reality! Naruto-kun didn't like you.'

Sasuke POV 'Tomorrow huh?' 'I'll beat that dobe tomorrow for sure!' 'How dare him hurt such girl' 'She's been kind to him ever since and he didn't notice she likes him?' 'What a fool! And worst he's been with Sakura, that bitch!'

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