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Sasuke took out a kunai and saw someone. Both eyes staring back at them. It's Neji! (I thought first it to be Sakura but then I thought about cookie6 thanks by the way!)

He's staring at both of them, well not actually at there eyes but instead at their hands. They're still holding each others hands. Hinata blushed and tried to get her hands off Sasuke's but he held her tight.

"Uchiha, stop holding her hands right now!" "Why would I?" "Because I said so." Both exchanged death glares at each other. "Neji-niisan! What... aa-re you doing here?" she asked trembling, she's afraid of what might both of them do. "Gai-sensei took us here. I guess we'll train with you guys for a while." He said coldly still staring at their hands. Hinata's so embarrass yet touched that Sasuke's still holding her hands, he didn't seem what to let go of it. "I-I think we better head home... now Sasuke-kun." She looked at him. Then Neji coughed harshly. Hinata's worried with him. She remembered him injured just a month ago, since his last mission that hurt him so badly. "Neji-niisan, are you alright." She went close to him and helped him up. Sasuke went close to and help him stand to his ground. "Let go of me Uchiha! I could stand on my own." He dusted his clothes and calm down a little after those hard coughs. "We'll go home now." Sasuke looked at Hinata who's really worried for her cousin. All three of them walked home as if nothing happened. They saw Lee chasing Sakura's attention, Gai irritating Kakashi while he read his dirty book, Kurenai talking to nany, Shino examining the bugs around, Naruto arguing with Kiba, and Ino um.... Annoying Sakura. Sakura saw them and looked at Sasuke. He ignored her and looked at Hinata. She blushed a little. 'Does that mean that he like staring at me than Sakura?' When Naruto saw Sasuke and saw that sad face of Sakura he started an argument. "Hoy! Sasuke, how dare you hurt Sakura-chan like that! You cold freak!" he grabbed Sasuke at his collar. "Let go of me dobe! You fool. I'm not doing anything to her. Besides she's the one always coming after me." "What did you told her yesterday?" Realizing this Hinata recalled what happened yesterday, it hurt her but not really that pain just like before. "You really want to know?!" "Yeah! And that better be good or else I'll kick your ass!" "Alright then." He smirked. "She went to talk to me. She asked me if anything is troubling me and if I like someone. She also asked why I'm starting to act strange this past couple of days, maybe ever since she started dating you." "And? What did you answer her!" "I told her that YES I like someone right now, and if she's thinking that I'm jealous of you dating her, well HELL no! I also told her that'll never be her by the way." Everyone was shocked, Sasuke in love! "Dobe! Are you really that fool not to notice that she's only using you?" "Ie! I'm not using Naruto-san.... I-I I just...sob" tears forming and next she's crying. Kurenai just sighed on what happened. Naruto's very angered on what he told about Sakura, his fist clenched. "How dare you Sasuke!" "No, Naruto. How dare YOU! You're always a fool you know. While her using you, and you being used by her, Hinata-chan here is hurt by your actions. You're the one who's cold and annoying, you're a jerk!" he punched him. Everyone mouth opened by that sudden blow. "Sasuke-kun, yamerro!" she held tight at his arm crying, she swayed her head from left to right saying stop. "Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled. "Is...Is Hinata, the girl you're... referring to?" she asked, her fingers trembling and afraid on what he might answer. He stared coldly at her, almost wanted to kill her. "Yes, she is and now that everyone knows it, I know you'll stick you ass out of my business here Sakura!" "But why her!" Ino came towards Sakura massaging her back for comfort. "None of your business. But. Compare yourself to her and you'll know bitch!" Sasuke dragged Hinata towards the house. Everyone gathered beside Sakura trying to calm her down. They entered Sasuke's room. Hinata sat beside his bed, trying to maintain her thoughts for her not to pass out.

HINATA P.O.V 'I cant's believe it! He told everyone that he likes me! I'm actually feeling sorry on what happened on Sakura but... I feel grateful since Sasuke- kun's here with me. He doesn't care whether I'm weak, useless, shy, and quiet. All he could she is the real me!' I moved closer to him and hugged him, for I'm so grateful that he's here with me. He hugged me too, and whispered, "What ever happens I'll always be here with you." END

Hinata cried, but not because she's lonely or sad. But because she's happy with him. Neji saw everything. He's been hurt deep inside. Seeing his cousin, and only love hugging someone as cold as Sasuke.

NEJI's P.O.V 'Now what? Here I am sitting under a tree, being hurt that the fact that she started to fall in love with the Uchiha boy. And knowing that she only treated her as her cousin and nothing more but that. But I'll have to tell her my feelings until it's too late...' I coughed again, now harder than before. Blood coming out of my mouth. I stared at the sky, weakly I started to close my eyes. Someone came close to me. "Neji-san, are you ok?" a voice came. I'm too weak to answer her. I fainted.

The next thing I know is that everyone's looking at me. "Neji are you feeling better?" sensei asked me. I nodded. I saw Hinata beside me, she's worried as well as TenTen. "You must be very tired. Take a rest and I'll just bring you some food later." She said. Then everyone went out of the room. But Hinata didn't move from her place. "Don't look at me like that" I said coldly. "I-I I just..." before she could finish her sentence I put my index finger at her lips. "I have something... to tell you." She leaned forward and listens. "Ever since the day I first saw you, I never hated you. I'm so sorry on what happened back there at the chuunin exam. I... I really love you Hinata." Hinata's eyes widen on what I just said. "But I know you already have feelings for Sasuke. And we're cousins, I understand that... but, at least I told you what my heart is telling me." Hinata kissed his forehead and smiled at him. "Thank you niisan, I thank you for you'd be able to understand me. You'll always be my brother and my friend." Then they heard some voices fighting. A man then broke inside the room from the window and grabbed Hinata. BACK TO NORMAL P.O.V

Neji's eyes widen as this man dragged her cousin away from him. He forced his body to stand up and went down stairs. He saw 50 ninjas surrounding them. They had Hinata with them. Sasuke's can't no longer stop his anger. He prepared to use his Chidori attack and knocked down 10 ninjas at once. Then one ninja used body binding technique so they can't move. "Damn it!" "Sasuke calm down." Kakashi yelled at the boy. "What do you want?" Gai asked them. "We want all of you dead." The man holding Hinata said with his husky voice. They didn't seem to notice Neji's there. He got all the determination and sneak behind the man, just in time before he hit Hinata's wrist. Then everyone could move again. Sasuke and the others rushed to fight them. But then another 10 ninjas appeared. Hinata helped Neji to stand up. Then a man from behind attacked them. Neji blocked the attack and the kunai hit chest. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Hinata's tears started to fall. Sasuke saw what happened and cut the man's throat. Everyone killed every ninjas that attacked them. "Neji-san!" TenTen ran towards him, she's crying. "We'll get a doctor." Gai said. "I'm afraid there's no need for that." He called his sensei. Sasuke grabbed his collar. "What are you talking about Hyuuga! I don't want to see Hinata crying over you so stop talking like you're already dying. "But I am." Everyone feel silent. "The...cough doctor says that... my veins can't be healed by the attack I received a month ago and I'll die soon." Neji explained. He's breathing heavy now. "And the day that I'll die is tomorrow. I decided not to tell you guys since I know no body cared. At least now I'll die protecting you Hinata- chan, just like my father told me. I know he's proud of me." TenTen slapped him hard. You could almost see his cheeks were now red. "Who told you that no one cared!? You're always like that. You're so selfish" she's hugging him tight crying since the only love of her life is living her behind. For the last moment Neji smiled at her and to everyone. Then he closed his eyes. TenTen could feel him stopped breathing. "What happened?" Naruto asked and came closer. "Shut up dobe." Naruto knew he can't argue anymore. Realizing what happened. Everyone cried for him. At the very last moment he let go of his emotions and smiled for the first and for the last. Hinata cried at Sasuke's chest. Sasuke comforted her and he can't even stop himself from crying as well.

Ten years past.

"What do you is he doing right now?" Hinata asked her husband. "I think he's watching us like before. He might be as well excited his niece is soon to come out." Sasuke bend low to show respect for the grave. "I could see from my byakugan that we'll have a boy." "Well then... Neji'll be his name."


Ino's actually married with Shikamaru. Lee helped TenTen and will marry soon. Sakura and Naruto married a year ago and has a daughter named Hanah. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I almost cried while I've been writing this ending. I got the idea of ending it this way with the fanfic I read from um... I can't remember. But the title is Aishteru. And Hinata died on that fic. Sob. Well, I'll wait for your reviews. I really cry everytime I could remember that story and my brother asked why I'm crying. I told him I just killed someone... well, I did! Thanks for your support and I'll write a new story soon! Of course it'll have pure romance in it! Hinata's the main character! Watch out!