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Chapter Five: Birthday

You say it's your birthday It's my birthday too, yeah They sat it's your birthday We're gonna' have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you

Yes we're going to a party party Yes we're going to a party party Yes we're going to a party party

I would like you to dance (birthday) Take a cha-cha-cha chance (birthday) I would like you to dance (birthday) Dance

You say it's your birthday Well, it's my birthday too yeah You say it's your birthday we're gonna' have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you

Jimmy's POV

I don't even know if Cindy and I are an "item" or not. She probably kissed me out of nerves. She never even gave me an answer, she just leaned in. Maybe, she was sitting on something or whatever. I mean, she could be totally disgusted by me and I totally went out and kissed her. I would kiss myself too, though, if I saved or I should say tried to save myself from some crazy ass murderer. If ever there was such an event where I got a chance to kiss myself, or that I would want to kiss myself for that matter.

Sheen is coming over in a couple of minutes. We're going to watch The Others (A/N: Told you so) and eat popcorn, not that the popcorn is an important detail (Or is it?? Mwahaha cracks up)

"Sheen, how are you doing?" I asked when I answer the door.

"Fine considering I was almost murdered or at least seriously injured with a dagger, I feel that I should be asking you that question," said Sheen

"Sheen," I said in a shocked tone,"When did you learn to talk smart?"

"SHUT UP JIMMY!!!" said Sheen in a fake rage of terror as he slapped my arm.

"Hey Jimmy," said Sheen.

"What?" I asked.

"Let's get in on," said Sheen in a joking voice.

"What wrong with you? You're acting like a freak," I said.

"If the shoe fits," said Sheen laughing.

"There you go doing that smart thing again, it's scaring me Ultra-Freak, let's go in and watch the movie," I said.

So we watched the movie. And mid-way through the movie Sheen passed out. I slapped him in the face.

"Sheen, SHEEN!!!" I screamed.

"What?" he asked weakly.

"What's wrong?" I asked back.

"There's cyanide in the pop-" he tried to say, but fell off the couch.

"NOOOOO, SHEEN!!!" I cried.

"Not!," he said sitting up, smiling.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Making a mochary of me and for the Ultra-Freak comment," he said.

"Mochary!?" I said with my eyebrows raised.

"It was worth a shot," she, excuse me, I mean he said shrugging his shoulders with a sheepish look on his face.

So we continued to watch the movie. At the end, Sheen and I both agreed that it was a very good movie, though obvious that the family were actually the ghosts and that the people they thought were ghosts were people living in the house. Anyone who has seen The Sixth Sense could have told you that.

I've agreed that I'm a total dumb-ass. I mean if you under the influence of Cyanide, you are out cold. I am not going to use this against Sheen, because I know that if I do that whole 'boy who cried wolf' thing will slap us in the face.

Sheen's POV

Geez, and I thought that Jimmy was the smart one. I mean, I bet that he doesn't even remember that tomorrow is Cindy's sixteenth birthday. Now they can be the same age!!! I only know this because I am dating her best friend. Not that you didn't know that already. Anyhow, seeing as I have left Jimmy's I will have to call him up and tell him that tomorrow is Cindy's birthday. I think that she is expecting a surprise party and Jimmy as her 'almost boyfriend' has to throw it because he will be needing to pledge his undying love to her.

"Hey Jimmy," I said as he picked up the phone.

"I most certainly do not want to get it on, Sheen," he said politely

"No not that, I'll save my affections for you for later, but you do know that tomorrow is Cindy's birthday and as her almost boyfriend it is your duty to throw her a surprise party and pledge your undying love to her, right?" I asked.

"Not really, but I'll get right on it. You'll just have to come right back over and help with the party. Don't tell Libby about it, she'll turn right around and tell Cindy. In fact bring your things, not those ones Sheen, so that you can spend the night," said Jimmy.

"Since when did you become a sick freak, Jimmy?" asked Sheen.

"Somewhere between here and there and back again," replied Jimmy.

"Whatever," I said,"I'll be over in five."

So now I am on my way to Jimmy's house. I can just tell that Jimmy is going to go all dominatrix on me. That is all right though because I can just try to rap and Jimmy will shut up. I'll just be like Vanilla Ice in Ice Ice Baby only sadly it may be better than Vanilla Ice. I'll give it a shot. Dammit, I can't even remember any of the words!!! So much for that career path. That happened in Ulra-Lord episode sixteen, the never before seen version. Ultra-Lord had to battle this bad-ass rapper because he was trying to take over this ghetto club. Yeah, I'm a preppy white guy who said ghetto, it doesn't get any worse than that. I probably didn't even use it in the correct context.

"Hey Sheen," said Jimmy when he answered the door.

"Do you need a DJ, because I have one if you need one," I said.

"That'd be great Sheen! How much will it run us?" asked Jimmy.

"It's free, my cousin John is a DJ. The free charge is because of his lame ass DJing name," I replied.

"It can't be that bad, what is it?" asked Jimmy.

"Dr. Fuzz," I replied.

Jimmy and I worked for frickin' ever. It took me forever to convince John to come and DJ for me. Then, we had to go grocery shopping and that was horrid because Jimmy insisted we calculate how much we paid per ounce so that we got the best price on everything.

"Do we have to do this?" I asked.

"Yes," was all Jimmy said.

So as you can see I am pooped. I'm going to sleep now. I really hope that Cindy's party goes well. Jimmy and I are going to go shopping tomorrow. Jimmy says that he is going to wait until Cindy tells him whatever news she has to share. She told him on the phone that she'd tell him tomorrow. Now Jimmy's all worried that Cindy is moving to China or whatever.

Cindy's POV

I have some important to tell Jimmy, but that can wait until tomorrow night. I have a feeling that Jimmy is throwing me a party. He told me to meet him at his house at noon tomorrow. It's my sixteenth birthday, well, almost anyways.

I woke up this morning at ten. I can't believe I slept so late!!! I have to get ready to meet Jimmy!!! What will I wear? I dug through my wardrobe as if there was no tomorrow. After fifteen minutes of contemplating, I finally decide on my jean skirt, silk pink top, and hot pink heels. I will be a sight to be seen.

Oh my gosh, what am I to do with my hair? I will have to advise my mother on this. She and I are very close.

"Hey mom, what should I do with my hair for tomorrow?" I asked.

"Are you sure that you are up to it honey, going I mean, not doing you hair?" she asked.

"I still have to live my life," I replied

"Well, why don't I help you put it into a french twist?" she replied.

"That's fine," I replied smiling.

So I let my mom brush out my hair. I love it when mom brushes my hair, she's so gentle and whenever she gets to a tangle. I started crying (it will be a little bit vague for a while, but you will understand later) and my mother held me. After I got a hold of myself, my mom finished my hair because she knew that that was what I wanted.

I can't believe Jimmy did this for me!!! It was so I amazing. I danced with Jimmy all night and he kissed me!!! AGAIN!!!

"Cindy," he whispered in my ear.

"What?" I asked.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked.

"Yes, but before I go on I have to tell you something Jimmy," I said.

"What is it?" he asked gently.

"I have been diagnosed with cancer," I replied my eyes brimming with tears.

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